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Site Migration

The process of site migration can seem like a daunting task, especially when it comes to your SEO performance and SEO health in general. The creation and launch of a new website should be an exciting time. However, the process could be a risky one to take on without a reliable website migration service or website migration tools to ensure you’re able to maintain the results of the work you’ve already put into getting your website to the place it is today. When answering the question “How long does website migration take?”, the answer could potentially vary greatly depending on how you approach it.

Demandwell could help mitigate some of the risks that come with expansive, foundational site changes via the SEO Health Audit tool. Demandwell’s SEO Health Audit is a resource that could assist you in the migration process by ensuring your new website is healthy. Demandwell understands that a website with high SEO health is one of many components that can contribute to your ability to meet your company’s goals. For this reason, besides monitoring foundational site changes, Demandwell can provide valuable alerts about recommended changes that should be made in order to maintain your website’s ranking in search.

Once issues related to SEO health are identified, Demandwell can also coach you on how to solve the issues which impact your organic rankings the most. Demandwell does this through its SEO Health Audit tool, which provides a comprehensive website audit of three major areas: infrastructure, content, and endorsements. Beyond this, the auditing tool can identify specific, critical issues with your website, as well as recommendations for fixing them.

Demandwell could offer a solution to your concerns about your future migrational plans for your company’s website. Demandwell provides a way you could diagnose and repair your website’s SEO health.

Types of Website Migration

What is website migration? The term can refer to a variety of different processes, which gives way to there being multiple types of website migration. A lot of the time, it involves some kind of major change going underway. A simple example could be to migrate site to new domain in a kind of domain migration, which basically refers to changing your website’s domain.

Before carrying out data migration to a new website or other kinds of migration, it could be important to consider how it will impact SEO. Migration suggests a large amount of change taking place; as you make changes to your website and its content, these changes can impact your existing performance or ranking in search engines.

Demandwell’s SEO Health Audit could help you implement more seamless migration efforts by monitoring foundational site changes and alerting you to changes needed in order to maintain your place in search. The SEO Health Audit tool specifically focuses on coaching you through the resolution of issues that could affect organic rankings. Demandwell could assist you through the migration process so you can avoid potential negative effects associated with these changes. The SEO Health Audit tool could help counteract the risks.

Website Migration Checklist

As you outline your site migration checklist, it may be helpful to include SEO optimization. Now that it’s more clear as to how such migration can impact your SEO Health and performance, it seems reasonable to assume that SEO optimization should be a critical part of your website migration checklist. A solid SEO migration checklist to monitor alongside your other migration activities could be just what you need to preserve your search ranking.

Demandwell’s SEO Health Audit tool in particular could be useful to have as you carry out your website migration SEO checklist. Whether you’re only making changes to specific data and simply need to design your own data migration checklist, or you’re switching website domains and seeking a domain migration checklist, incorporating an SEO element into your goals could be crucial. With the SEO Health Audit, these foundational changes (whether big or small) can be monitored to ensure SEO performance isn’t negatively affected.

Besides providing a comprehensive overview of your current SEO health, Demandwell’s SEO Health Audit can help further ensure the technical optimization of your website when it comes to maintaining a secure server. Demandwell offers a potential solution to your SEO concerns related to website migration.

Site Migration SEO

“Will I see an uplift in SEO traffic from a domain migration?” The answer to such a question could go in multiple different ways depending on how you implement your migration. One of these pathways could lead to diminished traffic and lowered rankings. Unsurprisingly, many companies may find themselves concerned over how to migrate website without losing SEO.

In order to avoid the potential downsides to site migration, SEO pages could prove to be even more important than they already are. Besides how critical SEO pages can be to your success in search engines in terms of content, there are also other features of these pages to keep in mind, especially as you undergo your website migration. SEO page elements like meta information, title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, and more may still need to be kept in mind during the process so you can preserve your existing flow of traffic.

These kinds of critical SEO pages in particular could greatly benefit from a Demandwell SEO Health Audit. This tool can help monitor real-time changes in your website’s position in search results, which could be especially crucial during a website migration with so many moving parts and numerous other changes.

Website Migration Plan

As you finalize the details of your website migration project plan, it may be helpful to consider how you could further improve your website migration plan with a website migration strategy that emphasizes the importance of SEO knowledge. With the right website migration proposal backed by an understanding of SEO, you could soon be well on your way to tailoring a plan that will ensure your new website is as optimized as possible.

If you already have an existing website migration project plan template to work with, incorporating steps to optimize your SEO performance could elevate it to a more effective level. Demandwell offers a solution that may prove to seamlessly integrate with your website migration plan template and simplify the process. Demandwell’s SEO Health Audit function helps monitor the effects that major foundational changes are having on your website, alerting you to the necessary changes that need to be made to keep ranking. The SEO Health Audit could also guide you in the right direction in terms of resolving the issues that may hinder your organic rankings.

Before you finish your migration checklist template, consider taking SEO performance into account and you could prevent damage to your search ranking.

Website Migration Steps

Another way you could further expand your website migration flowchart and optimize the website migration process is by integrating Demandwell’s PACE strategy into your migration steps. The PACE strategy or methodology is designed to help you unlock SEO growth with an effective, repeatable framework. Probably the last thing you’d want is for your migration to hinder growth, which is why the PACE framework could be useful if you want to ensure that your website will continue to experience organic growth.

The first element of this strategy is Plan. By conducting research into what’s driving traffic today, Demandwell can assist you in building a plan that takes your website to the top of search results. Next, Demandwell can help you create Demand Pages that drastically increase discoverability during the Attract stage. As more and more visitors come to your website, the Convert phase of the strategy is carried out as Demandwell uncovers the most effective conversion pathways. Finally, Demandwell’s software can take you through the Evaluate stage, which involves reviewing the performance of your plan and tweaking it to improve future results.

The cycle doesn’t end with evaluation – Demandwell’s PACE framework can be implemented indefinitely so you can increase plan efficiency.

Website Migration Plugin

Whether this is your first major website migration or you’ve been through this process before, you may find it helpful to install a website migration plugin onto your content management system (CMS). You might have also heard of this concept being described as a kind of “migrate website to new host” plugin. Beyond serving as an effective tool for this specific migration, a migration plugin could make many of your future website migrations easily and seamlessly.

The best website migration plugin for you can depend on a variety of factors. A “one-size-fits-all” solution may be relatively hard to come by and even impossible. You may want to consider your goals for this website migration, what you envision future migration efforts being like, and the challenges or concerns you’re currently facing as you plan your website’s migration. Once you find the plugin that suits your company’s unique needs, installing said plugin onto your content management system could yield not only great results for this migration, but for future migrations as well. It might be a good idea to use this opportunity right now to look further into potential plugins; then, you could be that much closer to simple, easy website migrations.

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