The Need-To-Lead Funnel Is Here!

Organic can (and should) be the top channel for sourcing revenue at B2B SaaS companies. However, even if a marketing organization is bought into this idea, it’s hard to identify which metrics are most important, how to measure them, and how they work together to create momentum. 

With existing tools, it’s actually impossible to connect each stage of the SEO funnel into one dashboard that is actionable for making decisions. 

More often the case, SEO is a bullet point on a marketing plan and is measured by a mile-long checklist of technical to-dos. Those are satisfying to mark as complete, but don’t lead to the consistent growth B2B SaaS companies are always seeking. 

Marketers first need to buy into the idea that SEO can drive revenue. Then, they need better technology to see how a content or SEO strategy can translate into search activity, website traffic, and then leads. They need a completely different view of performance data that helps them better understand organic performance, and identify levers to pull to improve it. 

The Need-to-Lead Funnel

The challenge that content marketers face is connecting customers (who are searching for solutions to problems) with their solution. It’s being discoverable to someone with a “need,” so that they can become a “lead.” 

Today, Demandwell is launching the Need-to-Lead Funnel as the first complete-pipeline report for measuring SEO content marketing effectively and transparently. 

The Need-to-Lead Funnel is the first insights tool to visualize and report on each stage of activity, across SEO content produced by marketing, organic prospect search experience activities, website traffic, and the resulting leads.

How does it work? 

Demandwell’s Need-to-Lead Funnel provides a top-to-bottom view of the metrics that are most important when measuring organic growth. By integrating data directly from Google Analytics and Google Search Console, along with content production data from Demandwell, customers can easily see how their content strategy plays out over time to increase search rankings and visibility, as well as corresponding web traffic and conversion rates.

Normally, this data would be siloed across multiple systems with some metrics not viewable to the average user in any reporting interface until now. The Need-to-Lead Funnel gives Demandwell customers the revolutionary ability to explore real-time performance data in a single pane of glass. Marketers can instantly view the funnel across different time ranges, and aggregate growth data into weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports.

At Demandwell, we’re on a mission to help others grow – our first core value is to “Lead with Learning.” 

We created the Need-to-Lead Funnel as a groundbreaking, new way for B2B SaaS marketing teams to learn how their organic strategy can turn them into rock stars, as they lead their company growth like never before.

Let’s grow!

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