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SaaS SEO Guide

If you are in search of a substantive SaaS SEO guide, you are not alone. SaaS SEO involves several important steps with the ultimate goal of improving your website’s rankings on search engine results pages. The process requires data aggregation, analysis and interpretation, development of strategies moving forward, and then an ongoing improvement system that regularly audits a site’s SEO performance. With so many steps involved, it’s easy to become discouraged or to look for shortcuts. However, there are several steps your company can take today that can benefit your organization’s SEO operations in the near future and distant future as well.

Demandwell’s guide for SEO for B2B SaaS companies can help your organization better understand your current SEO performance and provide a pathway forward to improve SEO performance and develop other techniques to bolster future marketing campaigns, too. SEO performance can compound over time, and your return on investment (ROI) will likely scale alongside your business. B2B SaaS companies must grapple with a unique set of challenges – unlike other industries, there’s no physical product being sold. B2B SaaS companies’ customers are looking for advanced, high-tech solutions that help their businesses run more smoothly and efficiently. Such solutions are rarely uncomplicated, and generally, they require time to develop and optimize.

SEO for B2B organizations is important for growth and marketing initiatives, and B2B SEO statistics can help inform future decisions about effective marketing strategies. B2B SaaS marketers also have the unique and difficult task of selling a solution their customers have not heard of before. Because of this, B2B SaaS marketers must focus on guiding potential customers to your specific solutions and offer enough information to cause intrigue but not so much information that you overwhelm or educate your closest competitors.

A good place to start, especially if your B2B SaaS company is relatively new or if you’re considering kicking off a start-up project, is a comprehensive SaaS SEO checklist.

SaaS SEO Checklist

Demandwell provides a valuable SEO Health Audit tool to help your team develop an SEO audit checklist or a SaaS SEO checklist. Demandwell’s SEO Health Audit provides an overall view of your site’s SEO health as well as informative details about your website’s content, endorsements, and basic infrastructure. Once the audit is performed, your marketing team can use the information gleaned to develop a stronger, more effective list of keywords as well as plan more efficient SEO content. Regular audits let you know how well your site is performing and where you can make improvements as your organization grows and evolves.

Utilizing an SEO audit template can help you better understand your SEO audit factors. When your team better understands the critical issues affecting your search engine results ranking, you can more readily adapt and alter your approach to stay ahead of the competition.

For your SaaS company’s on-page SEO initiatives, your marketing might consider including brief URLs with informational keywords. You can also make the effort to optimize any tags or meta descriptions in addition to utilizing images that load quickly. Utilize every tool at your disposal so that Google and other search engine crawlers can “read” your site and index everything so that your site appears higher up in your potential customers’ searches.


For many companies, B2B SaaS SEO or B2B SaaS content marketing involves enhancing your brand awareness and carving out a niche in your company’s industry so that your organization has space to grow and thrive. This requires an immoderate amount of content creation – both quality content and performance content – that helps broaden your audience and subsequently converts more of those audience members into customers.

The importance of SEO for SaaS is that well-executed SEO can drive traffic numbers up and support the growth of your entire enterprise. SEO and SaaS content marketing, in general, are incredibly competitive, but if you position your company just right and deploy authoritative, well-researched, and keyword-informed content, you’re making an investment that will continue to pay dividends as your SEO efforts compound.

A sound B2B SaaS content marketing process might look something like this: establish your brand awareness, determine your ideal customer, educate customers about your solutions, develop your brand’s reputation and credibility, generate quality leads, and convert those leads.

SEO for SaaS Startup

Investing in SEO at the ground level of a startup SaaS company can provide a wide variety of benefits in the long run. Because organic search compounds grow over time, an effective SaaS SEO strategy can help companies build growing channels that can scale as the startup grows.

SEO for SaaS startup projects can be an invaluable factor that contributes to the steady growth and longevity of the whole enterprise. While it can be difficult for new domains and new websites to rank well on Google and other search engines, investing in SEO for a SaaS startup is still worth it because of how qualified SEO traffic is.

Many SaaS startup enterprises also struggle because their SEO approach is flawed; instead of targeting high-value keywords at the top of the funnel, consider making the most of lesser-volume keywords so that you aren’t immediately competing with the larger and more mature companies. This approach can also help your site rank more quickly and continue to drive more qualified traffic to your site.

SEO SaaS Tools

Finding the best SaaS tools to fit your organization’s individual objectives can be a cumbersome task, but Demandwell’s platform offers high-quality SEO tools that can help with SaaS keyword research and more. By combining the best artificial intelligence has to offer with some of the most experienced SaaS marketing minds, Demandwell offers highly personalized SEO recommendations at scale for your organization.

Demandwell’s automated routine functions provide an unmatched organic presence that enables search engine crawlers to thoroughly index your sites. For example, Demandwell’s Keyword Coach singles out keywords based on their potential impact, intent, effort, and lifecycle maturity so your marketing team is always prepared and can adapt to trends in searches while you continue to develop your company’s organic search ranking. With Demandwell, your company also has access to Brief Builder, which enables the high-speed keyword-informed creation of briefs; SEO Autopilot, which enables your marketing team to tackle higher-order operations; and Content Analyzer, which assesses your site’s content and provides accurate data, so your team is getting the optimum insights.

The numerous steps and nuances of content marketing can be overwhelming, even for larger firms with more budget leeway. SEO is a fiercely competitive arena; to have any success, your team needs to make the most out of every possible resource. Let Demandwell’s lineup of SEO SaaS tools work for you.

Competitor Analysis SEO

Demandwell also offers a Share of Search Report which serves as a vital competitive analysis in organic search. This report can show how much organic website traffic your company receives in comparison to your most direct competitors. It also details which of your keywords are working well and which could be improved or overhauled to work more effectively. This kind of competitor analysis SEO helps your company understand where your competitors perform well and how you can improve general SEO initiatives.

Some of the best SaaS marketing campaigns started with humble beginnings, like a simple SEO checklist. A checklist can ensure that your team is doing the most it can to optimize your company’s online presence so that your target customers are brought to your website when they type their queries into whichever search engine.

There are countless content marketing ideas from which to choose, and it can be overwhelming trying to find a good starting point or a logical match with your company’s brand and marketing objectives. A few examples are webinars, case studies, customer testimonials, how-to articles, feature articles, and much more. For a wealth of content ideas for SaaS companies, look no further than Demandwell’s competitive platform.

SaaS Content Strategy

Content creation for SaaS is similar to other content creation initiatives, but there are a handful of techniques you can deploy to ensure that your marketing strategies bring you closer to achieving your goals.

To create the most effective SaaS content strategy, your marketing team must incorporate more SEO performance content. Performance content has a different purpose than quality content. Performance content’s primary objective is to appease Google’s and other search engines’ algorithms to rank higher on search engine results pages. While quality content adheres to the old adage of “quality over quantity,” performance content is virtually the inverse. It’s important that your performance content ticks all of the SEO boxes. Unlike quality content, which represents your brand’s authenticity and authority in your industry, performance content exists to help generate demand by increasing organic search.

How to write SaaS content, especially B2B SaaS content marketing, largely depends upon the various intricacies of your industry as well as your organization’s specific goals or objectives as they relate to your overarching growth strategies. A multi-pronged approach with both quality content and performance content can help grow your organization by bringing more traffic to your websites and converting more visitors into customers once they discover the benefits of your solutions and services.

SaaS SEO Guide Continued…

It’s important now more than ever for B2B SaaS businesses to utilize effective SEO to build an authoritative and trustworthy online presence. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, involves using a combination of targeted keywords, on-page and off-site website optimization, and pertinent, working links to boost your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). You may wonder why organic search and organic are so important for B2B SaaS businesses. Nearly 90% of all online experiences begin with search engines, and 75% of B2B Saas buyers never go past the first page of search results. Companies that rank highest on Google see the most traffic, and the organic growth compounds over time, which provides a reliable and constant revenue stream. Therefore, SaaS marketing teams recognize how a well-executed SEO campaign helps them reach company objectives and experience success.

There are many aspects to a successful SEO campaign, and many B2B SaaS companies struggle with the time, money, and effort they need to invest to see substantial success. They may need to get help to formulate campaigns and reduce costs. The best SEO tools provide a combination of human and machine intelligence to address every important aspect of SEO. This is why B2B Saas businesses can benefit from using a SaaS content marketing agency like Demandwell. Demandwell provides SEO tools that automate key procedures of SEO campaign creation and execution, as well as SEO experts that provide SEO Saas guides that help marketers grow in their knowledge of SEO.

SaaS SEO Meaning

Many digital businesses build their audience through organic SEO with targeted keywords and effective technical SEO. However, SEO strategies are different for SaaS SEO, meaning that B2B SaaS companies will face distinctive challenges in SEO. B2B SaaS businesses sell products that solve complex problems to other businesses, while most businesses focus on selling physical products or services to consumers. For example, selling an all-in-one HR solution to a large corporation is markedly different from selling a hoodie to a customer that loves anime. Therefore, B2B SaaS content will be substantially different from other industries to meet customers’ expectations. This is why a SaaS SEO guide can help marketers develop campaigns that are successful.

The B2B Saas industry must solve complex problems through advanced and high-tech solutions that may be complicated and focus on the long-term rather than the short-term. This means B2B Saas companies may have long-tail keywords with technical phrases. They must also introduce a new product into the market, which requires them to create a new category in SEO. Finally, they must cater to the expectations of their target audience. B2B SaaS buyers often seek thorough education instead of sales pitches, and guidance throughout the decision-making process until they find the perfect solution. As a result, B2B SaaS companies should gear their SEO strategies toward these goals to keep customers happy.

SEO Strategy for SaaS

Since B2B SaaS Businesses target such a unique audience, they must have a different SEO strategy. For Saas companies, this means that they must build their content marketing campaigns around B2B content strategy frameworks. To do so, marketers should ask themselves what their goals are and who their target audience is to formulate the style and tone of their new SEO content. They may benefit from completing a content analysis or audit to see if their current content is successful or not and use that information in their content creation for SaaS buyers.

It’s also important for B2B SaaS markets to understand the difference between quality content and performance content. Quality content builds the brand, empowering and inspiring your target audience. It is created specifically to share with your audience and network to connect to others.

Performance content, on the other hand, generates demand. It maximizes your ranking performance on search engines by following the Google algorithms’ guidelines. The more performance content you publish, the more your company will pull up in organic searches – which will increase organic traffic and revenue. The best SaaS marketing campaigns include quality content and performance content to both build your brand and create demand.

B2B Saas SEO

Successful B2B Saas SEO increases B2B SaaS companies’ rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) so they pull up first when potential leads look for answers to their questions on Google and other search engines. When you know what search engines care about, you can create a B2B Saas content marketing campaign that optimizes your SEO content so that it performs better.

New SaaS companies especially need to focus on growth and building their digital presence to become an authority within their space. SEO for B2B companies targets their technical SEO, on-page and off-site SEO, and local SEO. When they address the full scope of SEO, they ensure that their website provides a smooth end-user experience and meets the Google algorithm’s demands. When done correctly from the beginning, SEO for SaaS startups can be an extremely successful marketing method that will help them to meet their company objectives and enjoy increased leads and compounding organic growth.

SaaS SEO Checklist

Successful SEO is a multi-faceted and complex process that includes many technical and algorithmic elements, so it may be easy to miss issues that cause your SEO campaign to underperform. That is why a strong SEO audit is vitally important for B2B SaaS businesses. It assesses functionality and performance to identify hidden problems and determine where you should focus your resources. A strong SEO audit should give you a complete picture of your website performance by covering the three main SEO audit factors: infrastructure, content, and endorsements. Also known as I.C.E., these three components work together to help you rank high on search engines and increase organic traffic and revenue. You can use them to create an SEO audit checklist that will help you identify how to improve your SEO strategy.

Infrastructure, also known as technical SEO, is a category that covers all the technical components of your website. This includes factors that affect your audience’s website user experience, such as:

  • Page speed
  • SSL certificates
  • Code bugs
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Dead links

You may have heard the saying, “Content is king,” and this is true when it comes to SEO. Content is a powerful tool you must prioritize on your SaaS SEO checklist. It’s imperative to stay organized when publishing new content to ensure consistently high rankings. Successful SEO content isn’t only about the posts, articles, and guides that you post. It also encompasses:

  • Metadata
  • HTML
  • Titles and subheadings
  • Demographic information and location

Endorsements are your website backlinks, which are links on other websites that link back to your website. Strong endorsements demonstrate your business’s authority in the industry and indicate to Google that users find your content relevant and trustworthy. Including infrastructure, content, and endorsements on an SEO audit template such as Demandwell’s SEO Health Audit can help you improve your SEO performance and build sustainable SEO strategies.

Saas SEO Agency

Since SEO is such a complicated and time-consuming strategy, B2B SaaS companies may benefit from utilizing a SaaS SEO agency such as Demandwell. Demandwell provides professional SEO services for B2B Saas companies that can improve their SEO performance and increase organic lead gen and revenue. Though this is the aim of many SaaS SEO agencies, Demandwell takes it a step further by providing SEO software and consulting services to help B2B SaaS companies grow. Demandwell provides a powerful SEO platform that allows you to complete all the important parts of the SEO process in one place, including:

  • SEO marketing campaign strategizing
  • Keyword research
  • SEO content creation
  • SEO website optimization and audits
  • Analysis reports

Professional SEO experts work with you to provide guidance and consulting around SEO strategy so you can improve your SEO techniques and practices. Demandwell’s SEO software is also fully customizable, and it automates key processes of SEO strategizing and execution that can help make your SEO campaigns scalable and sustainable. This can lead to compounding organic growth over time, which can help produce repeatable results that lead to a constant stream of revenue.

Enterprise SaaS SEO

Unlike smaller businesses, enterprise SaaS SEO strategies tackle the unique challenge of scale. Enterprises build vast digital presences that can include thousands of pages of content. The first step to building a successful enterprise SaaS Seo strategy is to assess your website’s current SEO position. You can use Demandwell’s SEO SaaS tools, such as the Content Analyzer and Keyword Coach, to conduct in-depth SaaS keyword research to see which categories are most successful or have the potential to become successful. Then you can prioritize the search categories that have the most potential and avoid wasting time investing in those that are not performing well.

Prioritizing the wrong areas of your SEO strategy and execution can waste your efforts and stunt your growth. Therefore, prioritization is the most important component of a successful enterprise SEO campaign. Prioritization helps you know where you should focus and what content you should publish next to support your current business goals. The best SaaS tools will address your short and long-term business goals, and help you spend your time on the SEO content that will have the biggest impact on your objectives. This will ensure that your B2B SaaS company continues to scale in a sustainable manner with repeatable results that can ensure continued success in the future.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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