Announcing SEO Campaigns: SEO Success, Simplified

We hear all the time that people have tried to improve organic before, but it didn’t “work.” They got a list of keywords from a tool or agency, and maybe created a blog post for each keyword. They hit publish, and waited to get indexed. If they manage to get indexed, they are ranking…on page 10.

What do you do next? For such an outcome-driven discipline like marketing, this situation is confusing, infuriating, and unfortunately very common.

Many marketers tackle this list as best they can, checking off one keyword at a time, never really feeling like they’re making a meaningful dent.

The problem isn’t you…

Without intentional coordination, organic tends to function in its own little world, with people plugging away on a never ending to-do list.

Let’s contrast this with paid ads. The moment the ad is live you can track leading metrics like CTR, and make changes to different parts of the ad (copy or targeting) to help its performance along. You can take action and iterate before the lagging indicators fall – CPL or ROAS, for example.

…it’s your toolset.

Unlike the other channels typical of B2B marketing programs, organic search strategy and SEO tactics haven’t matured into the familiar campaign structure that modern marketers are most comfortable with. So, in order to get this level of granularity in SEO, marketers would have to work wizardry across multiple toolsets, data warehouses, and spreadsheets to get any type of actionable insight.

But imagine there’s a better way. What if you could see organic progress shortly after publishing? What if you could track rank, impressions, clicks, and conversions over time for each of your pages and target keywords, all in one succinct view?

Can SEO really be easier?

What if you could unify your organic efforts with the rest of your marketing strategy? Instead of a generic keyword list of keywords to go after, you have a campaign targeting a specific buyer persona and part of the funnel. You have organic coverage across your full product line so you can reduce your ad spend on categories that you own organically.

You can make strategic decisions about what to focus on and when. Instead of a list of everything you could do, you have a prioritized list of things you should do.

Grow Better With SEO Campaigns

Enter Demandwell’s SEO Campaigns, now available to Demandwell customers! SEO Campaigns finally let content marketers run SEO more like they run their ad campaigns – simplifying the work of driving organic success, providing more (and better) reporting, and creating strategic focus.

With campaigns, you can align SEO initiatives to company priorities and connect your long-term organic search strategy directly to other marketing campaigns with bite-sized pieces that fit into larger, multi-channel initiatives.

First, create your campaign

Decide which core topic you’d like to create an SEO Campaign around. This could be a new feature, a product category, market segment, competitive offering, or a key pain point that customers have. If Zendesk were to create campaigns for their customer support product, they might have a different campaign for “live chat,” “help center,” “community forum,” “voice support,” and “customer service ai.”

Next, build your content

Create a page or augment an existing one for each keyword in your campaign using Demandwell’s Keyword Intelligence and Brief Building technology. Publish your content and be confident that it’s optimized to rank.

Track SEO progress, optimize, and iterate

View ranking progress at-a-glance, see how rankings improve over time, and get insight into page and keyword performance across your campaign.

Drill down and get granular performance insights into each campaign keyword and content asset.

Follow recommendations for a clear path forward

Get tailored recommendations based on your current success and recent activity. Prioritize your effort on the most important steps to get your campaign content on page one of search results and maximize your SEO ROI.

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Demandwell leverages machine and human intelligence to simplify and expedite SEO strategy, planning, production, and reporting. With SEO Campaigns, marketers get detailed reporting on organic performance, and a way to build keyword strategies easily into marketing campaigns and ongoing programs.

This means, better understanding of SEO progress, and faster iteration loops than ever before so content marketers can work the way they want to and drive revenue with SEO.

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