SEO Content Ordering Helps Marketers Scale SEO

Building a steady supply of well planned, written, and performance-optimized SEO content is the fuel that your organic-sourced growth engine depends on: without it, you’re probably not going anywhere very fast. 

When you’re not regularly publishing SEO content, the rest of your SEO program effectiveness is negatively impacted. To grow well, you need to develop a flexible, scaleable content engine.

Marketing Leaders: You’re likely used to growing fast and scaling. You, like many marketing leaders at venture backed SaaS companies, find yourself balancing your team’s workload across channels to drive measurable results. Organic is likely part of your strategy, and you may be tired of scaling content production the hard way – hiring more people, onboarding more freelancers, bringing on a content agency. You just keep doing more of the same hard things, since it’s what’s worked before.

Marketing Managers: You already understand and see the value of SEO performance pages, and you want to publish more of them per week. With team capacity spread across multiple marketing initiatives, you wish you could scale content production up and down to fit into and support the ebb and flow of other marketing projects.

Content Marketing Specialists, Demand Marketers, and SEO Practitioners: Maybe you could drive growth for your company more effectively if you spent less time writing the SEO content you produce, and more time on strategy. 

If content production gets derailed or you’re not publishing regularly each week, growth slows. More marketing leaders, managers, and team members are realizing that building a well-oiled SaaS growth engine inherently needs a scalable SEO content production machine. When content production scales up, so do SEO performance metrics – and over time, so do the additional benefits of a strong organic presence: brand awareness increases, the number of search-sourced leads rise, competitors are outranked, and paid search costs can decrease.

Marketers Need Better Ways to Scale Content Production Faster

Last month, Demandwell released a set of smart automations that help B2B SaaS marketing teams streamline and simplify their SEO content production workflow. As more B2B growth teams and marketing leaders realize that more content leads to more growth, they’ve leveraged Demandwell’s streamlined SEO content production workflow and recent features like the upgraded SEO Content Outline Generator. 

These recent additions to the platform made it possible for all Demandwell customers to reduce the time it took to do the non-writing steps of their content production workflow by orders of magnitude. Yet, even with so many recent upgrades to how B2B SaaS marketing teams can work toward growth objectives with Demandwell, one of the most common content production pain points remained un-addressed, the actual production: the writing

Customers still had to actually produce the content, or hire their own collaborators to add production capacity the old fashioned way: agencies or freelancers. Some of the fine folks in Demandwell’s customer community asked: 

“When will I be able to just order content, and not worry about the logistics of how it gets made? AND obviously…feel confident that it will rank in search.”

“Is there an ‘easy button’ to just add more content production capacity to scale up or down when I need it?”

Now, finally, there is!

Introducing SEO Content Ordering with Demandwell

Demandwell’s latest workflow updates help B2B SaaS marketers drive sustainable growth more easily by scaling SEO content production.

All modern marketers can now order content directly from Demandwell, and be confident that their order comes with performance assurance. Just click “order,” and content comes back in a few days, complete with Demandwell’s optimization, keyword density, and plagiarism checks. 

Here’s how you can now order SEO performance content to be produced by Demandwell, simplifying your path to scaling your content production efforts even faster: 


Step 1: Pick the Target Keyword from Your Keyword Plan 

SEO Content Ordering_SelecKeyword_Demandwell

Step 2: Get Performance-focused Keywords & Keyword Groupings On Demand

SEO Content Ordering_EditKeywordAssignment_Demandwell

Step 3: Order Your Content Within Demandwell

SEO Content Ordering_Demandwell

Step 4: Receive & Review Written Content with Instant SEO Optimization Guidance

SEO Content_Analysis

Step 5: Publish with Confidence It’ll Rank

Scale SEO Content Production with Demandwell

Demandwell’s SEO Content Ordering feature gives marketers the ability to truly scale content production up and down…not just do more of the same hard things.

Leaders can now scale up their SEO writing capacity without managing more writers, and leverage SEO more strategically because of it. (New feature around the corner? Let’s order 20 relevant pages). 

Managers get performance assurance, since every content order comes with Demandwell’s expertise baked in, freeing them up to focus on doing what only they can: assuring their content meets their own quality standards. 

SEO Specialists can leverage Demandwell’s Automated Outline Generator to create outlines in minutes, then just press “order” and wait for it to be delivered back to them in Demandwell – no writing or wrangling freelancers required.

Ready to see how Demandwell’s comprehensive SEO content workflow and the true scalability it brings with one-click Content Ordering might help your team grow? 

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