One-on-One expert guidance from Demandwell Services

We hear it a lot from digital marketers, “SEO is like magic.” It requires the perfect blend of content marketing, audience understanding, technical expertise and knowledge of Google’s algorithm to be successful. Skew too far in any direction and you may miss the mark on SEO success. Demandwell turns SEO in a clear set of actionable steps within campaigns, but certain marketing ecosystems might need a deeper understanding to unpack issues and get the team moving in the right direction. Expert guidance from Demandwell Services give you one-on-one access to an SEO expert for advanced SEO consulting.

SEO consulting, guidance and digital strategy

Demandwell automatically provides SEO strategy through your software dashboard, but our team is here to help with more advanced guidance. Access to our services team can be added on to your engagement with Demandwell at any time. Base packages come with Demandwell support meetings from our team. Additional hourly meetings can be purchased and added on to your engagement, and tied directly to the SEO strategy run within Demandwell.

Marketing strategy flexibility for your schedule, with advanced SEO software out of the box

Your team is balancing everything marketing: events, paid media, email or influencers just to name a few. Their processes and workflows are set for success in other channels, but they may need to align to SEO best practices to ensure your content and execution hits the mark. Our services team can help provide guidance to your team structure, and show the best steps for optimizations and content production that meet your team’s needs, and their schedules today.

Automate your keyword cluster strategy and customize it with a services pro

Demandwell is the only SEO software platform that leverages AI to find the best keyword strategy for your business and audience. Distill that workflow into actionable sprints? Now we’re talking! SEO campaigns give you intelligence about the best next steps, and assistance from Demandwell services can take you even further. Get help customizing new campaigns that align with your existing content, and blend it with your team’s content production. Get technical expertise page by page along the way, with a services expert who’s seen it all.

People rave about our services expertise because it drives SEO results

$13,461 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“Before Demandwell we used Yoast SEO and some general best practices for our digital content strategy. It was a mix of thought leadership, but I always tried to incorporate SEO where it made sense. We didn’t really consider organic a channel for driving true opportunities. But based on our results, whatever we write with Demandwell is definitely much better than anything I was writing from a search standpoint.”

Spencer Holleman

SVP of Marketing

$6,324 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“We recently had a keyword pop off where the month over month improvement on ranking was silly. It went from not ranking at all to being number two. I was reporting on performance and it’s almost so insane people have to laugh. So over the past year, we’ve seen 140 percent improvement in traffic from organic search from 22 to 23.”

Katie Baird Noe

Content Marketing Manager

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Automated SEO strategy and execution, together in one platform

For the last 10 years, to fully understand all your SEO data, you needed a handful of tools and the experience to know how it all tied together. With Demandwell those days are gone. Users get simplified and easy to understand SEO strategy, controlled by your search identity and what audience you are targeting. Campaigns provide clarity and focus to your execution, and all ties to a content production suite to write SEO content and make the right decisions on your website. Demandwell makes SEO easier than ever before.

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