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History Of Marketing In South Bend
South Bend, Indiana is a classic mid-America city that has transitioned from a long history as a factory town to a modern multi-industry urban center today. That makes its marketing development one that continues to be in flux with new changes and strategies every year.

Public Forums

The courthouse was the most prominent building in early South Bend, handling much of the town’s official business in 1867. The lower floors of the forum were generally local government offices that handled much of the daily traffic, while the upper floors handled the direct court business.

Notably, the Young Men’s Association, better known as the Y.M.C.A., started its first meetings in South Bend in 1866. It held regular meetings at a building address at the corner of Main and Washington Streets.

The University of Notre Dame when it was first constructed immediately became prominent signature piece of South Bend, and so did the buildings that now house the History Museum as well as the Studebaker National Museum in town. South Bend also has an impressive collection of historic homes, many dating back to the 19th century.

Market Booths (Farmers markets and/or City markets)

When the Colfax Street Bridge was finished and opened for traffic in July 1911, it also became a prime site for the first Public Market in South Bend. And for 12 years following the Public Market was the primary open-air food venue for farmers, businesses and vendors coming in from the surrounding 40 or so miles that could be traveled in a day or two. The Market ran year-round, and functioned three days a week from sun-up until 10am. In 1923 the now 100-plus vendor strong market was relocated from the Colfax Bridge to the South Fellows Street location near the railroad. Then, five years later it was moved again to Northside Boulevard. While the old Farmer’s Market and structure was burned in a fire in 1971, it was replace by a new one in 1972 with a new indoor facility. Today it is known as the Produces Market and still operates three days a week as well as one Friday a month.


South Bend has Interstate 90 crossing its northern jurisdiction boundaries east to west as well as State routes 2, 20, 31, and 933. It sits at the northern part of the state being the only major urban center in the immediate area aside from Elkhart to the east. All of these routes provide primary placement of billboard advertisement specific to South Bend businesses and events.


Today South Bend enjoys signal reception of 116 different radio stations broadcasted from three different states. Of that number, 11 stations are physically located in South Bend, providing a home-town variety of religious content, news and information and adult contemporary music lineup. And within that roster, at least one station provides Spanish-specific content as its primary audience demand (WSBL-LP).

School Marketing

The South Bend Community School Corporation administers 18 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and 6 high schools in South Bend. In total, this organizational structure manages the education of over 19,300 students annually. South Bend also has three charter schools (Veritas Academy, Xavier School of Excellence, and Career Academy South Bend). The town additionally has two separate private schools as well as the Catholic Diocese school system which incorporates 11 grade schools and one private high school.

South Bend, as noted earlier is a cluster of higher education as well. Most notably, the town is home to the University of Notre Dame. And Saint Mary’s College as well as Holy Cross College are situated in town as well. The Indiana University South Bend is the third biggest school in Indiana by student size, and the town is the physical address of multiple technical schools and community colleges.

All of these venues offer opportunities for businesses to leverage goodwill support and scholarship donations for advertising options.

Business hubs

South Bend became a manufacturing hub early on in its history, driving much of the town’s original development and planning. Its population growth was primary due to the demand for factory workers to support the large automation efforts in assembly. In fact, in 1923 South Bend was one of the earliest sites for automotive part assembly, and both Bendix and Studebaker called the town home in terms of factories. Fast-forward to the early 1950s and one out of every two persons in town worked in one factory or another in South Bend. Unfortunately, but the 1960s the first factories started to close, with the Studebaker plant the first to shut the doors in 1963. By 2000, manufacturing only represented just over 15 percent of the local economy.

South Bend did try to ebb the economic slide by becoming a sports complex industry in an attempt to diversity. The town tried to secure a minor league team in the mid-1980s, and an agreement was eventually struck with a stadium built to house the South Bend White Sox. They are now known as the South Bed Cubs as a minor league feeder team to the Chicago Cubs.

The Bendix plant was eventually taken over by Honeywell Aerospace, which still operates in town. Bosch came and went, and Curtis Products moved into part of the Bendix complex as well in 2013.

Today, the Studebaker factory site is now operating as an incubator complex for new businesses, particularly a South Bend attempt to create technology cluster. This is part of a greater strategy to foster a turnaround city impact on South Bend and push the city into positive direction again after the slide started in the 1960s.


Given its size, South Bend has plenty of networking venues for informal meetings, contacts and networking via cafes and restaurants and diners all over town. The local Chamber of Commerce actively works to attract new businesses relocating as well as the foster local small businesses trying to get a start. The Chamber also runs regular meetings to connect the local business community with each other and local government, which helps with coordinate development strategy efforts city hall keeps trying to launch.

South Bend SEO
Given the push to encourage and launch tech-related businesses being a primary South Bend strategy, it’s a smart idea for any South Bend business to consider interactive marketing and a digital marketing South Bend presence online. Doing so not only places the company prominently within search capability for anyone looking online, it also signals engagement of that business to South Bend’s move to a tech market. SEO marketing South Bend nap town solutions can be crafted for any type of business, from goods to services to government. The key factor in Good South Bend SEO and digital presence, however, is in utilizing professional SEO services in South Bend versus general providers. DemandWell is a well-known provider of top quality SEO Services South Bend solutions, serving companies big and small regardless of market type they are in. You could give your website and online strategy to a local college student to play with, but if you’re really serious about your online presence then DemandWell is who you need to call for South Bend SEO services done right.

South Bend SEO Company
When it comes to creative companies South Bend has no shortage of business owners and entrepreneurs. However, given the hard-charging trend of local search and mobile data usage, if a company isn’t thinking in terms of its online presence it might as well not exist. The fact is, many customers are automatically using the Internet to find their business solutions. And because of that fact, help from a South Bend SEO expert becomes a must. If you’re getting bombarded by marketing companies South Bend advertising but not sure where to start, there’s a better way to get help from a South Bend SEO company. Instead, consider a talk and consultation with DemandWell, one of the top South Bend SEO firm solutions for South Bend business today. There’s a huge difference between some generic provider and an SEO company in South Bend that knows the local market. DemandWell is that difference for your company online.

South Bend SEO Agency
Not all online support providers perform the same or have the customer’s interests in line. Unfortunately, there are lots of South Bend SEO agency options, because just about anyone with a bit of computer knowledge can offer themselves as an SEO expert. However, a quality SEO agency South Bend service is going to provide your business a lot more than plugging a few key words in your web page scripts. Modern day online lead generation is based off of a strategy of viable content online. That means the search engines need to be given a substantial reason to traffic audiences to your website off of search queries. Average marketing agencies South Bend players are generally aware of this fact, but that doesn’t mean they understand the technical application very well. DemandWell, on the other hand, provides your company a professional and experienced digital marketing agency South Bend solution vetted with the technical know-how to complete your entire online presence right from the start. This is the reason why DemandWell sets the standard for modern advertising agencies South Bend competition today.

Best SEO
For an impact with an online presence the best SEO is not achieved by just plugging keywords and then walking away from a website to let it sit without any further work. Instead, a professional SEO approach pushes information on a regular basis so it gives an audience a reason to read and visit regularly. The top SEO examples all follow this model. Your public relations firms South Bend characters will all offer vague statements about achieving the same, but real conversion rate optimization of online contact happens with active engagement at the individual level. That means providing people the answers they are looking for as they ask them, not waiting for the question to be asked through a phone call, email or chat. DemandWell is an expert in achieving this modern strategy for its clients. Isn’t it time you took advantage of the same?

South Bend Web Design
Your website design today for a business involves so much more than just putting up a business name, contact info and a photo. Today’s South Bend web design requires providing regular content that is valuable and informational. Further, it needs to be updated on a frequent basis for your site to be relevant. This matters if you want your Internet marketing to be noticed and found in web searches. And search is critical; most people today are using mobile devices to find and secure business solutions to needs, not the yellow pages or word of mouth in person. So, your website marketing has to match reality. As a South Bend web design company, DemandWell takes a comprehensive approach to online presence development. That means your web design and digital marketing produced by DemandWell places you prominently in multiple channels, increasing your lead generation significantly.

Media Companies South Bend
Online marketing today runs on multiple fronts. From video to social media to blogging, it all matters. Media companies South Bend options may offer singular tasks, but it’s a bit harder to find an expert that is versed in putting all the tools together in a packaged plan of attack. DemandWell can meet the call. Whether its video marketing South Bend needs or social media marketing South Bend presence, DemandWell’s team can integrate across tools so your platform hits audiences from different angles of attention and notice. This is why the top social media marketing agency South Bend choice is by reference and practice DemandWell.

History Of South Bend
It was the fur trading business that created the first concentration of commerce in what would later become South Bend, Indiana. Pierre Navarre arrived in 1820 representing the American Fur Company and was one of the number of prominent folks starting and operating fur trading posts that eventually grew the town and its population. By 1830s the town as officially mapped as the county seat and South Bend itself was declared in 1835. The educational fame arrived in 1842 when the University of Notre Dame was founded north of town central. It grew to become a central figure in South Bend’s development, planning and leadership.

The original land area of South Bend, Indiana was used as an early industrial park, providing an open area for the establishment of factories and manufacturing centers. This was augmented greatly when the railroad was connected with South Bend in 1851. Prior to that time goods moved by land cart and water, but railroad soon changed the dynamics of the town significantly. Because of South Bend’s early roots in manufacturing, much of the town’s original marketing development was around industrial interests and stayed that way for decades to follow.

Early companies established in South Bend in the 1860s and later included famous names like the Singer Sewing Company, the Oliver Chilled Plow Company and the Studebaker Wagon Shop. All of these early assembly plants attracted workers who then ballooned South Bend’s population and economy. The factory economic push continued until World War II when demand for production began to slow down or revolutionize due to technology. By the 1960s the Studebaker plant was closing, and the peak population of 132,450 began to migrate out of town looking for work elsewhere.

Today South Bend is a hybrid of education, tech startups, some manufacturing and tourism.

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