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Digital marketing and SEO run on content. Demandwell automates the SEO workflow, and provides AI content generation to give your team a major productivity boost, in addition to full content control. But some sites, competing in highly competitive fields, may need far more content to rank than others. And some teams need SEO content production assistance to hit their goals. Not to worry, we’re here to help. We offer top notch content services that meet SEO best practices and help your whole domain rank for more keywords.

Managed AI content from Demandwell

Demandwell offers full content management and control to users. Through the content production suite, users may choose how they want to write copy; manually via a person or your team, through the Demandwell AI, or order directly through us. Managed AI credits offer users the ability to choose the keyword they want to target for a performance page, and we’ll take care of ther rest. 

We leverage our AI to generate the copy from approved instructions, then edit final output to ensure it meets brand and SEO standards. 

**Managed AI content may only be purchased by active Demandwell platform users. 

Ordering content from our Services Team:

  • Purchase Managed AI credits up front or down the road, stored in the  Demandwell dashboard
  • Our team will set and confirm your brand preferences for ongoing content production
  • You select and order content from a target keyword within Demandwell
  • Our team produces the SEO performance content brief and prompts for AI generation
  • You approve the instructions are ready to go!
  • Our team generates AI content via Demandwell, and a human editor adjusts the content to ensure it meets quality standards
  • You are notified of progress and have access to your final content within Demandwell, to edit further or publish live in your CMS

Content from Demandwell is produced as SEO performance content. What does that mean? It is a 1500 word block of text, intended to be included within a set page template on your website. Ideal templates should be crafted with branded design and content about your business above, with a space for your SEO performance content block at the bottom.

Such a page structure will:

  • Ensure your audience will engage with quality branded content once they land on a page
  • Ensure Google finds the right content it expects to see for your page to rank for your keyword. 
  • Ensure your team can turn SEO into a quick and consistent process for growth; choose your keywords, write performance copy again and again, and publish new pages leveraging your existing page template

Managed AI Content Guarantee

The team at Demandwell is committed to helping users achieve SEO success through digital content. Our guarantee ensures the final content produced will get your pages ranking and on the right track.

  • Content written with SEO standards
  • 1500 word count
  • 75% inclusion of target keywords for success

Demandwell users love their SEO performance & results

$13,461 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“With Demandwell we’re doing a ton of stuff and we have a good content strategy. But the idea of standing up and writing as much as we have through Demandwell on our own would have been impossible without outsourcing. So I like the process of even the way we order outlines I can use, and then knowing I can send it to your team to do the writing, it helps me kinda keep pace. It’s a part of my job now, once a week, I’m writing an outline, I’m ordering a piece of content and I’m publishing an article and it just makes it easier.“

Spencer Holleman

SVP of Marketing

$13,276 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“Honestly, it’s been very helpful working with Demandwell. Now I feel like we’ve gotten into a really good rhythm and everything’s kinda starting to click having that search data to go over every month. And within the platform itself, it helps to stay organized and track the different keywords that we’re targeting, not just pulling something out of thin air but having more intention behind the content that we’re creating. So, if we have a page for a query that’s ranking really well or maybe it wasn’t ranking as well even after we published the page. Having that data and creating a second post, tracking that within the software and tying it to that demand page has been valuable.”

Courtney Kerr

Marketing Manager

+50 SEO Performance Pages Per Year = Growth

To prove authority and relevance to Google, you will need to produce a lot of digital content in the right way. With marketers using AI content more today than ever before, those numbers are increasing dramatically, is your website keeping up? Demandwell gives users full control over their content and SEO strategy, finding the right keywords for your audience, and providing the best tools available to execute and hit those lofty content production numbers.

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