Measure & Make SEO Impact in One Window: Announcing Demandwell’s SEO Report Builder

Is there a profession that’s more measured than today’s marketers? So. Many. Metrics. Inbound. Outbound. Impressions. CTR. CR. ACV. The list isn’t endless…but it’s close. Today, practically everything in a typical marketing ecosystem can be tracked, measured, and managed with data. 

Yet, despite the ocean of analytics that marketers have at their fingertips, measuring SEO – the most important growth channel for B2B SaaS companies – has remained a challenge. Without expertise in SEO reporting and enough time to analyze performance in depth, many marketing leaders still can’t answer fundamental questions about their SEO program.

To answer basic questions, marketers have to learn a lot… 

  1. SEO metrics and measurements 
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Google Analytics 
  4. Google Data Studio or similar

Becoming skilled enough with these tools is not exactly fast or easy. Neither is gaining deep expertise in SEO. SEO reporting is complicated for beginners because there’s a huge learning curve.

It’s complicated for experts, too – but for different reasons. You go to one place for keyword metrics. To a different place for page, traffic, and conversions information. If you want to reconcile this information to answer the very simple question of, say, “are my pages driving traffic for the terms I want them to be, and are people actually converting?”…you have to work some magic. 

If you do indeed know how to do this, that’s great. It’s just time consuming. Even more so when you have to create custom reports for every board meeting. Or, need to investigate why performance has changed with ad hoc reporting. Or, have a teammate with a specific question they need answered.

We made Demandwell’s new SEO Report Builder to solve this problem. To bring together information from all of the systems SEO managers use, in a way that’s fast, illuminating, and scalable. For people who know how to run these reports manually, or not.

Demandwell now offers high-level SEO performance summary views, SEO Campaigns reporting, and the SEO Report Builder – three reporting tools that make up Demandwell’s reporting suite. Let’s take a closer look!

Get High-Level SEO Performance Reports: Need-to-Lead Funnel

Demandwell’s SEO platform has helped content marketers and marketing directors do high-level SEO trend reporting and analysis from the beginning. The Need-to-Lead Funnel presents a visual snapshot of the key SEO dominoes that integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console datasets with Demandwell’s own 1st party data. This summary-level view simplifies all of your GA and GSC data to show a full-funnel summary report of SEO performance, from content being published through to conversion.

High-level insights are helpful for monitoring trends across the leading indicators of SEO growth (i.e., content publishing frequency over time) and lagging indicators (results – i.e., conversions). The Need-to-Lead Funnel helps marketing leaders in particular, who need to monitor trends while staying out of the weeds. 

Measure & Manage Key SEO Programs: SEO Campaigns

SEO Campaigns, launched in early 2022, brings focus and strategy to content production. It also creates more granularity in reporting on key categories or keyword groups. 

As customers started using SEO Campaigns, we learned that the Keyword Lifecycle Stage and Daily Average Rank reports from SEO Campaigns were their “favorite features” for reporting – and they wanted to see those insights across the rest of their SEO program, too. 

They wanted the insight, keyword analytics, and content metrics delivered in this fast, digestible way across their keyword universe.

Unlock Hidden Insights & Drive Decisions with Data: SEO Report Builder 

The new Reporting Suite’s SEO Report Builder empowers marketers to tell the stories of progress and success they need to, while also putting Google and Demandwell data in the same context to illuminate never before seen, holistic views into SEO performance.

Now, anyone can create the visibility they need, whenever they need it, for reporting work like:

  • Quarterly board reports & QBRs
  • Monthly marketing reporting
  • Brand awareness & non-branded search traffic 
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Content performance 
  • Traffic analysis

Start Strong with Standard SEO Reports

Customers don’t need to start from scratch – SEO Report Builder delivers instant insight with the curated reports that many B2B SaaS marketers need.

Build & Save Custom SEO Reports

Create and save custom reports from dozens of unique metrics, and analyze performance to illuminate best next steps. 

Dive Deep with Single & Multi-Metric Keyword & URL Reports

SEO Report Builder is flexible enough to let marketers track any metric (or combination of metrics) they need in order to best tell their story. Marketers can choose which keywords or URLs to analyze, time ranges and granularity, and build reports in a few clicks.

This straightforward, comprehensive workflow puts Google and Demandwell data in the same context, and enables marketers to visualize key metrics for all SEO content, single URLs or keywords.

Some of the SEO metrics marketers can report on include:

  • Impressions
  • CTR
  • Indexation
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Visitors
  • Search Volume
  • Content published for the keyword

Your Full-Stack (and Full Control) SEO Suite. Sweet! 

SEO Report Builder is the latest way the Demandwell platform makes B2B SEO better by helping marketers grow with SEO. Demandwell’s reports give a unique view of your SEO performance across the Google and Demandwell datasets, in three tiers: 

  • High-level trends: Need to Lead Funnel
  • Organized by topics you care about: SEO Campaigns 
  • Deep dive in any way your heart craves: SEO Report Builder

Now, you can work in SEO and on SEO at the same time, in the same place. Measure and manage SEO performance where you create content. And check your site’s health. And make strategic SEO decisions. And grow. And you can do it all with Demandwell.

See it in action in July’s SEO platform and reporting webinar!

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