The Demandwell AI Writer: Demandwell’s Proven SEO Process Plus the Scale of Generative AI

Unless you live under a literal rock, you’ve heard of, talked about, and probably tried using generative AI this year. 

Many have started using AI for increasing efficiency in their work as marketers – writing blog posts, emails, meta descriptions, social posts, etc. 

But, existing options leave a lot to be desired when it comes to generating SEO optimized copy. 


There are three important steps that lead to effective SEO content (using AI or not). 

  • First, you need to outline the content – including target related keywords, word counts, and instructions for the writer on the topic. 
  • Second is the actual content writing piece – whoever (or whatever?) is writing needs to ensure that keywords are included, word counts are met, and what they say is true. 
  • Thirdly, you need to edit the content, confirm that keywords have been included, and update however feels right to you (grammar, factual accuracy, etc). 

Existing generative AI tools today aren’t effective when it comes to SEO content because they don’t support writers with steps one and three. And while they can write the content very quickly, they’re not very good at hitting word counts or including the right keywords.

SO, unless you’re really slick at keyword research, and don’t mind the manual drudgery of outlining and “command+F”ing, you probably want a better option. 

That’s where Demandwell comes in!  

The AI Writer – Combining Time Savings of Generative AI With Demandwell’s Proven SEO Process

Today, we’re launching the Demandwell AI Writer an AI writer which combines the time-saving functionality of generative AI with Demandwell’s proven process for SEO outlining and analyzing. 

It first helps you create the SEO outline based on the term you’d like to rank for – Demandwell’s Outline Generator organizes the keywords for the AI writer to include. You can add instructions for each section, so that the AI writer knows what you want it to say. 

The outline is turned into long-form SEO copy, powered by OpenAI.

Once the copy is ready, you can use the Content Analyzer to ensure it will rank. The analyzer highlights target keywords, tracks word count, and allows you to add and remove keywords if you wish. Additionally, generative AI can be used to rewrite entire sections if needed, with updated instructions.

The benefit for customers goes beyond just making content creation more efficient and SEO copy likely to rank. It also makes driving success with SEO more possible


Scaling content production is the best way to get results from SEO. Our research from the success of our customers has shown that 50 SEO pages per year is the minimum required for marketers to drive results from SEO (impressions, traffic, leads, revenue). 

There are three primary ways that people do this: 

  • Using freelancers
  • Hiring an agency
  • Hiring an in-house writer 

Working with freelancers means that someone in-house acts as “air traffic control,” and a chunk of their time is spent managing the moving pieces of getting outlines to people, checking drafts, sending edits, etc. It can be hard to find great writers, and the process can be pretty slow. The fastest writers take at least a couple days to turnaround a draft. With edits, you’re looking at 1-2 weeks end-to-end. 

Working with an agency can reduce the managerial load (if you get a good one!). Quality control can still be an issue though, and agencies can be very expensive. 

Lastly, you could hire an in-house writer. Chances are, that person would be writing a piece or two a week, at most.  If you’re on a small team, they will definitely get roped into additional responsibilities on top of their SEO work. In the grand scheme of SEO, this will get you on the board, but it’s not enough to achieve rocket ship growth from organic.

In contrast, the Demandwell AI Writer does keyword research for you, and makes outlining faster and easier. It then writes the content for you, and provides a structured Analyzer for you to see if the draft is optimized, and help you edit it to achieve a perfectly optimized piece of content. 

All of this in a single view, and one continuous process.

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Wrapping up!

Fifty pages per year is the floor for success, and yet, many companies aren’t coming close to that level of content creation.  This tool was created to make SEO optimized content more scalable than ever. 

One person can now manage the entire content creation process within the Demandwell platform. 

The “air-traffic-control” line item on your resume can be updated to content production beast, OR increased marketing-sourced leads by 2x through SEO strategy. 

Speed and agility become strengths. SEO optimization becomes a super power. And scale becomes easy.

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