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Throughout our experience, we’ve seen our fair share of successful marketing ideas as well as those that fail.

We’ve learned the hard truth that it’s impossible to know what will or won’t work in marketing and that the path to repeatable, recurring, predictable revenue sourced by marketing is found in creating a process for continuous rapid improvement. By operating with excellence within the four areas below, you will shift from chaos to confidence in your marketing efforts.


Plan 01.


Take stock of where you are, where you should be, and call your shot to bridge the gap.

  • Understand Audience Problems and Solutions
  • Identify, Document, and Set Up KPI Reporting
  • Begin Conversion Rate Data Collection

Attract 02.


Garner new website visitors with highly personalized and intent-based content, optimized for search engines.

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Content Marketing Execution Training

Convert 03.


Entice website visitors to do what you want them to do with rapid conversion experience testing.

  • Conversion Rate Experience Audit
  • Conversion Rate Testing Plan
  • Conversion Rate Execution Training

Evaluate 04.


Review how well your plan did or didn’t work, then cycle insights into your next plan.

  • Monthly Reporting Insights and Strategy Calls
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Access to Video Training Vault

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We help others grow.

When we consider the success of others, how often do we find ourselves in awe of the “self-made” man or woman—the individual we look up to who’s made a tremendous amount of wealth and achieved so much seemingly all by themselves. This is a lie.

Every single one of those individuals was consistently assisted by a network of support all along the way. As humans, we cannot achieve anything alone, we must have help in our journey.

That’s why DemandWell exists. We’ve experienced an abundance of support in our journey and we want to return the favor by being the next addition to your list of guides, assistants, and mentors that have already helped you so far.

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By working together, we believe we can help you grow as an individual, as a professional, and as a company if you meet the criteria below.

Need more traffic
The digital marketing funnel begins with having more people visit your site each month. Let’s create a content plan that will grow users.

Need more conversions
The most impactful lever we have in marketing today is our conversion rate. Let’s A/B test our way to more successful conversions.

Need better insights
Measurement is key in modern marketing. Let’s create a streamlined, prioritized view into what matters for driving revenue.

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SEO Tracking Software

For businesses to remain competitive today, they need to have a strong online presence. The reality is that the vast majority of today’s consumers turn to the internet when they are looking for products or services. This is where search engine optimization, or SEO, is important: it will help you get  your website higher up in those search rankings. By prioritizing your SEO campaign this way, you can make sure that you get your website in front of as many potential consumers as possible. And this is where SEO rank tracking software is important—it can give you insights into how these processes work and how they can be improved even further.

When it comes to SEO tracking software, it is important e to know that this kind of software is a tool that is used to help people track how they rank for certain keywords and phrases. It is critical for businesses to think about the keywords and phrases that are most related to their industry, because these are the words that consumers will be using when looking for products and services to purchase.  Online SEO tools can be helpful here, though there are many options available particularly for SEO software tools. Therefore, it is critical for businesses to think carefully about which SEO tools will be able to best meet their needs.

Of course, businesses tend to be careful about keeping overhead costs low, so many will start out by looking for SEO software free options. Even though a free keyword research tool or a free keyword tool is a great place to start, though, there is only so much that a free SEO checker will be able to do. In the end, if a savvy business leader intends to get the most out of their SEO tools, they need to be willing to invest in them. This is why it is a good idea to take a look at premium keyword research tools as well. There are a few options that everyone should keep in mind.


Among the various SEO tools options available today, one of the most popular is Spyfu. Spyfu PPC is a tool that provides a number of benefits. This tool is mainly a domain checker, which users can utilize to see how various domains—their own, and other businesses’—use popular keywords that raise their SEO rankings. Beyond this, though, even a quick glance at a Spyfu review, a few benefits immediately become visible.

First, Spyfu is a robust tool that businesses can use to find new keywords that might be helpful for their own digital marketing campaigns. For example, Spyfu can help people find new keywords in both paid and organic search programs. Furthermore, Spyfu is a competitive analysis tool that makes it easy for businesses to see the results of their top competitors, from  what they are doing well to what they are doing poorly. In addition, businesses can even take this tool and use it to emulate the best aspects of their competitors’ digital marketing campaigns. And finally, Spyfu also comes with a database that contains more than 13 years’ worth of data from Google. Therefore, this tool brings a treasure trove of information that marketers can use to meet their needs.

Furthermore, Spyfu has a range of pricing options. Even though there is a Spyfu free option that is easily visible right after the Spyfu login page, it will prove valuable for businesses to invest in another Spyfu pricing option if they really would like to get the most out of this tool. The Spyfu blog has plenty of information that businesses can use to figure out how to maximize all of Spyfu’s benefits.

Of course, there are plenty of Spyfu competitors as well. For example, many businesses might find themselves considering  Spyfu vs. SEMrush. The reality is that these tools do different things, so many businesses make sure to have both of these tools at their disposal.


Another important SEO tool is Ahrefs. Ahrefs is one of the top SEO tools available. One of the most important Ahrefs features is its massive backlink checking solution. This feature means that Ahrefs users will have access to a wide variety of link solutions to help them ensure they are positioning their website as an authority in the field.

Another major benefit of Ahrefs is that businesses can use it to look at what their competitors are doing. The competitor analysis feature of Ahrefs allows users to see what the main tenets of their competitors’ strategies are and what they can do to emulate the best features of those other marketing campaigns. 

Finally, Ahrefs is also a great keyword research tool that businesses can utilize to see how they are ranking, what the most important keywords are in their industries, and how they can improve their rankings.

Of course, the Ahrefs pricing options are also a consideration. While  there is an Ahrefs free option, it is limited;  when it comes to Ahrefs reports, for instance, the free option cannot provide all the information that users might want. Savvy businesses will  realize that they are going to reach the  limits of the Ahrefs free option relatively quickly, but  Ahrefs cost is not prohibitive, considering what it offers. In addition, users can save money by looking at the Ahrefs annual plan. By deciding to go with an annual plan instead of the monthly plan, it is possible to save money on an Ahrefs subscription.

Overall, Ahrefs is one of the most powerful SEO tools on the market, and there are countless companies that already use Ahrefs to help them formulate strong digital marketing strategies.


It is also worth highlighting SEMrush, one of the other most popular SEO tools today. The goal of SEMrush is to help companies identify trends from their on-page SEO campaigns, allowing them to increase their digital marketing efforts for better results. SEMrush has so many features that some users might find the tool overwhelming, which is where the SEMrush academy can be helpful. This tool provides useful rundowns of many important SEMrush features. 

While there are plenty of SEMrush competitors, SEMrush remains one of the most popular tools out there. It is clear that SEMrush reviews like to highlight SEMrush vs Ahrefs as a SEMrush alternative; however, both tools can be helpful, and businesses do not necessarily need to choose between them.

The good news is that the SEMrush pricing strategy includes a SEMrush free trial option. While the SEMrush free tool is a great place to start, though, this can only get serious businesses so far. Those who truly want to take advantage of everything that SEMrush has to offer should be willing to pay for the full version.

For these reasons, SEMrush is a critical tool. It can lead to more website traffic,better lead generation, and improved prospect conversion rates.


Another strong SEO tool that businesses might consider is Moz. Moz is a comprehensive SEO tool that provides companies with a wide range of solutions. When looking at the Moz blog, it is apparent that numerous features come along with a Moz extension. 

Moz SEO audit is one of the top features. The site audit is one of the most important parts of Moz SEO Pro, which monitors whether there are any issues with the site that might prevent it from gaining high rates of traffic. Broken redirects and issues are tags are common issues that the Moz SEO report will highlight.

In addition, the Moz SEO course also highlights the link-building research that the Moz SEO guide can provide. Links are an important part of every SEO campaign, so Moz users should make sure they are getting the most out of this tool. Moz provides data daily, including link analysis, live link index, and numerous other features that can help websites increase their domain authority. In the end, Moz can be an important tool that is available to help companies increase their online presence in multiple ways.

Best Free SEO Tools

In the end, there are a wide range of SEO tools available, and business leaders should carefully consider which one—or which combination—can best meet their digital marketing needs. When starting out, many businesses  are just looking for the best free SEO tools, and the good news here is that there are plenty of these options out there. At the same time, though, free tools can only get a company so far. Eventually, those who are looking to get the most out of digital marketing campaigns need to invest in them, and in the tools that are being used to manage them. So this is why it is important to look at the best paid SEO tools as well.

Ultimately, when it comes to looking for the best SEO software or the best SEO tool, there really is no one single solution that is the best in every situation.  Instead, the reality is that there are plenty of options available, and  the top tools for one company might not end up being the top tools for another company. For example, many companies use WordPress to build websites, and the best SEO tools for WordPress include options such as Yoast, which can provide a wide range of benefits for companies that are looking to get the most out of their search engine optimization campaigns.However, a company that doesn’t use WordPress as a content management system won’t find as much value in Yoast, no matter what capacities this tool brings to the table. 

In the meantime, too, business leaders are already working to juggle many other responsibilities across their companies, so  they might not have time to worry about the best digital marketing tools available today. This is where trained digital marketing professionals can be helpful in assisting a company reach its fullest potential online through SEO tracking and SEO tracking software.