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Share of Search Tool

Share of search is a measure of the market your brand owns compared to your competitors through organic search results. It’s a leading indicator of market share, and is important because it allows prospective customers to find you more easily. Demandwell has created a unique share of search tool that can help marketers analyze their share of search performance in an organized report. For customers looking to have a share of search report, Demandwell provides the perfect tool to compare your share of search to top competitors.

Demandwell offers a share of search report, a free report that helps you analyze your share of search and compares it to your top competitors.

Before continuing with this article, it is important to understand share of search vs share of voice. Though they are similar terms, there are some key differences between the two that you should be aware of when you are comparing your own company to your competitors. 

So, what is share of voice? Share of voice helps you understand how popular your brand is compared to your competitors across all digital channels. Share of voice includes all forms of measurable brand awareness, including the number and reach of online mentions. A brand’s share of voice typically correlates with its share of the market and revenue, so it is important that you continuously check your share of voice to keep your company on top. 

It is important to not get share of voice confused with share of search. Share of search is a more specific term and does not cover all of the channels that share of voice does. Share of search allows you to look online to measure how many people are searching for different brands in a specific category. Share of search is more predictive than share of voice is, and search is a more universal assessment tool. The importance of having a high share of search rests on the power of organic search as a channel. Organic search requires an initial investment, then performance compounds over time…the cost of each web visitor or lead gets smaller and smaller over time. With share of voice, which includes many paid media options…you have to be continually investing in order to get any customers out of it. Dominating in share of search is a more sustainable growth strategy in the long term.

Share Of Search Google Trends

When looking for a share of search report, it is important that you understand how to use Google Trends. Google Trends is a very quick and easy way to get insight  into how popular different words have been in search results over time, making it an invaluable tool at your disposal. Google search statistics make finding your share of search simple. The quickest way to get an approximation of your share of search is to use Google Trends by entering your company name and your competitor’s name. You can then use the share of search Google Trends to compare the popularity of the companies in search results. 

Though there are significant advantages to this tool, there are also some disadvantages to be aware of. Google Trends is quick, easy, free, and can show you data over time, making it a useful tool. However, Google Trends is a crude approximation, so it is not the most accurate data that you can get. For this reason, Google Trends is not always the best option to compare your share of search with your competitors. It is not actionable, as it doesn’t dive deeper than the surface level of share of search. When you are in a pinch, Google Trends can be helpful; but for the most part, the approximated results can result in inaccurate information about your share of search. 

This may leave you questioning if there is a better way to figure out your company’s share of search compared to your top competitors. Demandwell’s share of search tool can help to provide you with more accurate results that you can then use to leverage yourself over your competition. Demandwell’s share of search tool is unique and inventive, and provides a level of accuracy that tools such as Google Trends and other share of search competitors do not. 

Search Engine Statistics

When comparing your share of search to your competitors, it is important to understand search engine statistics. Syncing Google Analytics to Google Search Console will lead to better ways to access analytics for SEO on Google Analytics. To sync these two, you should start by setting up a Google Search Console account. This can be done by going to Search Console and clicking on add property. Add your site to this section. After verifying that you own the site, go to your Google Analytics account and go to acquisition -> search bar. You can then set up the Search Console data sharing by clicking on the button provided. After choosing your Search Console account, you are all set and can sync the data from Search Console and Analytics.

Syncing Google Search Console and Google Analytics helps you to understand your analytics on a deeper level, and is crucial to the success of your company. Google Trends can also help you understand the popularity of different keywords on Google over time. Combining Google Trends search results with Search Console and Analytics provides you with a relatively accurate view of how your company compares to your competitors. This is hugely beneficial for your company in the long run.

How To Calculate Share of Search

Demandwell can calculate share of search, and provides a simple way to get a search report. Demandwell’s share of search report can put you ahead of your competitors, and can provide you with the tools necessary to make your company the best it can be. By analyzing SEO statistics, Demandwell’s share of search tool can show you how to increase your visibility online, which is vital to any developing business. If you want to put yourself ahead of your competitors, look no further than Demandwell’s share of search tool. 

If you’re curious on how to calculate share of search, all you have to do with Demandwell is tell us your top competitors. Demandwell will then use a share of search calculator to produce a report which explains your share of search and each of your competitor’s share of search. The report includes SEO statistics, which can help you figure out ways to optimize your search engine results. The report details the top keywords in the industry, the top keywords in your industry you aren’t ranking for, and the top keywords we think you should target to make the biggest improvements in share of search. 

Demandwell’s detailed report can help your company maximize its SEO statistics, and will put you ahead of your competitors. This report can make you a leader in your industry and improve your share of search. Having a better share of search than your competitors have is integral to your company’s overall success, and the importance of Demandwell’s share of search report cannot be understated. Demandwell provides you with a perfect opportunity to strengthen your company’s share of search results, making it the perfect choice to boost your company ahead of your competitors. Demandwell provides you with all of the benefits that a share of search tool should, and gives a more detailed and accurate report than other share of search tools. 

Share Of Voice Vs Share Of Market

It is important to understand share of voice vs share of market when you are trying to increase your company’s online visibility. Brands that set their share of voice above their share of market tend to grow, while brands that have a  share of market above their share of voice tend to shrink. Again, the rate at which a brand grows or shrinks tends to correlate with the company’s share of voice, and share of voice is a good predictor of your company’s overall success rate. 

When looking at share of voice versus share of market, keep in mind that it is not just the weight of spend that matters–it is against what is spent. Using share of search as a predictive measure can help you to analyze the success of your company, and Demandwell’s share of search tool can give you ways to improve your SEO statistics and show up one page one for more searches. Make sure that you are paying attention to share of search, share of voice, and share of market. All of these can act as predictors for your company’s success, and understanding them is vital to placing your company ahead of your competitors. Make sure that you are incorporating all of these factors when looking at your share of search report. 

Search Engine Market Share

When you’re trying to improve your share of search, you should be paying attention to the most used search engines and the search engine market size. Being aware of your search engine market share is an important factor of share of search, and you should know which search engines will provide you with the most share of search. Some search engines are less popular than others. When thinking of your Bing market share, Google market share, or DuckDuckGo market share, you should consider which search engine is best suited to the needs of your company and the needs of your prospects. 

Though it is important to focus on all search engines and to understand the search engine market, be smart about your decisions. The search engine market can be tricky to navigate, and using your share of search report from Demandwell can help you to understand how the most used search engines can benefit you or place you at a disadvantage to your competitors.  

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