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While organic search should be the most efficient marketing channel for B2B SaaS companies, SEO fluency and success has been too complex, costly, or slow for many modern marketing teams to achieve.

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SEO Migration

Companies may need to migrate their website due to a number of reasons. Typically, when sites need to undergo changes in areas that may affect their search engine visibility, website migrations might be necessary. For instance, an enterprise should create a new website address when its current domain name no longer reflects its brand image and business nature.

Another reason for website migration is when a site is moving to another content management system (CMS) to boost return on investment. When a company’s existing CMS no longer generates value, this might significantly impact a company’s competitive advantage. When this happens, companies may need to review their website management processes, which might include deploying a new website design.

Website migration, meaning moving a site from one hosting platform to another, is necessary to ensure that search engine optimization (SEO) performance is enhanced and maintained. The main objective of website migration  is to have a polished site that captures audience attention and stays current with SEO best practices.

One common question is, “Does changing website host affect SEO?” In general, switching to a new website host can affect SEO or search engine rankings. For example, when a website faces downtime, meaning it is regularly inaccessible or unable to perform its primary functions, such as playing embedded videos and loading pages, this could significantly impact a company’s brand image and reputation. In addition, changing a site’s design or CMS platform could result in lost traffic or SEO.

To avoid losing SEO, it would be beneficial for companies to properly strategize their website migration, which could involve designing a site migration SEO checklist. This may include auditing a website not only for its SEO content optimization, but also auditing the technical aspects of a site’s SEO. 

As an SEO software solution, Demandwell can create a comprehensive audit of a website’s infrastructure, content, and endorsements. Demandwell can create a scorecard that will rank each factor individually, as well as analyze a website in its entirety and how it stacks up against competition. Additionally, Demandwell’s experienced SEO consultants can assist companies in correcting site issues, and make recommendations to help improve site rankings and drive organic traffic.

Website Migration Checklist 

Companies should take into consideration the essential SEO page elements that must be maintained when developing a website migration checklist. Having a website migration checklist can help ensure that the migration process will run smoothly and that any potential problems, such as downtime and poor site visibility, may be averted. 

Businesses may refer to a website migration checklist template to get helpful ideas. By using migration checklist templates, companies can better assess their readiness for site migration, monitor their organic search visibility before the actual migration, as well as track the status of their migrations.

For a successful CMS migration, having a solid CMS migration checklist can help companies identify potential problems and issues that may arise when changing a CMS platform, such as site downtime, possible loss of content during data transfer, and poor user experience. Additionally, a content migration checklist may be essential to effectively plan and execute the entire content migration process.

Demandwell’s platform can assist companies in creating a migration project plan template by providing them with the necessary tools and resources that can help them  improve their site performance and boost search traffic. Demandwell goes beyond providing technical SEO services, but also offers a unique combination of SEO software and coaching from SEO experts, enabling companies to turn organic search into a recurrent revenue.   

SEO Migration Checklist

Having the right SEO knowledge can enable companies to tailor the steps to their website migration process to match their business needs, as well as ensure that their new content is optimized for SEO.

By using a site migration checklist, companies can easily verify that no critical steps were missed when redesigning or migrating a website from one webhost to another. A site migration checklist may provide instructions on how to create a redirect map to reroute site navigation from the old URLs to the new ones. A site migration checklist can also be useful to find and resolve missing or duplicate content.

Measuring SEO migration KPIs, or key performance indicators, after website launch can enable businesses to assess their SEO success and if their goals and objectives for the website have been met.

There are many kinds of SEO migration KPIs that companies may need to evaluate. One example is user engagement, or assessing users’ response after experiencing or interacting with a website. Another is keyword rankings, or tracking which keywords perform well and bring relevant traffic, and which ones are not converting at all.

By having real-time access to keyword ranking, companies can check their current rankings and resolve any issues when their rankings plummet. In order to track keywords automatically, companies may benefit from using an SEO ranking checker such as Demandwell’s keyword intelligence tool.

The keyword rank checker software from Demandwell enables companies to view their ranking progress at a glance, how their rankings have improved over time, and gain insights into their page and keyword performance. In addition, businesses can also get customized recommendations on the next best course of action.

Website Migration Strategy

When it comes to migration of website, meaning creating significant changes to a website that may affect its online visibility, companies would benefit from having a solid website migration strategy. Having a solid migration strategy can help businesses ensure that their migration plans work out smoothly. A website migration strategy may involve performing content audits by analyzing content performance, and how content can be optimized to meet the needs of target and potential customers.

Conducting web analytics, or collecting, reporting and analyzing how site visitors behave and interact with a website, is another example of website migration strategy. In addition, creating a website migration proposal containing cost information on migrating website content and redesigning a website for SEO optimization might also come in handy.

There are different website migration tools that companies can utilize to improve their overall migration process. For example, using a website migration template can aid organizations in creating their own customized website migration steps according to their website migration goals.

Demandwell’s platform can provide firms with helpful tools and resources to assist them in creating a migration plan template that maximizes site optimization. Demandwell differs from other SEO companies in that it offers a combination of software and coaching solutions for business-to-business, software-as-a-service (B2B SaaS) marketers looking to increase demand, meet their objectives, and unlock exponential growth.

Website Migration Plan

To reiterate, what is website migration? Website migration happens due to a number of reasons. These may include doing a company rebranding, redesigning a website to generate qualified leads, or shifting to a new CMS or site builder to support evolving business requirements.

So, how long does website migration take? The time it takes to migrate a website will depend on a number of factors. These include the amount of data to be moved, the complexity of the website, and the size of the organization. Furthermore, if there are technical challenges that obstruct the migration process, the duration of website migration can be prolonged.

Ensuring that a site is optimized for SEO should be included as an essential component of a website migration plan. For a successful website migration and to avoid potential problems, companies may consider creating a customized website migration template with detailed planning activities.

Demandwell can seamlessly integrate with an existing website migration project plan template to help streamline the migration process. Demandwell’s SEO Health Audit tool can track how site changes affect website rankings and advise companies on any necessary modifications that need to be made.

Website Migration SEO Checklist

Having a website migration SEO checklist in place can help companies migrate their website without losing SEO.

When it comes to SEO migration, businesses may benefit from using Demandwell’s SEO Health Audit. This resource from Demandwell can point companies to the right path when it comes to resolving SEO issues that might be affecting their organic rankings.

As an SEO platform for content production and SEO performance tracking, Demandwell combines a mix of SEO software and coaching services for lead generation and repeatable revenue stream, with particular focus on B2B SaaS.

Domain Migration Checklist

Business entrepreneurs and executives might be wondering, “Will I see an uplift in SEO traffic from a domain migration?” When moving a site to a new domain, it is possible that SEO will be lost if web crawlers will not read or index site pages properly.

When it comes to website domain migration, companies that use Active Directory (AD) may benefit from using Active Directory migration tools and Active Directory migration services. Businesses may use AD tools and services  to move AD objects – such as user accounts, password, security groups and permissions – efficiently across both old and new operating systems.


Active Directory is a directory and identity management service created by Microsoft that runs on Windows Server. Active Directory stores the core identities of Windows users and manages their access to Windows-based IT systems. Creating an active directory domain migration steps can help companies transfer their AD to a new server seamlessly, avoiding downtime and preventing data loss.

To decide on what AD tools and services are right for their business, it might be helpful for companies to create an Active Directory migration tools comparison and an Active Directory migration questionnaire.

Shifting from one domain to another can alter SEO results. Therefore, it may be necessary to partner with a company such as Demandwell in order to craft an effective SEO plan during the migration process.

Demandwell’s platform can enable companies to design their own customized domain migration project plan template, and can also integrate with their existing website migration plan template to simplify the process of site migration.







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