PageAdviser: AI Recommendations & Suggestions for SEO

Demandwell is on a mission to revolutionize how marketers grow their business with SEO, by leveraging a powerful trifecta:

  • Generative AI – Tools that deeply understand written language and its context.
  • SEO Data – Industry-specific subject matter & proprietary data that drives decision-making.
  • Personalization – Contextual understanding of your business, your data, and your goals.

Our AI Writer is designed to scale content production by taking into account your own SEO strategy and real-time keyword research and using that context to fuel long-form content creation faster than ever.

Recently, we launched our Campaign Discovery experience which shines a light on new SEO opportunities & strategies, by using the same approach: Understand your goals, contextualize your real-world SEO data, and use Generative AI to help make sense of it all.

The next step on that journey is an exciting one that brings even more control over your SEO strategy & execution into your hands, for more control than ever.

We call it the PageAdviser, and it’s here to ensure the pages and keywords you care about most are performing their best, every day.

The Optimization Problem

Running an effective SEO program requires a steady cadence of content creation and publishing that’s aimed at winning the right keywords, and doing it with the right pages.

There comes a time in the life of any marketing site where there’s more content than you can – or even care to – stay on top of. Even if you aren’t there yet, changes to search trends, search engine algorithms, competitors, and your website can cause your content to become less effective over time.

  • How do you ensure the SEO content you publish stays effective over time?
  • Which SEO optimizations should you be making?
  • Do you know if a change to your site has caused rankings and traffic to drop?
  • If these are manageable problems for a single page, is it manageable at scale, across your entire site?

Getting peace of mind, maintaining control, and taking the guesswork out of the day-to-day is why we built the PageAdviser.

Demandwell PageAdviser

Demandwell PageAdviser RecommendationsSEO Campaigns in Demandwell already let you organize your SEO strategy into manageable initiatives, by focusing on the keywords and pages that you care most about.

You can assign Primary Pages to any keyword in a campaign to track performance over time and build out your SEO Content Hub.

Now, the PageAdviser provides an analysis of each of your Primary Pages, to show you the best recommendations & suggestions for optimizing them for SEO Success. As the PageAdviser checks your site, it will generate recommendations that you can view and implement directly in Demandwell.

Recommendations come with on-page context and even AI-powered suggestions to help you quickly get optimized Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Headers. Finally, the PageAdviser provides continuous monitoring, day after day, to make sure your pages are set up for the best SEO results.

Analyze On-Page SEO

The PageAdviser starts by running a real-time check of the state of each of your Primary Pages. It then compares that snapshot to a proprietary set of standards and the latest trends to determine if there’s a new recommendation you should see.

Analysis from the PageAdviser looks at on-page elements like Headers, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and any published content. It also evaluates more technical SEO factors like Page Speed, HTTP Status, and Site Security.

Strategic SEO Recommendations

Demandwell Meta Description Recommendation

As the PageAdviser checks your pages, it will generate new recommendations that you can see and manage directly in your campaigns.

The Recommendations Tab in Demandwell shows you a list of all recommendations for your campaign, and you can easily filter the list to only recommendations for a certain page, or all recommendations of a certain type for any page.

While there are dozens of different recommendations that can be provided, each one comes with helpful context and controls:

  • On-Page Context that shows you the current state of your page
  • Recommendation Details that highlight changes to make
  • AI-Powered Suggestions to take the guesswork of out what to do
  • Management Controls to Dismiss and Complete recommendations as you go

AI-Powered SEO Suggestions

Demandwell AI Suggestions

PageAdviser recommendations for Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Headers come with the powerful ability to generate AI-powered suggestions on the fly.

You can generate as many suggested values as you like, and each one can be easily copied to your clipboard for pasting into your website or wherever they need to go.

AI Suggestions take into account the keyword you want to rank for, the Primary Page that you want to rank best, and the on-page elements & content of that page.

The result is highly contextual suggestions that follow SEO best practices, and which can be used as inspiration or put straight to use on your site.

Continuous SEO Monitoring

The PageAdviser doesn’t do all this just once. It’s set up to check page status and make recommendations automatically, on an ongoing basis.

Not only does it provide direct insights to optimize the content you care about most, but it continuously monitors these pages over time to refresh recommendations and provide you with the latest insights.

Today, Demandwell customers leverage daily PageAdviser checks to make sure they’re getting real-time recommendations.  As checks happen over time, you can start to uncover persistent problems or issues that have reared their head again and again.

Regular checks also provide the peace of mind that everything your site needs to succeed in SEO is in place.

The New Way with PageAdviser

We know that managing organic efforts through SEO Campaigns is an effective and efficient path to increasing performance across the whole funnel – rankings, impressions, traffic, etc.

With the PageAdviser as your watchdog and guide, it’s easier than ever to make sure that you’re putting your best SEO foot forward, and taking all the right steps to optimize the keywords and pages you care about most.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of the PageAdviser:

Explore our software packages today to get started with SEO Campaigns, and start generating the right strategy for your SEO success.


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