Keyword research and cluster strategy from Demandwell services

With Demandwell your SEO keyword exploration is focused to clusters, enabling guidance for your digital marketing workflow. Some industries and businesses though have nuances that require a more in depth approach to keyword research. Are there top of funnel topics that might lead qualified traffic to need your service? Or are there technical terms that might need a personal touch? If so not to worry, Demandwell has service add-ons from seasoned pros to help you along the way.

Research process developed to pinpoint your ideal traffic

Your ideal customer is just as unique as your business. That means their search behavior is unique, as it relates to their purchase cycle and the pain they are experiencing that needs solved. Our keyword research process begins with understanding your business and your target personas, their pain points, how they traditionally solve these issues and how you offer a different alternative. We then utilize that baseline understanding and run it through our platform to generate interrelated terms for SEO Campaign creation.

An algorithmic approach to keyword research, integrated into your Demandwell dashboard

Keywords generated are reviewed and approved with your team. We agree on a set of initial seed keywords to begin with, based on your target audience, topical keywords, verticals or other known parameters. These seeds then expand into a massive data set, that our team filters through Demandwell and loads into your keyword coach dashboard. From here live data and campaign tracking enables ongoing strategic execution.

Full platform access and campaign cluster strategy

Keyword research can be completed as a service add-on, or anytime within Demandwell. Users can generate new campaigns and discover keyword clusters to target for SEO execution. Or manually add keywords into the platform and DIY your strategy on the fly. Add-ons can also assist in managing your campaigns for ongoing recommendations from our team, in addition to the full suite of tools available.

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Traffic from search can be a cornerstone for your marketing pipeline

$13,276 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“These results with Demandwell, it’s exciting to put a number with our work, especially as we’re ramping up our page production. In the first year we published 25 demand pages so its nice to see our keywords ranking, moving up and getting a lot of clicks. With SEO and digital content it’s not like a paid ad where you see results right away. So it’s exciting to see us trending in the right direction and that it is worth all of the time and effort that we’re putting in from an organic side.”

Courtney Kerr

Marketing Manager

$13,461 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“Before Demandwell we used Yoast SEO and some general best practices for our digital content strategy. It was a mix of thought leadership, but I always tried to incorporate SEO where it made sense. We didn’t really consider organic a channel for driving true opportunities. But based on our results, whatever we write with Demandwell is definitely much better than anything I was writing from a search standpoint.”

Spencer Holleman

SVP of Marketing

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Marketing experts committed to your SEO success

From technical SEO, backlinks, site design, CRO and more, our services team has seen it all. Coming from digital marketing backgrounds, each team member is fluent in the ways of Google and how to achieve SEO success. Pair Services with Demandwell to supercharge your SEO and give your team the clarity it needs for organic traffic growth.

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