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SaaS SEO Service

A search engine optimization strategy is vital for growing a sustainable SaaS business. Most SaaS companies have an internal SEO expert or at least someone with some experience in SEO capability. Developing the most effective SaaS SEO strategy involves multiple aspects and execution, which can be challenging to accomplish in-house. Companies need external support when it comes to SaaS SEO services. Considering how large and successful some Saas companies are and how many available resources they have at their disposal, the need to outsource SEO may be surprising. It would seem possible for them to keep their SEO service in-house. However, SaaS businesses know that they need to look outside for support to maximize sales with an SEO strategy.

There are several aspects involved in an effective SEO strategy. One aspect is content. Many SaaS companies have the personnel and resources to create quality sales copy. However, when it comes to effective SEO, quality is not enough. Sales copy and SEO content may be related and can intersect, but they are two very different types of content. For example, an SEO content strategy involves data analysis and writing using specific words or phrases at precisely the right points within the copy. In addition, SEO copywriters must accomplish this in a manner that is well-written and compelling to read by both search engines and people. An SEO copywriter and a sales copywriter have different skill sets, and it is vital to include both in a company’s online marketing presence.

Some SaaS companies have an in-house writing team with SEO writing expertise. In-house SEO writing teams still require outside support due to the number of articles necessary to remain competitive and maintain ranking in search engine results pages. SEO writing teams must be able to produce hundreds of search engine optimized content articles with a rapid turnaround rate. Maintaining a large enough team with the SEO skill set necessary is simply not feasible for SaaS companies. One reason for this is that content needs vary. The amount of content needed can fluctuate substantially from month to month. It isn’t easy to staff a writing team when quantity needs fluctuate. Outsourcing is the answer. SaaS companies benefit from including SEO costs in their budgets to maintain the volume of SEO content they need.

Best SEO Agency For SaaS

Finding the best SEO agency for your SaaS company is critical for your business. It is essential to keep in mind that there is a difference between traditional SEO and SaaS SEO. One distinctive difference between traditional SEO and SaaS SEO is the focus on keywords. For example, SEO for SaaS companies focuses on a few specific keywords or phrases instead of attempting to rank for all possible keywords for a particular topic. SaaS SEO focuses on telling a story, developing your brand story in a way that will last in search engine results pages over time, and even gaining momentum in SERPs.

When searching for the best SEO agency for your SaaS company, there are a few essential things to consider. First, reviewing case studies and examples of SEO campaigns for any SaaS SEO agency you are considering is imperative. In addition, it is crucial to think outside of SEO. What else does the SaaS SEO agency focus on when working with you on your specific company needs? For example, does the SaaS SEO agency offer a comprehensive analysis of your digital marketing strategy? Digital marketing for SaaS companies is critical to remain competitive and sustainable in the marketplace. SaaS digital marketing includes content marketing strategies, SEO-led strategies, comprehensive website optimization, and email marketing-led strategies. All aspects of SEO and digital marketing are essential for SaaS companies.

SEO Audit

An SEO audit is the first step in creating an actionable implementation plan with measurable results. The audit analyzes a company’s web presence and how it relates to search engine optimization best practices. Performing an SEO audit is aimed to identify any issues affecting organic search performance. SEO audits are crucial to maintaining your SEO strategy and keeping it up to date. Without proper and continual optimization, SaaS companies are missing out on significant organic search traffic and potential revenue. Creating an SEO audit template starts with gathering data and analytics.

Demandwell simplifies the audit process with an SEO Health Audit tool. The health audit with Demandwell includes site monitoring for foundational changes. The tool will alert you when changes are needed to maintain rankings in search engine results pages. In addition, Demandwell’s SEO Health Audit tool coaches you through site health issues, giving you actionable advice. A comprehensive audit, including an SEO technical audit, infrastructure, content, and endorsements, provides valuable insights and helps identify critical issues. With Demandwell, you don’t have to sort it all out yourself. An SEO consultant can meet with you to walk you through the SEO audit checklist and help you decide which urgent issues are not impacting your site performance.

Search engine ranking algorithms are a challenging, complex, and mysterious part of digital marketing for any company. Regardless of how well developed your content and website are, fluctuation in ranking position happens. SEO audits are an effective way to stay ahead of the competition, catch potential issues, and address them quickly.

SaaS SEO Consultant

SEO service plans typically include keyword strategy, site audits, content strategy, off-page optimization, and content development. Using an SEO service plan for an SEO audit and strategy development is a great starting point. Complementing this plan with an SEO consultant helps you manage and prioritize all the information you obtain from your website audit. Demandwell is a top-ranked SEO expert company in the USA. With Demandwell SEO service plans, live consultants are available to coach customers. You receive the tools you need to take charge of your SEO and a consultant to help you along the way. SEO coaching enables you to prioritize the many tasks involved with a comprehensive SEO plan. Understanding where to focus your attention first is critical for faster results. An SEO consultant will help you decide which actionable steps to drive organic traffic using technical suggestions, keyword prioritization, and content strategy.

Accomplishing complete search engine optimization is not possible all at one time. It is too broad, and there are too many tasks to take on simultaneously. Nothing will be completed with excellence if you try to address everything at once, and it is not feasible to focus on everything all at the same time. The list of what you could do to improve your website and pages is vast and never-ending. With a Demandwell SaaS SEO consultant, you will receive help focusing on prioritizing what you should do now to improve SEO. Helping you narrow your focus with practical, actionable tasks.

SEO strategy provides long-term results. The initial stages of website optimization may not show immediate results. For example, it may take months to improve search engine results rankings. The focus of SaaS SEO is long-term. Once you see your company climbing in search results, you want to maintain that ranking with ongoing SEO audits and consulting.


Business-to-business B2B SEO involves a content marketing strategy, including research on user needs and search intent. With B2B SEO, companies strategically target decision-makers in their niche industry. This specific SEO strategy includes technical SEO, Content SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. Also, it is imperative to understand that B2B SEO and B2C SEO are different. These two SEO approaches differ in practice, with a similar goal of gaining organic traffic. The organic traffic then leads to a sales funnel. The B2B sales funnel includes the same stages as a B2C funnel but takes much longer to reach the final buying stage. As a result, the content strategy for B2B SEO is much more complex.

B2B SaaS SEO is crucial for every SaaS company that desires to be a go-to choice for companies in their niche industry. Attracting high-quality traffic to your website with a high potential for conversion is possible only with the best comprehensive content and technical SEO implementation. Most SaaS companies cannot accomplish this in-house and must outsource using a SaaS SEO agency. Finding an agency with experience in SaaS SEO is essential because SaaS SEO and traditional SEO are different. Finding a B2B SaaS SEO expert will help you avoid wasting time and money on SEO agencies lacking the specific skills needed for your business. B2B SaaS SEO is a specialized skill set that is imperative for the growth and sustainability of B2B SaaS businesses.

Monthly SEO Service

Month-to-month SEO services, also known as ongoing monthly SEO services, are services companies receive monthly to improve search engine results page rankings. Monthly SEO services may include on-page and off-page optimization, such as keyword targeting, link building, or content writing. In addition, your plan may include other services based on different SEO pricing models. When looking into SEO services, budgeting is always a factor. The questions are, is SEO expensive, and which B2B SaaS SEO agencies offer affordable SEO packages?

Demandwell offers affordable pricing and regular monthly meetings. When you use Demandwell SEO services, an expert SEO consultant will meet with you every month, or if you find you do not need a meeting that month, your monthly meeting is banked, and you can use it another time. Essentially this allows you to have multiple monthly meetings based on your needs. You can move your monthly meeting around if you find you have several urgent SEO issues and need consulting help more often. Then you can skip months when everything is running like clockwork.

SaaS SEO Service Continued…

In B2B SaaS, marketing channels can look somewhat different from B2C channels or even from other B2B industries. So why is SaaS marketing different from marketing for other industries? B2B SaaS companies often have a very specific ideal customer profile, which have unique characteristics and challenges. While other B2B industries might be appealing to individual contributors or team leads, B2B SaaS marketing often needs to catch the interest and earn the trust of the C-Suite or other senior leadership members. Industry leaders don’t often turn to the same sales channels as other ICPs, calling for the use of different SaaS marketing tools. What is B2B SaaS marketing, exactly? The most basic answer to the question of what is SaaS marketing is that it is marketing used to generate demand for a business that sells software as a service to other businesses. Some tools and techniques are more popular in B2B SaaS marketing than in other B2B industries because they are more effective, such as a SaaS SEO service.

SEO is an effective tool for SaaS marketing for multiple reasons. For starters, SEO can drive more organic traffic to a company’s website, generating more genuine interest without paying for a position on the search page or paying per click. SEO is less about paying to play and more about maximizing the resources you already have available to you – like your website and staff. SEO can drive organic traffic which in turn can increase growth and revenue with a massive return on investment. While SEO isn’t totally without its costs, (for example – someone has to come up with an SEO strategy, perform keyword research, and create the content!) SEO can compound on itself, possibly resulting in less spent than on paid marketing efforts overall.

For an even greater ROI, many SaaS companies may choose to partner with a SaaS SEO service like Demandwell which can offer a personalized solution to their SEO challenges.


SEO SaaS might be a good choice for a company with a small and dedicated marketing team that has a lot of processes to oversee. An SEO SaaS tool or partnership can come alongside a marketing team to support their efforts and allow them to automate and streamline SEO processes, resulting in greater output with stronger results.  While larger companies might have a bigger marketing team, the same is true for enterprise SaaS SEO. Investing in SEO SaaS or services at the enterprise level can also mean greater returns due to the ability to make a more dedicated investment. A SaaS SEO agency can give SaaS companies the expert-level information they need to craft and conduct a winning SEO strategy that creates the desired results. SaaS SEO agencies are uniquely positioned to advise other SaaS companies because they are intimately familiar with the challenges that SaaS organizations face in the market.

While some marketing teams may be comfortable with finding and following a SaaS SEO checklist to kickstart their strategy, other teams might want to do a deeper dive into the science of SEO and create unique campaigns that increase their visibility in the market, driving more traffic to their websites and generating more revenue. Additionally, SEO is not static. Keywords are often dynamic and can rise or fall in popularity drastically. Partnering with a service that is meant to counsel to SEO for SaaS startups specifically can give companies the best edge when it comes to SEO campaign performance.

SEO SaaS Tools

Demandwell’s software built specifically to be one of the best SaaS tools for SEO available has many features that help SaaS marketing teams level up their SEO strategies and drive results. There is a full suite of SEO tools available to marketers to automate and streamline their SEO workflows to generate demand and scale their content production. A few of the SEO SaaS tools that can be game-changing for SEO production and return are the Keyword Intelligence feature, the Brief Builder, and the Content Analyzer. Demandwell even offers an SEO Autopilot mode, freeing up marketing staff to focus on other important projects.

One of the best SEO tools on the Demandwell platform is the Keyword Coach. With Demandwell’s Keyword Intelligence, you can get totally automated and customized keyword research specific to your niche and business. These keywords are gathered and grouped into outlined sections according to how Google relates each keyword to each other and to your targeted keywords. Manually performing keyword research could take hours, and it can be difficult to ascertain which keywords are truly driving demand and revenue based on manual research. The Keyword Coach can show you the priority and the life stage of your targeted keywords so that you always know the most effective ways to scale your SEO campaigns and where you can go next.

While all of the Demandwell features on the SaaS tools list are built to increase productivity and efficiency, another particular tool for simplifying workflows is the Brief Builder. Content creators are often not the same people who craft the SEO strategy. In order to save time and keep everyone on the same page, the Demandwell Brief Builder can create a comprehensive content outline for your writers, complete with titled sections, suggested keywords, and word counts per section. Instructions can also be built directly into the outline so that it is ready for the writers immediately after generation.


B2B SaaS SEO is a unique channel that is highly effective because of the behavior of B2B SaaS ICPs. Many ICPs turn to search engines to find solutions to their challenges, based on how other businesses in their industry have solved those same issues. One of the key elements of formulating a strong SaaS marketing strategy is the content. B2B SaaS content marketing has only grown in importance for the last two years – with 71% of B2B marketers surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute reporting that content marketing has become more important to their organization in the last year. Creating quality and high-performing content can be quite a challenge, one that even the best SaaS companies struggle with. Through a combination of top talent and the right tools, great SEO for B2B is both attainable and profitable.

SaaS keyword research can be cutthroat – with many SaaS companies all vying for the same keywords and phrases, many SEO pages will be left unranked, resulting in poor demand generation. That’s why Demandwell recommends keywords based on projected results, rather than search volume. If a keyword is highly-ranked but doesn’t produce the desired results for your business, it’s not an efficient or effective keyword. It’s better to funnel effort into keywords that will produce the desired results instead of chasing a ranking as a whole.

Monthly SEO Service

Demandwell’s SEO packages don’t only come with software that can jumpstart your SEO performance and keep it on track, but also with a personal SEO consultant to guide you through your journey. With SEO, there’s always something to work on. Rather than overwhelm clients with all of the things that could be done, Demandwell likes to keep it on a thirty-day cadence, focusing on one month at a time. Not many marketing SaaS companies provide you with the tools you need to get the job done yourself and offer to stick around to help at the same time. At Demandwell, we offer a monthly SEO service to provide you with expert consultation and keep your strategy growing and scaling successfully.

While it’s typical at Demandwell to meet every thirty days, clients are not locked into a schedule if they don’t wish to be. For clients that are brand new to SEO, creating a 6 month SEO plan where they meet with the consultant every two weeks might be appropriate as they get the coaching they need to learn the ropes early in the game. The Demandwell tool is built to overhaul existing SEO SaaS strategies, for many clients, the tools alone are not enough. Directed and strategic SEO consulting in combination with an efficient set of tools is the key to success in SEO. A fully automated and optimized SEO strategy doesn’t just happen overnight. It might take many months of SEO consultations in combination with proper utilization of the Demandwell tools to create a well-ranking and successful SEO campaign. Demandwell doesn’t just want to be the company that provides your software tools – they want to be your true partner in SaaS SEO. As a SaaS SEO company themselves, they are truly equipped to handle the marketing challenges associated with SaaS SEO because they’ve been there.

B2B SaaS Marketing Agency

It’s not typical for another SaaS marketing agency to make your success their success. When working with another B2B SaaS SEO agency, it is not uncommon for the interaction to be limited to selling the tools, handoff, and some minor work on implementation of the tools. However, tools alone are not enough to create a powerful and successful SaaS SEO strategy. The most powerful tools in the world can’t make up for lost expertise. A pen in the hands of someone who knows how to use it is an imposing weapon. A pen in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it is just a pen.

When choosing a B2B SaaS marketing agency to partner with, it’s important to consider your business’s needs and capabilities. If you currently have a strong content marketing process and are looking for a more efficient tool to manage, automate, and streamline SEO workflows, Demandwell can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you’d like. If you’re new to SEO and are searching for the best way to generate demand, optimize, and produce results, Demandwell can be there for you every step of the way. We’re more than just another SaaS SEO company – we’re your partner.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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