Revolutionizing SEO Content Creation with AI-Driven Outlines and Writing

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence has introduced an opportunity to create content like never before. Specific applications of AI like writing content for SEO require a specific approach that can be difficult to nail down.

We believe that approach is to combine the scale of AI with real-world SEO data and tailor it to your goals.

By taking the traditional approach to creating SEO content – researching keywords, creating outlines, writing content – and adapting them to a new AI-based workflow, we’re revolutionizing how SEO content gets created.

Read on to see how.

Creating AI-Powered SEO Outlines

Any well-structured content begins with an outline, and SEO content requires the identification and organization of the right keywords. Getting it right involves a miniature keyword research project, just for the content itself, in addition to creating a thoughtful flow of topics from start to finish.

This alone used to take hours, but by combining generative AI and real-time SEO data into a new workflow, effective outlines can be created in just a few minutes.

When content creators choose a keyword they want to win in search, Demandwell automatically begins creating a content outline. This includes:

  1. Using AI and SEO performance data to conduct real-time keyword research, identifying the best terms to include in the content. 
  2. Incorporating generative AI and semantic analysis to organize topics and create an intuitive structure to the outline.

The result is an SEO-optimized outline that not only creates a narrative content flow for readers but is also set up to rank well.

Pro Tip: Personalize Outlines with Keyword Exclusion

Outlines generated in Demandwell are fully customizable, allowing for complete control over the keywords, content structure, word count, and more.

To tailor outline creation to your SEO strategy, you can use Demandwell’s Keyword Exclusion feature to automatically remove keywords you never want to write about, and guide keyword selection.

When you add terms to your Keyword Exclusion list, any keywords that contain that term will be automatically excluded from your Outlines, so you can rest assured that they won’t show up in your final content.

You can add terms, entire phrases, brand names, and more, to make sure Outlines are built the way you want them, every time.


Writing SEO Content with AI

Generative AI has shown us that it is easier, faster, and more affordable than ever to create a volume of content. If you’ve experimented with using AI to create content, you’ve likely come to the same conclusion lots of content writers have too: 

The quality of content you get from AI is directly tied to the quality of the inputs you give it.

In Demandwell, outlines serve as the structure of high-quality inputs and provide several advantages when writing with AI:

  • Every outline is created with real-time keyword research and real-world data.
  • Intuitive outline structures are automatically created with generative AI.
  • Keyword Exclusions help tailor outlines to your needs.
  • You can write an entire article with 1 click instead of going back and forth with an AI chatbot.

Demandwell’s AI Writer also uses standardized AI prompts to get content written. This means you spend less time on prompt engineering, and more time publishing high-quality content.

In addition to standardized AI prompts, you also have full control over the prompts themselves. Demandwell lets you add customized instructions & prompts to any part of an outline, allowing you to control exactly what the AI Writer should do.

Finally, the content generated and written in Demandwell is analyzed against the keywords from your content outline. That means it’s easier than ever to verify that every keyword you need was included in the finished product.

Pro Tip: Streamline AI Prompts with Instruction Templates

Every Demandwell account comes with the ability to create Instruction Templates that can be automatically added to prompts when writing with AI. Instruction Templates can even dynamically include the keywords throughout your outline, for added flexibility.

You can create as many Instruction Templates as you want, and configure default templates to be used automatically when creating outlines or writing with AI.

Putting it all Together with “1-Click Content”

If you’re still reading, we’ve covered how Demandwell lets you supercharge SEO content creation with AI at every step. While these steps are optimized and streamlined with AI, wouldn’t it be great if there were… fewer steps?

We believe true disruption with AI comes in revolutionizing our day-to-day workflows. That’s why we built “1-Click Content”.

By using Demandwell’s 1-Click Content feature, you get to take advantage of every step of this AI-powered process with a single click:

  • Real-time keyword research to discover the most effective keyword opportunities.
  • Keyword selection that’s tailored to your needs with the Keyword Exclusion feature.
  • Intuitive, narrative content structures driven by AI.
  • SEO-optimized writing prompts.
  • Custom prompts to adapt generative AI to your style with Instruction Templates.

While it’s critical to keep a “human in the loop” to ensure you get what you need from AI, using Demandwell’s 1-Click Content feature is the best way to quickly get effective content to the 1-yard line.

Less managing. More publishing.

Ready to Unleash AI for SEO?

It’s never been easier to produce content with AI, but ensuring the quality of both your strategy and execution (inputs) is key to capturing the results (outputs) it can provide.

Demandwell combines generative AI with real-world SEO data and tailors it to drive toward your goals. By leveraging this new approach to create outlines, guide keyword research, and write with AI, you can scale SEO content production like never before.

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