How Terminus Climbs To The Top of Search Engine Results Pages

The results that the Terminus team has gotten from organic search are a testament to their hard work and hustle.

In the last year, organic became their number one source of demo requests. They increased the number of keywords they rank for by 4.5 times. They increased organic search impressions by 8.5 times, and organic traffic by 8x. These numbers are very impressive, especially coming from a company that was already invested in organic search.

Specifically with SEO and search, it’s our goal to establish it as a reliable channel to generate revenue, demo requests, and leads for our sales team.

Brad Beutler, Director of Content Marketing

The Overview

They run their organic strategy with Demandwell, and pair it seamlessly with the rest of their marketing content and thought leadership. Their organic efforts bolster other marketing campaigns, and organic is integrally woven into the fabric of their marketing strategy.

They also run the drumbeat of weekly content creation for general search terms related to the way people are searching for products like theirs. But they take it a step further to support more specific marketing efforts in addition. With every new product launch, they create organic content to rank for terms related to that new product. For every ebook, whitepaper, or report they create, they make sure that that content is discoverable in search as well.

To fully understand the depths of their commitment to search however, we have to dig a bit deeper. Here we go!

Demandwell has made it very easy for us to measure success, and our return on investment with SEO.

Brad Beutler, Director of Content Marketing

This video tells the story of how Terminus leverages Demandwell to drive their organic strategy and success. 

Meet Brad! 

Brad is the Content Marketing Director at Terminus. He owns all things content – this ranges from traditional content marketing and thought leadership, to Terminus brand content, to SEO.

His goals for content marketing cover things like brand awareness and positioning Terminus as a thought leader in their category. His goals for SEO are more quantitative. Things like keywords ranked, impressions, traffic, leads, and revenue sourced from organic search.

Earlier this year, he was tasked with a new goal. His manager, the VP of Marketing at Terminus, asked him to get into one of the top three organic results for “Account Based Marketing.”

This category is extremely competitive. When Brad was given this task, they were on page two for this term. To get to the top of those SERPs, they had to climb above Wikipedia, Gartner, Hubspot, Drift, Pardot, Seismic, Salesforce, Oracle and Marketo – an all-star lineup.

Getting to the top required some creativity. It required re-optimizing an existing page for on-page SEO. This included adjusting length of content, adding co-occurring keyword terms, and making sure the site infrastructure was set up to understand that this was THE PAGE Terminus wanted to rank highest for AMB. This includes internal linking, endorsements, and supporting content.

Some of the keywords that we rank high for today represent a lot of competition. So it feels really good to be ranked in the top three or four with brands like Hubspot and Marketo.

Brad Beutler, Director of Content Marketing

Driving Conversions

For a page like this, getting to the top of the SERP is only part of the battle. The next phase is making sure the page has really targeted content on there that will be helpful to users when they click in. This is where Brad’s excellent combination of brand and SEO content comes into play.

Their page has an informational video about ABM at the top, in addition to multiple links to a full ABM resource hub – with infographics and ebooks about ABM for anyone who wants to learn more. Further down, there are reports, and even more content on the page about what ABM is, who the main players are, and how to do it well.

Demandwell gives you the platform to execute your SEO strategy, and the people to help you every step of the way.

Brad Beutler, Director of Content Marketing

Demand and Brand Together

The beauty of owning SEO and thought leadership is that Brad can easily leverage the synergy of the two channels together.

They have so many pages that rank in the top spots for competitive terms organically, that they can leverage those pages to promote different marketing campaigns – just like you’d turn on a paid ad for a new ebook. Instead of turning on an ad though, Brad can choose which Demand Pages he wants to have hosting new marketing content.

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