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Your marketing funnel is geared for business growth. As such it’s entirely unique for your audience and what you offer. Demandwell provides users with advanced SEO features for both strategy and execution. But sometimes your digital marketing deployment requires more advanced and in-depth analysis to help you achieve elusive search traffic gains. Our services team is here to help enhance your Demandwell software experience, and provide your team with additional assistance where you need it.

The team that changed SEO software forever, ready to help your digital marketing

After hundreds of successes and failures with SEO, we took all our findings and built Demandwell to guide users to growth. We know how search works, because we’ve been doing it the old fashioned way for decades. Our team grew from the ashes of search engine optimization agencies, full service marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams for SMB’s and even enterprise. We’ve been working in the trenches to understand the nuances of technical SEO, B2B keyword strategy, technical copywriting and more. For more nuanced marketing systems, gigantic websites or even users who need a personal touch, our team is here to help.

From strategy to execution, SEO the Demandwell way generates results

$6,324 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“I really get a lot out of the Demandwell services, asking okay, how do we organize this? What should we look at next? For example, we’re leaning into publishing pillar pages and right now they’re linked in the footer. Our SSM showed me a bunch of different schools of thought for how to organize pillar pages on the website for better indexation. Insights like that are super helpful because I don’t feel like I’m in a bubble, right? It’s good context for me when we chat.”

Katie Baird Noe

Content Marketing Manager

$13,276 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“You know, organic is sort of a black hole, black box. Everybody knows it’s content, right? So, for me, this investment in SEO was to make organic more like paid in terms of measuring it. Prior to Demandwell, we knew we needed to generate good copy. And I think that helped put us in a great position, having a lot of existing content that was working and we just needed to accelerate it faster. Demandwell made us more intentional in the context of a content piece that we’re writing or posting to get those results.”

Kevin McCauley

Founder & CEO

Services: Keyword research and campaign discovery

Your audience is out there searching for answers as you are reading this. If only you knew the right keywords for their purchase cycle to target for success, but also the ones that align to your business and you can realistically win. Demandwell automates cluster generation for campaign targeting, and our services team can supplement your research further. With guided onboarding and audience research, level up your Demandwell instance with professional lead research catered to your current marketing needs.

Custom keyword research

Services: white glove SEO copywriting & delivery

Demandwell gives users full control over their SEO, and makes digital content generation a breeze. Still, to get solid search traffic results, we've found it takes publishing 50+ SEO performance pieces a year. Doing so builds the right relevance and topical authority for your domain. Do you have the time and capacity to generate and publish ongoing content for growth? If not we have you covered.

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Services: Managed campaigns and strategic guidance

Understanding your digital marketing strategy is a critical step for your SEO success. What pages do you have that already rank well and work? And for what clusters? What is needed next for execution? And how should it be prioritized? Campaign management from our services team takes the strategic decision making and simplifies it for your team to run hands off. Worry about deploying to your website and your content calendar, we’ll give you the right direction.

Expert SEO guidance

Want to learn about keyword research the Demandwell way? Download our free research guide and get started like the pros.

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Demandwell automates your SEO strategy & execution

It's true. Our services team did all this work manually to help users and websites see their search traffic go up. In some cases having a dedicated services resource is helpful for success, but Demandwell makes it so users have full control over their SEO direction, and have a clear path to success. Strategy, recommendations, live data and content production, all available through one AI powered software platform.

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