Investment Marketing: Balancing Patience and Consistency With Our Need for Immediacy

Post written by Betsy Koliba, SEO Consultant at Demandwell 

Betsy Koliba

Betsy has worked in SEO and digital marketing for over ten years. 

In her free time, she enjoys homemade craft cocktails.

Before diving into this blog post, let’s all take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Om. Slow your mind and slow your breathing. 

As marketers, we rarely have time to just take a deep breath and slow our pace, especially in our work. We are moving so fast, with so many deadlines, and we never have enough time. We need to see results immediately, and if something doesn’t work right away, we have to pivot quickly to meet our goals this month. We need MORE leads and MORE sales…NOW! 

But wouldn’t it be cool if your marketing strategy was built in a way where you were driving enough inbound leads that you could take big swings and do creative, big budget projects and dare I say….maybe even take some risks?

Yes, we need to meet our monthly goals, but if we continue to only focus on short-term strategies we will have to rely on them forever. We would have to pour our effort and our budgets into new paid campaigns that we would run month after month after month…FOR-EV-ER. (Any Sandlot fans out there?) Or we can start to think about the compounding tactics to invest in for the future. 

I like to call this investment marketing. I think marketers typically avoid these tactics initially, because they tend to take up a lot of up-front time, work, and money. So instead marketers typically prioritize short-term wins like paid ads, and cold outbound – the tactics that drive immediate results. The wins from these tactics are short-lived, but the wins from compounding tactics are ongoing. 

The Power of Investing Early in Compounding Marketing Tactics

Think of it this way, if you wanted to help a community of people who lacked basic water services and provide them with drinking water forever, would you A: buy bottled water every month until the end of time? Or B: Buy bottled water for a few months while you invest in building a well? A Demandwell, if you will….sorry, I had to. 

Or, I love this example of investing early: Would you rather have $1 million today or a magic penny that doubles daily for the next 30 days?  Check out this article from Forbes on why the magic penny is the right choice! 

Slow-building tactics like Brand and SEO can take patience, but if you get these two right, and build the inbound engine to support both, they are gifts that keep giving…FOR-EV-ER.  Like a magic penny. 

To a lot of marketing folks, SEO can be boring. Really boring. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to do the keyword research, then create the keyword rich pages that align with your target audience’s needs and rank in search. 

Initially, it might feel like results only trickle in. While you will quickly see Ranking Keywords and Impressions increase, it takes a bit longer to start seeing Traffic increase. We know that traffic isn’t enough, and you need conversions. It might not be until you have created LOTS of pages and worked your keywords through each Lifecycle Stage that you finally start to see Organic Conversions. 

It can be incredibly frustrating to wait for these domino effect results, especially when you are used to seeing immediate results from paid campaigns. Patience and consistency are your long-term strategic advantages here. 

Balance Long-Term and Short-Term Impact Projects

Now I am not saying that you should totally ditch all your other short-term campaigns and only invest in compounding marketing tactics. It is important to balance your capacity and your budget so that you are meeting your short-term goals while also investing in your future. You need a balanced blend of the right channels to scale a business as well as short-term & long-term tactics. 

Just remember that your short term tactics aren’t going to be your sustainable channels. They are:

  • A great way to get fast results, hit your goals, and keep the lights on while you scale the long-term, high-reward channels of SEO and brand
  • A great thing to show your boss you’re doing while you build out a longer success strategy for organic search

In conclusion…

Creating a sustainable SEO strategy by being persistent, consistent, and patient will give you a competitive edge for the long haul. 

Using Demandwell’s methodology and platform, Brad Beutler, Director of Content Marketing at Terminus increased monthly organically sourced leads by 4 times at Sigstr (Acquired by Terminus)! 

He said, “At Terminus, search is our sustainable growth channel. Because we’ve invested so many hours, blood, sweat, and tears into that channel, and it’s working well for us, we can afford to take big swings on [less sustainable tactics]. This year we’re doing an event that’s called “Break Shit” with a Sasquatch playing the saxophone. We’re creating a board game, a card game, and we’re making a video game. You can’t take those big risks without a reliable foundation in place. You have to have your sustainable channels in place in order to make those big, grand splashes.“ 

(Check out the full interview from UnValley 2021).

We ask our customers to create approximately 3-5 Demand Pages a week and we let them know they may not even see conversions for up to 6 months. However, once you start seeing performance results – you can expect that the results will keep pouring in and that your Demand Pages will keep working for you long after you have worked on them. Then you can take a long deep breath while you hit your goals, take some risks, and have some fun with your marketing strategy. 

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