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In the Mishawaka area, several industries have brought European settlers to the area.  The post office was established in 1833 allowing local businesses to communicate more broadly.  However, most marketing efforts remained localized along the St. Joseph river.  This is typical of the time.  Many business specialized in products that met the needs of area residents.  It wasn’t until the 20th century that businesses were able to more broadly market their wares.  This was a direct result of the development of railroads and eventually highways.  The greater ability for residents to move and communicate with other industrial centers in the region fostered greater marketing abilities.

As businesses began to trade more broadly, they realized that they could collect information on their new clientele.  This allowed for more targeted marketing of their products and to tailored new products to their new client base.

During this period, one businessman stands out in the new marketing innovations that developed.  Josiah Wedgewood started producing catalogues of his products and sending direct mail marketing pieces to potential customers.  He also showed his investors that by increasing their production lines, they could lower each item’s cost.  His innovations in marketing defined a new era in America.

While new innovations in marketing began to be adopted by larger corporations, many small manufacturers remained focused on clients in their local area.  Businesses began incorporating new marketing techniques in the 20th century.

History of Marketing in Jeffersonville

Mishawaka’s location along the St. Joseph river gave businesses opportunities to trade with neighboring communities.  Also, a trolley system was developed that connected several communities.  The early development of an iron works industry in the 1831 sparked the development of several companies.  Bog iron deposits were discovered so the St. Joseph Iron Works was created.  This led to the construction of a blast furnace and a tavern.  Through marketing their new products, businesses in the area experienced a boom.  With their success in the area, several small communities came together to form Mishawaka.

Public Forums

The early success of businesses in the area created a thriving area.  A fire September of 1873 led to the destruction of most of the businesses in Mishawaka.  The business community came together a rebuilt.  This led to creating new forums for industry in the area.  The close knit and supportive climate were attractive to new industries.

Market Booths

Mishawaka has several farmers markets in the area that allow small businesses to market their products on the weekends.  These have complimented the natural trade among the communities in the area.  The town’s location on the river and the transportation systems that developed allowed businesses to effectively market their products on a regional scale.  As the area grew, larger business industries were attracted to the area increasing the population and ability to communicate with a larger number of people.


The development of several significant roadways and the popularity of automobiles led to the increasing use of billboard advertising for area businesses.  Several roadways, such as the Indiana Toll Road, US 20 and State roads 23, 331, 933, increased the ability of citizens to travel to neighboring communities.  Businesses quickly saw the effectiveness of advertising to traveler through the area who might be interested in stopping for a meal or finding new products.


Radio advertising became very popular with area businesses.  Mishawaka has several local radio stations that feature news, sports and music options.  During the 1940s, businesses began sponsoring popular radio programs.  This gave them a new way to market their products to new audiences.  This trend in advertising continues today.

School Marketing

With ten local elementary and secondary schools, as well as, several private academies and local college, marketing through the school system became popular with local businesses.  Team sponsorship and social media became popular ways to engage young people with their products.  It has been a win win for the schools and companies.  Companies get name recognition in the area and schools get the support their need for afterschool activities.  Also, many companies create volunteer projects with the schools as part of their corporate responsibility.  This is positive PR for the company and acts as a teambuilding initiative for employees.

Business Hubs

The Chamber of Commerce is Mishawaka works to bring business leaders together and support them.  They are an active hub for information sharing.  The local newspapers are another outlet.  The South Bend Tribune serves the South Bend and Mishawaka areas.  Local CBS and ABC affiliates developed in Mishawaka to provide television advertising opportunities.


Community organizations such as Rotary Club and Kiwanis provide additional opportunities for business leaders to network and share information.   While these organizations actively volunteer time and resources to support local development, they are also social opportunities with a business focus.  To further support networking, many businesspeople in smaller communities gather at local cafes and coffee shops.  Allie’s Café and Chickory Café of Mishawaka are two popular gathering spots.

Mishawaka SEO

Many traditional marketing outlets, such as newspapers, radio and television, remain very effective tools today.  However, the development of the internet meant that initially companies needed a website to market their products.  Developments, such as search engine optimization (SEO), have created new revenue streams for companies.  They can no longer simply have a website if customers can not find it.  Mishawaka SEO allows them to enhance their online presence and target their product marketing to new clients.  For small local businesses, this means that with digital marketing Mishawaka businesses can get product messaging to national and global levels.

When a business engages a SEO professional, their online visibility will increase.  While search engines favor organic listings, these take time to develop.  To shortcut the process, many use paid listings.  These are often downgraded by search engines such as Google in favor of organic listings.  Another hurdle for businesses is that there are many who offer SEO services but few who can deliver real results.  Finding the right SEO professional can be challenging but well worth the effort.

Mishawaka SEO Company

Mishawaka SEO experts must keep they eyes on developments in the industry.  This is the result of the constant changing that search engine make.  If they don’t constantly monitor these shifts, their clients will be impacted.  Due to the specialized nature of SEO, most businesses retain outside professionals for this service.  Some attempt to rely on IT staff but they often do not have the time or expertise to adequately devote to SEO services.  Their expertise is in other areas.  Digital marketing is best left to a dedicated Mishawaka SEO company such as those at DemandWell.  Our team focuses on SEO and digital marketing.

Mishawaka SEO Agency

Finding a results-oriented SEO company can be challenging.  Many Mishawaka advertising agencies that offer marketing and advertising will include SEO services, like an SEO agency does.  However, often this is not their primary focus.  At DemandWell, our team focuses on providing digital marketing results.  As SEO is our primary focus, our team is constantly on top of any trends or changes in the industry.  This knowledge allows us to respond quickly to meet our clients needs.  Even with search engines shifting their parameters, our clients see lower customer acquisition costs, new lead generation and improved performance in the digital marketplace.  For these reasons, our clients have come to rely on our knowledge and strategies.  We’re a digital marketing agency Mishawaka businesses turn to.

Best SEO

SEO terminology and basic concepts are often unfamiliar to business owners vetting SEO providers.  This can make the process difficult to navigate.  Looking for results oriented professional SEO companies that communicate clearly and are responsive to questions helps narrow the field.  Another red flag is when a company doesn’t tailor their strategies to an individual business.  This can signal that a business won’t find the results or conversion rate optimization they are looking for.

Mishawaka Web Design

Competent SEO professionals start by assessing the website.  Often, they are able to enhance website marketing to boost conversion rates and drive new traffic.  Converting traffic into sales is the goal of every business and SEO professional and Mishawaka web design company.

Media Companies Mishawaka

SEO techniques should be combined with other digital channels when executing an online marketing plan.  Many businesses have found success with social media and video marketing to demonstrate new products with media companies Mishawaka.  Multiple streams though online marketing reach a broader audience.  Our team combines these techniques at DemandWell to bolster conversion rates for our clients.

History of Mishawaka

Mishawaka has always had an active business community.  Following the fire in 1873, the community spirit of the business community attracted The Dodge Manufacturing Company, Mishawaka Woolen and Rubber Company (precursor to Ball Band then Uniroyal) and Perkins Windmills.  These corporations brought new jobs to the area.

Candy manufacturing led to the area being known as the “Peppermint Capital of the World.  American Simplex introduced auto manufacturing to the area.  Auto manufacturing continue to be a significant industry in the area.

Mishawaka is also known as the “Princess City”.  According to legends, the city was named after the daughter of Chief Elkhart of the Shawnee tribe.  A chief fell in love with Mishawaka but she was in love with a white trapper named Deadshot.  The two men fought to the death and severely injured Mishawaka.  She died many years later and is buried in the city.

In 2010, the city received a significant recognition.  Business Week Magazine name Mishawaka as one of the “Best Places to Raise Your Kids”.

Since its early beginnings, Mishawaka and the surrounding areas have thrived.  A strong business community that actively works together has supported a strong economy.  Though the city has faced challenges.  They have collectively risen above them to improve the city and attract new industries.  This points to their continued success in the future.

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