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Demandwell has developed a content automation solution that combines the personalization of an agency with the scale of content automation software. Automated content research and other content automation tools round out a unique experience for a better SEO strategy and faster content production.

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Automated Keyword Intelligence

Automated Keyword Intelligence

In about 45-90 seconds, automatically get related keywords for your SEO content outlines, gathered and pre-grouped into outline sections, according to how Google relates each keyword to each other and your target.

Strategic Keyword Targeting

Strategic Keyword Targeting

Demandwell’s unique Keyword Lifecycle Stage and Priority inside the Keyword Coach show you the most effective way to scale your SEO activities with targeted keyword recommendations.

Content Analysis

Content Analysis

Instant analysis of written SEO copy ensures it’s built to make you rank for your top keywords.

Brief Builder

Brief Builder

Review your SEO content outline in the Brief Builder tool and edit the instructions to your liking. Finished outlines will ensure any writer can produce accurate, effective, and on-brand content for your business.

Data You Can Trust

Data You Can Trust

Our recommendations come from Google, not from Skyscraping

The other guys use “skyscraping” to tailor their SEO recommendations based off the top ranking results for a keyword, but that can be unreliable or irrelevant to your business. We go straight to the source to learn exactly what Google wants so you have the best chance to succeed in organic search.

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Within the world of SEO, there are hundreds of factors in Google’s algorithm.

They can be broken into three key parts:

Infrastructure (Technical SEO):

Typically, changes here are limited in positive impact. If your infrastructure is terrible, it makes a big difference to improve it, but doing so just gets you to “table stakes.” Additional changes won’t be the difference between being on page one for nothing vs hundreds of terms. (You need content to do that, read more below).

Endorsements (Off-Page SEO):

There is a lot of bad information out there about backlinks. In the best case scenario, they can be highly impactful. (In the worst case, they are seen as black-hat behavior and Google actually penalizes you). Getting high quality back links can have tremendous upside, but it’s incredibly difficult to scale. AND if you don’t have a library of existing content already, it may be wasted.

Content (On-Page SEO):

Content is in the sweet spot - it has a ton of potential impact and is nearly infinitely scalable. Creating a library of content not only helps you rank for individual terms, it also creates an authoritative wedge within your area of expertise.

Why do we recommend 52+ pieces of content?

Success metrics from at least 50+ pieces of content production:


traffic (typical results)




ranking keywords

We believe that marketing teams should source revenue for their businesses. We know that SEO supports both revenue sourcing and, most importantly, sustainable growth. Download the full Sustainable Growth Playbook to learn more.

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“A powerful tool and personalized coaching that’s helped us achieve next-level organic growth!”

The Demandwell platform makes it easy for us to create thorough content briefs at scale.

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Senior Content Marketing Manager

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“SEO at the speed of light.”

I'm able to create keyword-optimized, valuable content for my audience at scale.

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