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SEO Content Gap Analysis

There are multiple different kinds of SEO content analysis, one of which is called SEO content gap analysis. The purpose of SEO content gap analysis is to compare content rankings against competitor rankings in order to find weaknesses or gaps in a content strategy. 

SEO content gap analysis can provide organizations with important information needed to create competitive content. For example, an organization that conducts competitor content analysis and compares it against an analysis of their own content might learn which keywords competitors are ranking for that they are not. These insights could provide a way for an organization to improve their content strategy in an informed and targeted manner. By understanding the gaps in their own content and the areas where their competitors are prevailing, organizations can be better equipped to build a content strategy that can stand up to the competition.

There is an enormous amount of content on the internet that is constantly competing for consumers’ attention. Content needs to do something to stand out if it is going to have a realistic chance of gaining significant traction. Unless the topic of the content is exceptionally unique, there are probably many other pieces of content already published that address the same subject. An organization’s content will almost always face competition from similar organizations that offer products or services in the same market. SEO content gap analysis can help an organization create content that stands a better chance of outperforming the competition because it is specifically targeted for that purpose. 

By comparing competitor content analysis against their own SEO content analysis, an organization may be able to identify the gaps in their content strategy that could be preventing their content’s performance from surpassing that of their competitors’. An organization could use SEO content gap analysis to locate the topics or keywords that competitors are using but are absent from the organization’s own content, allowing them to close the gaps that may be giving competitors an edge.

What Is Content Gap Analysis

Content gap analysis can be a helpful method of identifying ways to tailor content to make it as competitive as possible. But what is content gap analysis, and what is a content gap for that matter? Content gap analysis is the act of examining competitor content and determining which aspects of their content are missing from the content that is intended to compete with theirs. This can allow an organization to close the gaps in their content strategy, which are the topics, keywords, or other factors that they are not using while competitors are. Closing these gaps can serve as a method of improving an organization’s content strategy and optimizing it to perform as effectively as possible in comparison to similar content from competitors.

Using a competitor analysis model can help organizations understand which topics, keywords, and other SEO factors competitors are using in their content. This could allow an organization to determine which of these factors are missing from their own content and make necessary adjustments to close the gaps in their content strategy. Analyzing the competition with a competitor analysis model is one SEO strategy that some organizations use to keep their content ahead of the competition.

Content Gap Analysis Template

One way for organizations to improve their content’s search engine rankings is to use an SEO service like Demandwell. Demandwell can provide organizations with numerous tools and services that can help them build effective content strategies and develop successful SEO skills. By offering a combination of software and consulting, Demandwell can help organizations with SEO tasks to improve their content, but can also provide resources and training that can empower organizations to improve their own SEO skills. There are a few different types of resources that might help an organization improve their content strategy, including templates like a content gap analysis template, competitor gap analysis template, or product gap analysis template.

One service that Demandwell offers is content auditing. A content audit analyzes a piece of content in order to determine how well optimized it is to be ranked highly on search engine results pages. There are many different important aspects of the way a piece of content is designed that factors into how highly search engine algorithms will rank it. Not only can individual pieces of content be audited, but an organization’s whole website can be audited as well. Performing a thorough content audit of a website’s content, endorsements, and infrastructure can reveal how likely the site is to be seen by potential customers in search engine results when they enter relevant searches.

Competitor Analysis Report

Another service Demandwell can offer that organizations may find helpful is a feature called a Share Of Search Report. A Share Of Search Report is extremely similar to content gap analysis. It is a competitor analysis report that can help an organization find gaps in their strategy by comparing it to the strengths and weaknesses of competitor content strategies. A Share Of Search Report reveals the percentage of industry-wide web traffic that is going to an organization’s content as opposed to competitors’ content. By conducting keyword content analysis and competitor traffic analysis, Demandwell may be able to help an organization improve their content’s SEO performance.

Demandwell’s Share Of Search Report can allow organizations to compare their keyword rankings against those of their competitors. Industry-specific keywords can be prioritized to make it easier to discover the keywords that are being used by direct competitors. When Demandwell generates a Share Of Search Report for an organization, the organization can also receive recommendations about which keywords will likely have the most impact and are the most important to include in pieces of content.

Content Gap Analysis Tool

A content gap analysis tool can allow an organization to conduct research that can enable them to compare the performance of their content against the performance of competitor content. The SEO competitive analysis tool that is offered by Demandwell, called a Share Of Search Report, is a very similar tool. A Share Of Search Report can show an organization how their keyword ranking performance stands up against that of the competition and provide recommendations about how to improve their content so that it surpasses competitor content.

While a content gap analysis tool and a Share Of Search Report are not exactly the same, they are very similar, because the intention of both is to identify gaps in a content strategy and recommend ways to improve SEO performance. Both are an example of an SEO competitive analysis tool that an organization could use to help their content perform well against competitor content. Taking advantage of different types of content analysis tools could help one learn how to do content gap analysis more effectively.

The most significant difference between a Share Of Search Report and a content gap analysis tool is the way each method goes about analyzing content. Content gap analysis evaluates an organization’s content and identifies which SEO factors their competitors are utilizing more effectively so that those content gaps can be addressed. On the other hand, Demandwell’s Share Of Search Report considers how difficult it is to rank for each keyword and recommends the most strategically viable methods of boosting web traffic, even if that means ignoring some content gaps that are a lower priority. 

Free Content Gap Analysis Tool

Conducting content gap analysis can make it easier for an organization to identify the keywords their competitors are using that they could benefit from focusing on in their own content. One content gap analysis example is Demandwell’s Share Of Search Report. This is a tool that can provide content gap analysis SEO by analyzing the use of keywords in an organization’s content.

Organizations that are searching for a free content gap analysis tool can also find what they are looking for with Demandwell. Demandwell users can earn a free Share Of Search Report and a free consultation to go over the report and how the results can be leveraged to boost SEO performance. Taking advantage of Demandwell’s free Share Of Search Report and consultative meeting could enable an organization to identify the best keywords to include in their content and help them develop effective next steps in their content strategy. Content gap analysis and Demandwell’s Share Of Search Report can serve as one way for an organization to learn more about how to optimize their content for better search engine rankings.

Website Content Audit

One of the features that Demandwell offers is a comprehensive website content audit. Demandwell can track the SEO health of an organization’s website and provide recommendations whenever a change could be made to improve search engine visibility. This can help ensure that the website achieves ideal technical optimization, which can make it more likely to appear high on the list of search results when a user searches a relevant term.

An SEO health audit can also enable organizations to catch and address critical SEO issues. Demandwell is able to help identify these critical issues quickly when they arise and provide customized recommendations regarding the best approach to solving them. Content analytics like an SEO health audit can provide content creators with an advantage over the competition by showing them which aspects of SEO are their weakest and enabling them to address the problems and boost organic search traffic.

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