Automated Campaign Generation: AI Powered Keyword Clustering


I haven’t been this excited to announce a new feature since Demandwell’s AI Writer went live earlier this year. The AI Writer experience leverages generative AI (powered by Jasper AI) to rapidly execute and scale content production that’s part of a highly effective SEO strategy.

But today what excites me about our latest update is the powerful, new technological trifecta it leverages:

  • Generative AI – Tools that deeply understand written language and its context.
  • SEO Data – Industry-specific subject matter data that drives decision-making.
  • Personalization – Contextual understanding of your business and your goals.

While Generative AI is certainly the latest of these forces to rear its head, the combination of the three provides a truly unique experience that lets Demandwell customers take their SEO Campaign Management to the next level.

Demandwell was built on a foundation of integrated, proprietary data as well as real-time publicly available search performance. 

Demandwell’s AI Writer introduced the capability to rapidly produce effective SEO content, end-to-end, on your own, in minutes, in conjunction with that data.

Today we’re introducing the personalization component to supercharge things even more, with Search Identity.

Demandwell Search Identity

Search Identity is a new way of capturing how you want your organization to be represented in organic search. It includes consideration for your audience, the challenges they face, how you solve those problems, questions you can help answer, and categories of search you want to own.

Search Identity isn’t just about your brand, your voice, or the keywords you rank for today. It represents a strategic goal that personalizes and targets an effective strategy for you to execute through SEO Campaign management.

How does a directional strategy and vision translate into execution? That’s where the personalization of Search Identity comes together with AI and Data for something truly unique.


Demandwell Campaign Discovery

SEO Campaigns represent highly focused, topical clusters of keywords that together serve as a rising tide for your organic search performance. Traditional “data dump” tools provide you with lists and mountains of data about what you *could* do to increase rankings, impressions, or website traffic. SEO Campaigns create focus and a clear path of what you *should* do.

Now, Demandwell’s new Campaign Discovery experience allows customers to explore and find new opportunities for keywords and entire clusters of search, to be executed on within a single platform.

Search Identity serves as the personalized foundation for generating new campaign and keyword ideas that strategically align with how you want to grow. Generative AI interprets these signals, identifies key topics, and investigates and uncovers new language-based opportunities. Finally, real-world SEO data from search engines and your own integrated performance helps to organize and prioritize the best path forward.

The result is the ability to rapidly generate entire topic clusters of search, based on where you want to win, that you can use to drive SEO growth in Demandwell. You can create unlimited SEO Campaigns in Demandwell, and use them to coordinate content production activities, technical & on-page adjustments, track Keyword Lifecycle Stage improvements, and discover new keyword opportunities to grow your campaigns’ effectiveness.


What’s Next?

Now that you can create entire new SEO strategies on the fly, what if you don’t know how to execute them? What if you have too many to handle?

Managed SEO Campaigns

Today, partnering with Demandwell also brings the ability to have us drive your campaign strategy directly. Any SEO Campaign you create can be upgraded to a “Managed” campaign, where we’ll leverage in-house expertise to ensure the right content, technical, and on-page blueprint is laid out.

Automated SEO Strategy

The next release will bring our new trifecta directly inside any SEO Campaign. By leveraging integrated data, site monitoring, generative AI tools, and your personalized guidance, Demandwell will serve not only as the roadmap for your SEO success, but also the solution to ensure continual progress, and the guiding light to make sure you stay on track.

Explore our software packages today to get started with SEO Campaigns, and start generating the right strategy for your SEO success.


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