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During the 20th century, marketing truly flourished as a profession.  Prior to that, most marketing efforts were localized.  Given the limited modes of communication, most advertisements were based on the regional location of the company.  Products were based on local tastes so standardization across broad regions was unheard of.  This also meant that there weren’t products that were designed to meet the needs of broad sections of the American populace.

During the process of developing new opportunities to trade with new communities, companies began to realize that they could gather new information that could be used to direct future business.  This early market research impacted their decisions regarding advertising and how products were distributed.

As companies enhanced their growing business intelligence, they began to make new inroads in marketing to new customer bases.  Josiah Wedgewood was particularly adept at this.  He used catalogues and direct mail to share product information.  He also showed that expanded production lowered each unit’s cost.  In turn, this led to a higher demand for his products and higher corporate revenues.

While nationally manufacturers were seeking to enhance marketing techniques, small manufacturers continued to sell their products at the local and regional levels.  This limited distribution channel continued for many years.

History of Marketing in Portage

From the shores of the city of Portage, citizens can gaze across Lake Michigan to the silhouette of the city of Chicago.  This proximity has brought many advantages though in many fundamental ways, the city of Portage is vastly different from their neighbor.  As a primarily industrial area, many citizens have been drawn to the steady work in steel mills.

Portage, Indiana in the early day consisted of three small communities:  McCool, Crisman and Garyton.  They remained small but gained access to the outside world with the development of the Michigan Central railroad in 1852.  As a primarily farming community, this gave citizens a greater ability to ship crops, livestock and dairy products to nearby communities including Chicago.  By 1874, the Baltimore and Ohio railroad build a line through the area.  This increased regional companies’ ability to ship products and share information throughout the area.

Many were drawn to the area for the steady work in the steel mills during WWI and WWII.  Labor requirements were significant.  As rail service began to decline during the 1960s, the population of Portage also dipped.  Eventually, it became subsumed as a suburb of Indianapolis.

Public Forums

While the railroads brought new levels of communication with larger regional cities, the Portage area remained predominately isolated.  Farmers were able to trade their products on a broader regional level but companies remained regionalized.  The city of Portage incorporated in 1959.  They opened a city hall and provide a full range of services to citizens including an active Chamber of Commerce.

Market Booths

As a small farming community, the communities in the Portage area relied on each other for day to day communication and support.  The developing of area railroads changed this significantly and allows farmers and companies to communicate, market and deliver products on a larger scale.  World Wars, however, shifted community focus away from farm and dairy production to steel.  The development of steel corporations brought some people to the area and created new jobs.  As farmers began to leave production for steadier employment, the focus of the community shifted significantly.  Today, the area is still known for industrial production.


As the popularity of rail travel was declining, several highways kept the area connected with the broader region.  Billboards along Interstates 94, 80 and 90 provide prime marketing space for companies.   Travels also experience this type of marketing on US Route 6, Route 12, Route 20 and Indiana 149, as well as Indiana 249.  As a marketing tool, this has proven effective at capturing the attention of travelers.  Also, local retailers and restauranteurs are able to grab attention for their offerings of a group of consumers they normally would not reach.


Radio advertising was once very popular with companies.  Often, they sponsored radio shows to highlight their products.  While perhaps not as popular today as television ads, radio marketing still plays a prominent role when marketing to travelers.  Currently, the area is served by several radio stations in Chicago and nearby Indianapolis.

School Marketing

Companies wanting to market their products to younger audiences often become involved in online marketing.  Social media channels are a natural fit to market to this particular demographic.  Many companies will also become involved in the local schools and afterschool activities such as sports teams.  This also allows them to deliver product information directly to their target market.  While this gives them local name recognition, it also highlights their efforts to support the community.  With one high school and 10 other public schools in the Portage area, this brings a few opportunities for companies to sponsor teams, volunteer as a company and support the local yearbook through advertising.

Business Hubs

The local business community is served by the Chamber of Commerce.  Area companies are also able to market to potential clients through the regional daily newspaper, The Times of Northwest Indiana.  The Post Tribune of Northwest Indianan is another newspaper that serves the area.  Both are well established papers that were found in the early 1900s.


Networking has always been a prominent marketing skill for business.  Owners are able to share their thoughts and product messaging with others in the community through information gatherings at local coffee shops and restaurants.  While the Portage community is not large enough to support coworking spaces, some become involved in these networking situations in larger, nearby communities.

Portage SEO

The communication and marketing methods outlined so far have been more traditional techniques.  While they are still effective newer online marketing techniques have broadened individuals’ and corporations’ ability to market to much wider audiences.  It is no longer simply a matter of a company have a website to communication with its customers.  They must be able to market their products broadly online with interactive marketing.  They also have the opportunity now to communicate directly with current and potential customers but these potential customer must be able to find the company and its products online.  This is where the digital marketing Portage agencies offer become important

This brings us to modern website marketing, search engine optimization (SEO).  This allows even small companies to gain massive traction in the broader marketplace.  In the beginning, SEO increases the company’s visibility in search engines.  With Portage SEO services, over time, can develop a company’s organic rankings.  While some companies also use paid listings, it is the organic listings that bring true visibility.  Also, some such engines such as Google, actually rank paid listings lower than organic rankings.

In Portage, even small businesses need the support of a professional Portage SEO company for digital marketing.  There are many who offer these services but few that deliver clear results to support their claims.  When seeking out an SEO company, leadership needs to vet any of the companies before they engage them.

Portage SEO Company

Quality SEO work requires ongoing technical knowledge.  Search engine parameters can constantly in flux so a Portage SEO expert must constantly remain aware of any changes.  Large corporations are sometimes able to handle SEO inhouse.  This is not true for many small businesses in the Portage area. Even most IT people do not have the skills or experience to provide effective SEO.  For growing businesses seeking to grow their online visibility with SEO will need an expert at a Portage SEO firm.  At DemandWell, our team provides everything that businesses need to market themselves online.

Portage SEO Agency

There are many marketing and advertising agencies Portage has that offer SEO services, such as an SEO agency.  Businesses need to work with a digital marketing agency Portage has that demonstrations competency and proven results.  With a company like DemandWell, clients know that our focus is solely on SEO and the online marketing.  As we are focused on SEO, we can identify trends across the clients we serve.  In real terms, this means that when Google adjusts their strategy, these can be quickly applied for desired performance.  An additional benefit is that customer acquisition costs go down and new lead generation goes up.  At DemandWell, Portage businesses can rely on results with DemandWell.

Best SEO

Researching SEO companies can make many business owners feel out of their depth.  Often the technology and methods are unfamiliar.  Taking the time to understand some basic SEO concepts and terminology can help identify SEO companies that have established track records.  Using family members or friends does not mean that the company will see lasting results.  Some money may be saved but there is a potential for sub-standard work.

Small businesses need an professional SEO company that communicates clearly and responds to questions with a solution or explanation.  They also need to meet deadlines and deal with any problems as they arise.  SEO companies that respond with one-size-fits-all solutions may just be churning through their clients without providing service that meet s the needs on an individual company.  Standard solutions don’t cut it with SEO, however.  The best SEO professionals who understand a business will apply solutions, such as conversion rate optimization, that will increase the conversation rate and drive sales.

Portage Web Design

Increased visibility is only one goal of SEO.  Converting visitors and driving sales is the other.  Professional SEO agencies or a Portage web design company will look at web design and conversion rate optimization (CRO).  Enhancements to web design and internet marketing with SEO improve sales by converting incoming traffic.  When combined, this achieves every business’ goal of growth.

Media Companies Portage

Companies can increase their online visibility through SEO.  While this should not be their sole marketing effort, it can be combined with traditional marketing streams, as well as, social media.  Social media marketing Portage businesses has been very successful.  Some companies have found video marketing to be effective when demonstrating a new product or service.  This is a natural way to explain to potential customers how a product works and why it is needed.  By drawing on multiple marketing streams, new customers are drawn from diverse areas.  Successful online marketing with media companies Portage includes social media, SEO techniques, effective web design and video techniques.  At DemandWell, our team of professionals focuses on demonstrating results, communicating clearly and converting traffic into customers.

History of Portage

From humble beginnings, the communities that eventually became Portage, Indiana remained rather isolated, small farming areas.  Through the development of the railroads, this changed the community fabric.  Farmers and area companies were able to market and sell their products to larger communities nearby.  This increased their reach and profitability.  World Wars and the Depression limited the community’s growth.  Eventually, the development of the steel mill industry throughout the area did create new jobs and bring some people to the area.  As these positions were offered, many left farming behind for the steady income from a job at a steel mill.

Unfortunately, shifts in the steel industry in the 1980s and 90s saw many mills downsizing operations.  Today, Portage is a suburb of Indianapolis.  Current highway systems and a train allow residents access to the many amenities the larger region cities offer.  This allows citizens the best of both worlds…access to cities while still maintaining small town comforts.  While small town life may not be everyone’s ideal, for the residents of Portage, its pretty close to perfect for business and family.

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