Brief Builder Gets A Makeover: Automatic Keyword Research Just Became Full Outline Automation

To the leaders out there: Is it just us, or does SaaS Marketing feel harder than it used to?

You have aggressive traffic, MQL, and MRR goals to hit. And the finish line gets harder to reach with every consecutive quarter. Every campaign, program, marketer, and marketing channel must be managed and measured – including SEO. Layer on too many meetings, and barely enough time to get work done. You have a hard job, and everyone on your team has a hard job as well.

To the content managers out there:

In the competitive, fast-moving world of B2B SaaS, there may be no more critical marketing workflow than content production and optimization. This is true for all *Content* (with a capital C)…thought leadership, podcasts, video…you name it. It’s also true for SEO performance content. If anything, SEO content production might be the most difficult – and the most important – to master.

Not only do you have to decide which keywords to go after, you also have to know how to make pages rank in the search engine results pages:

  • How many words should your content be?
  • What related terms need to be included – and excluded?
  • Even if this does perform well and attract lots of new traffic…will it convert leads, or fall flat?

The OG: Content Brief Builder

Demandwell originally addressed content production blockers for SaaS marketers in 2021 by automating two primary parts of the content production process:

Content Strategy and Planning

First, Demandwell’s Keyword tools prioritized the best queries for content managers to go after, making SaaS SEO content strategy and planning workflows a breeze. Content could be tracked in a plan view, and managed across team members and steps of the workflow.

Keyword Research and Intuitive Brief Building

Demandwell also automated the keyword research process. Marketers could get all related keywords to include in their content with the click of a button. They could then organize these keywords into a brief, add instructions for a writer, and ship it to their colleague, freelancer, or agency. This version of Demandwell-powered content briefs enabled marketers to approach SEO performance content with confidence, and know that the end result would rank in SERPs.

While this saved some time and effort for content production managers, these platform features left other areas of the SEO content production workflow out of the automation party – while the brief creation process had improved dramatically, it remained a bottleneck. Content production managers still spent the most time on building briefs and writing outlines, limiting their capacity and hindering their ability to scale up content production.

Today, that’s all changed.

Demandwell’s Brief Builder is Now a Fully Automated Outline Generator

Now, you can create an entire SEO content brief with the click of a button. Automating keyword research, keyword organization, and instructions for writers transforms the most time-intensive steps of performance-driven SEO content production from a growth bottleneck into a catalyst for scale.

With these upgrades and additions, Demandwell customers can cut outlining time in half by automatically generating ready-to-write content outlines in minutes, and complete the whole workflow from start to finish in just a couple clicks.

But how can something so personalized be automated effectively?

Like many things in Demandwell, human inputs are combined with machine intelligence to make quality and precision possible at scale.

The outline generator has two component parts:

  1. Automated Keyword Grouping
  2. Dynamic Instruction Templates.

Automated Keyword Grouping

Machine Intelligence:

As always, the outlining process starts when you pick a target keyword from your prioritized Demandwell keyword plan, and add it to your Content Plan or an SEO Campaign.

Now, related keywords to add to your content are gathered automatically – and also pre-grouped into outline sections, according to how Google relates each keyword to each other and your target.

This all happens by default, instantly – no SEO expertise needed! The only thing you have to do here is remix those data-driven groupings to taste. This brings us to our next point:

Human Inputs:

No one knows your business as well as you do…not even Google. With the fully automated Outline Generator, the role of the content production manager has shifted from “builder” to “editor.”

If any of the keywords in the brief don’t line up with your marketing language or product positioning, you can easily remove or reorient them within the outline. While the keywords are grouped according to Google’s understanding of “relatedness” to ensure high-performance, nothing beats the human touch when it comes to achieving your content quality standards.

SEO Content Brief Builder Before: Drag Keywords Into Place

Brief Builder

SEO Content Outline Generator Today: Keywords Auto-Grouped

SEO Content Outline Generator_Demandwell

Dynamic Instruction Templates

Human Inputs:

Before leveraging this automated outline workflow, content production managers can create instruction templates for both the “Overall Purpose” and sections of performance content. If applicable, you can assign default templates to each, or create multiple options that can be selected from within the Outline Generator.

Additionally, you can bulk-change section instructions to use the same template, in a single click.

Machine Intelligence:

When you generate an outline with Demandwell, the platform uses these pre-written templates to populate writer instructions. If you need to modify instructions at the template level, just click into the Outline Generator’s Instructions tab and customize as needed.

Dynamic Instruction Templates

Instructions can be edited to suit the purpose of each page or post. With the core instructions already included, content production managers can now simply add any additional information as necessary and ship it, instead of typing the whole thing out from scratch or copy + pasting from a google doc repository.

Dynamic Keyword Placeholders make template-based instructions more relevant for each section. You can use them to keep default Instruction Templates relevant by auto-populating keywords for each instruction template.

SEO Content Production Prowess is Part Human, Part Machine Intelligence

The Demandwell platform, which is powered by machine and human intelligence, just got a big upgrade. The fully automated SEO Content Outline Generator empowers SaaS marketers to rapidly create content outlines – complete with thorough, templated, keyword-aware instructions for writers – to accelerate content production, save time, preserve focus, and improve your time to results.

We can’t wait to see what our customers do with more time to focus on high impact projects!

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