SEO Drafting: Announcing Competitive Share of Search Audits for Demandwell Customers

“Drafting,” in the context of racing, is the strategy of following very closely behind the competitors in front of you. Reacting quickly and adapting to keep pace with the other cars – tailgating, basically – reduces the force of air resistance on the car, making it possible to go just as fast as the competition while expending less resources and energy. It’s the same reason that geese fly in a “V” formation. The same reason that cyclists ride in a peloton. The driver can keep up with their competitor, and while drafting, analyze their path forward for opportunities to make their winning move.

SEO professionals, like race car drivers in the Indy 500, also employ “drafting” strategies – and we’re not even talking about drafting SEO content! Competitive SEO analysis can illuminate which keyword targets you should speed after, and which ones will be more of an endurance race. 

In both SEO and motorsports, there are the top three finishers, and everyone else. Ignoring your search competitors can lead to an incomplete SEO strategy. SEO is a race to the top of the SERPs – the first three positions get 75% of the clicks. The first three racers get to stand on the podium, and no one remembers how the other racers placed except their mothers. 

Trying to grow your organic search channel performance without learning from the competition is like racing without drafting. You’re just making it harder on your team to win.

Marketing leaders with their sights set on winning need competitive insights to successfully navigate the always-changing search landscape and reach more customers with organic content. It’s hard to overtake a competitor if you don’t know which moves they’ve already made!

Introducing Demandwell Share of Search Audits For Customers

With Share of Search Audits, B2B SaaS marketing teams get critical SEO insights to help accelerate growth and drive more traffic, leads, and revenue. 

By providing straightforward data visualizations and clear recommendations, Share of Search Audits illuminate the road ahead and help customers answer questions like: 

  • How big is the gap between our biggest competitor and us on our main keywords? 
  • What are they ranking for that we aren’t? 
  • How many more impressions are they earning for keywords they outrank us for?
  • How can we crush the competition by owning their comparatively “weak” keywords?
  • What should we produce next to gain competitive ground?

Customers can now leverage Demandwell’s Share of Search Audits to place the other competitors on the race course. Share of Search Audits illuminate what keywords and content marketers should pursue to earn more traffic from strategies their competitors already grow with. 

Why Should B2B Marketers Do Competitive Search Audits?

To grow with SEO, today’s marketers need to identify and act upon competitive keyword and content insights – but often, they lack the expertise and tools to pinpoint where they can compete effectively and win. As competitors invest in SEO and target different keyword groups, the marketing landscape Demandwell customers operate within changes constantly. 

B2B SaaS companies that need to improve demand generation in competitive, crowded, or even new categories often resort to filling organic search gaps with their paid search budget, sometimes explicitly to compete with competitors. This is expensive, unsustainable at scale, and can lead to bidding wars. Even worse, they sometimes lack awareness of which search battlegrounds they stand to compete well in at all – which means their SEO program usually fails to drive the results they want on the SERPs they need. 

Taking Action on Competitive SEO Audits

SERPs are a race to the top, and Demandwell’s Share of Search Audits help customers grow with SEO by highlighting competitive organic search opportunities they can win. Competitive intelligence is important – but it’s just one piece of an effective keyword strategy. With Demandwell, B2B marketers don’t just get a map of the racetrack and a plan to compete effectively – they also get a powerful growth engine in the platform, and an expert pit crew with their dedicated Demandwell team. 

Ready to take on the competition? Start your engines – we’ll see you at the finish line! 

Customers: reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get set up! 

Non-customers: request a free Share of Search Audit here!

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