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Real-Time SEO Reporting

Many content marketers will tell you that search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most critical pieces of data that you can track and report. Quite a lot can be ascertained from trends in SEO. One can use it to better understand the wants and needs of the target audience via their research techniques. SEO is also a cost-effective way to grow one’s business with a greater chance for ROI if done properly. Having strong SEO also creates credibility, trust, and otherwise positive rapport within the industry.

Statistics regarding SEO are always fluctuating, which is why it is pertinent to review an SEO reporting template every once in a while. This will help track the process of your website at large as well as specific pages and pieces of content. Even reviewing an SEO monthly report template can work wonders in tracking both successes and failures. By engaging in real-time SEO reporting, businesses have a greater chance of making the most informed decisions about SEO, thereby increasing their visibility online and by extension achieving their revenue targets. Most people don’t try to search beyond the first page of a Google search, thus it is extremely vital for businesses to use every SEO tool available to ensure that potential clients and customers can discover them online.

With Demandwell, businesses can examine an SEO audit report template and review everything from keyword rankings to the number of visitors per published content piece. This data is many times spread out over several systems with no means to integrate them into an easily accessible report. Some elements of data are not even accessible at all. With the Need-To-Lead Funnel, Demandwell provides a top-to-bottom view of various SEO metrics, the ones that are most vital when it comes to measuring organic growth. This gives users of Demandwell a tremendous advantage in accessing real-time performance of their SEO and content marketing campaigns.

SEO Tools

Keywords are a major part of any marketing campaign’s SEO tools. Many would say that keyword reporting is one of the best SEO tools. These are the words and phrases that the search engine algorithm looks for within a piece of content to determine its ranking within the search. With keyword reporting, you can measure dozens of metrics for all of your keywords. You can also look at the impact that even one keyword has had on your SEO program as a whole.

Demandwell’s keyword reporting measures how keywords are contributing to key organic growth metrics. These types of SEO reporting tools are some of the best you can use to see if the keywords you have selected are doing their job in increasing your website’s discoverability. Being able to access this info in real time at any given moment can give you quite the edge over your competitors. Everyone is investing in SEO strategies; most companies realize by now that there will be no business at all without SEO present to point customers in the direction of their products/services. Therefore, having keyword reporting and other metrics available in an instant can help you beat out the competition.

Google Analytics Reports

There are Google SEO tools that are at your disposal. Google Analytics reports are a great way to begin tracking various elements of your SEO campaign, which can then later be integrated into Demandwell’s SEO dashboard. The Google keyword tool is called Keyword Planner. This is located within the Google Ads program. Audience reports in Google Analytics allow you to start tracking the ways in which your audience is engaging with your content.

The way in which a user utilizes the Keyword Planner is not that difficult. The user’s account must be set to Expert Mode, though, otherwise, the user will not be able to access Keyword Planner. The account needs to be in Expert Mode, as opposed to Smart Mode. Once the Keyword Planner program is opened, one can begin a campaign in one of two ways. One can either search for new keywords by clicking the button that says “discover new keywords” or one can recycle old keywords by clicking on the button that says “get search volumes and forecasts.”

By using the keyword planner offered by Google, users can find do the following:

  • Find new keywords
  • Research keywords
  • Get estimates on bids
  • Add keywords to a marketing campaign

By syncing your Google Search Console account and Google Analytics account with Demandwell, you can run queries about keyword rankings using Google analytics.

SEO Content Analysis

With Demandwell’s real-time content analysis, businesses have the full scope of the SEO campaign and can better decide what the next course of action should be in the campaign. The Demandwell model has a content score checker that is called the SEO Heath Audit. This is an SEO readability checker that can provide clients with a “health score” to demonstrate how their SEO strategy is faring based on a variety of metrics and criteria.

This SEO content analysis includes three main categories: Infrastructure, Content, and Endorsements. Within these groups, there are smaller categories such as secure server, XML sitemap, mobile usability, page speed, URL structure, and HTML sitemap. All of these factors weigh in to create a comprehensive SEO “health score” that is determined in a range of zero to one hundred percent. The higher the score, the better the state of the SEO for your website. Being able to track all of these metrics and compact them into a comprehensible score allows marketing teams to share this information in a concise way that conveys the needed messaging to others within and outside of the company.

Real-Time Reporting

The benefits of real-time reporting have been mentioned in previous sections of this article. When businesses use real-time reporting tools to ascertain the state of affairs with their SEO strategy, they are operating with the most up-to-date information available at any given moment. Things with SEO can change in a heartbeat. Therefore, it tends to be wiser to use real-time analytics to develop further SEO initiatives.

SEO can be a tricky business, and if not executed properly, companies may waste a lot of time, energy, money, and other resources only to achieve nothing. This is an area of work where it is not how hard you work, but rather how that work is directed. Real-time reporting with SEO informs companies on what direction their efforts should be taking based on quantitative data.

That is why it is so very important that businesses have the ability to access the data regarding their SEO content analysis whenever they may need it. Real-time reporting allows companies to know precisely what is the state of their SEO efforts, and given that SEO is constantly changing at the speed of technological advancements, having immediate access to SEO data makes it easier to even begin to stand a chance of beating out the competition.

SEO Site Checkup

As mentioned in a previous section, one of the SEO audit tools that Demandwell has is the SEO Health Audit, a system that collects all the data pertaining to SEO and compresses it into a neat and tidy health score. This SEO audit tool makes it so one can have a reasonable judgment on whether an SEO campaign is faring well or poorly. For example, if an SEO health audit concludes that the website’s health score is 50%, that would be average. If the health score was 30%, that would be quite poor. And if the health score was 70% and above, that would indicate great SEO health.

Not only does this SEO site checkup record the data from all metrics, but it also ranks those metrics in regard to priority, alerting users to critical issues should they arise. Considered by some to be the best SEO audit tool, Demandwell’s SEO Health Audit demystifies the intricacies of SEO and breaks the metrics down into digestible chunks that marketing teams focus and work on. It lifts the veil on the mystery of that elusive search engine optimization and transforms it into an actual obtainable goal, rather than simply publishing content and plugging in keywords into the black hole of the internet and hoping for the best.

SEO Reports

One important element of SEO reports is URL reporting. URL reporting is the activity of monitoring the whole URL of a company’s website. This is an SEO report template that focuses on the bigger picture of an SEO campaign as opposed to the data around an individual page or piece of content. One of the quite useful types of SEO reports, URL reporting can assist organizations in realizing what exact type of influence their content marketing campaign is having. With an SEO monthly report, the overall health of the business’s URL can be one of the metrics that the SEO report generator hones in on to gauge the impact of the organization’s SEO efforts.

SEO will remain a vital part of any marketing strategy. As such, SEO real-time reporting will continue to play a role in how organizations go about conducting their business online.

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