Announcing SEO Monitoring – Exorcize Your Domain’s SEO Demons

What’s scarier than a de-indexed website? Not knowing why! 

Having site infrastructure that adheres to Google’s standards is mission critical for organic SEO performance, but SEO errors occur all the time. 

In fact, any of these very common actions can cause site issues:

  • Browser updates
  • Plugin (that runs in your site) updates
  • Changes by hosting
  • Changes by Google
  • Changes to the site by coworkers or external contractors

Spooky. ☠️

Not only can these issues take a long time to find (impressions/traffic might decrease without you noticing), you might only notice once conversions suffer. Additionally, once you realize you have *a problem*, it can take a while to diagnose, leaving you with sub-optimal organic performance.

Marketing organizations need a trustworthy, scalable way to stay on top of SEO errors and keep tabs on their ongoing site performance.

Demandwell now has a creepy crawler 🕷 of its own to do just that. 

SEO Monitors identifies real-time changes on your domain and highlights the most important technical fixes for optimal SEO performance. Users can set up their own “Monitors” to crawl their website daily and check for the issues, changes and errors that you specify and care about the most. 

No need to fear those technical SEO monsters lurking in the dark! 🧛

Here’s how monitors can help your SEO performance:  


SEO audits are run-of-the-mill stuff. Maybe you’ve gotten an audit from an agency.  Maybe you’ve pulled an audit yourself in the past. Maybe you’ve used a monitoring point solution that gives you daily audits. 

In any case, you were left with a huge list of information to sort through and prioritize. Likely, a lot of information was included that wasn’t relevant to you. Or already-known issues were emphasized over the things you actually cared about uncovering. 

The Demandwell Solution:

Like SEO Health Audits, SEO Monitors helps marketers find the low-hanging-fruit-updates to make to improve your site and get traffic from Google. It gives a holistic understanding of technical issues, and a prioritized to-do list to solve those issues. 

SEO Monitors now allows customers to choose from 20 different technical SEO factors, select the most important ones, and be notified by our system when there’s an issue. Additionally, if you have a core list of “problem pages,” you can keep tabs on * just them * – no need to wade through a full site analysis every day.  

By combining this functionality with our expert technical audits, the Health product of our platform ensures technical SEO worries are a thing of the past.

Let’s play this out. You get a full site health audit, and it uncovers some big issues on your site. Your team sets a goal for the quarter – you delegate, divvy up the work, and build a plan to fully eliminate the problem in the coming months. 

You then set a monitor to track your progress each week in your team meetings. You stay on track. You crush your ghouls. Sorry, goals. 🧟

This adjusts the function of website monitoring from reactive to proactive. Instead of an exhaustive list of all the things you could do, it helps you track your progress against what you should be doing. 

What makes Demandwell Monitors different?

While there are many auditing solutions on the market, a few things set SEO Monitors apart. First, there’s no limit to the number of pages that you can audit. Second, the ability to select what you’re monitoring shouldn’t be taken for granted. This functionality is relatively rare, and we believe that if you don’t care about something, you don’t need to see it every day. 

Monitors in action 

A customer of ours gets biannual, full SEO Health Audits. Between audits, a serious issue arose. Their traffic dropped, and conversions fell by the wayside.

The issue was a sitemap problem they hadn’t had before that affected 100+ new pages that they’d recently published. 

They partnered with a web dev to fix the problem, and set up a Monitor to track the issue daily. They tracked the exact pages impacted, and watched as the issues went away over time, and their conversions returned. 

Spooky no more 👻

With SEO Monitors plus SEO Health Audits – marketers have what they need to both uncover the weaknesses of their entire site, and now also track performance against specific things as they work to fix them.

SEO Health Audits continue to allow for your consultants to read between the lines and adjust the overarching strategy for your unique needs, while Monitors provide the automation to ensure you’re seeing the progress you want and not missing anything between audits.

Marketers are constantly bombarded with noise…by selecting the things you want to focus on, you can cut through the static to see and track the things that matter most for site performance.

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