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History of Marketing in Southport

The small city of Southport, while independent, is tied to a lot of the marketing efforts in Indianapolis. Marketing has evolved over the years to now include the Internet. Even if traditional marketing efforts are still a good source of revenue, it helps to focus on digital marketing initiatives as well as some of these traditional options.

However, in March 2019, leaders from five south central Indiana cities, including Southport, had a first-of-its-kind summit to discuss the future of economic development. With the Southside Business Summit, the goal is to bring infrastructure and more business opportunities to the Southside. The redevelopment commission meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at the Southport Municipal Building to help transform the business district into a multi-use and multi-modal destination to celebrate a community of life.

Public Forums

Public forums can be one of the first ways to communicate your ideas. Communicating your ideas is the first step of your marketing plan. In a small town like Southport, it can be easy to have face time with local politicians, including the mayor. Since the town of Southport is an excluded city, it does retain its own council and local politicians that businesses can communicate their ideas with when needed.

Market Booths

One of the main benefits of farmers markets is these markets serve as community centerpieces. It’s not only useful for residents of the community to learn more about where food comes from but it also helps connect local business owners with the surrounding community. Local business owners can use local farmers markets as a way to get in touch with the residents and really know the issues they are facing in order to relate to them.

The Southport Farmers Market started in September 2013 with just about five vendors and now it continues to grow. Business owners can take advantage of the opportunity to meet consumers at this farmers market that opens on Tuesdays. There is also a nearby farmers market in Greenwood that is open on Saturdays.


Billboards have historically been a great place to advertise because when you are driving down the road, you don’t really have a lot to look at. With citizens in America constantly being on the move, outdoor advertising is effective and important. The right billboard can capture your attention easily. Depending on your service or product, billboards or other highway signs can still be a good way to advertise in Southport. Billboards can advertise driving directions to your location to get drivers to stop in the small town.

I-65 goes right through Southport. Since many residents in Southport commute to the bigger city of Indianapolis for work and other activities, billboards can still be a way to capture the audience. Other main roads in the city that could utilize signs include Southport Road and South Madison Avenue.


Radio advertising has changed dramatically over time and now podcasts are part of the ecosystem. If you are interested in advertising with city-specific products or services then advertising on a radio station can still be a good use of funds. Radio has adapted to still maintain its audience and radio ads can be effective since they are audio-based. Due to this, these ads are also cost-effective.

WLHK, a country music radio station, is licensed to Shelbyville, Indiana, but has its studio located on East Southport Road. It’s the FM outlet for the Indianapolis Colts and also carries Indiana University men’s basketball. Southport businesses can take advantage of the numerous radio stations that broadcast out of Indianapolis and play a wide variety of music, including gospel music, rock, country, talk, hip hop, alternative, and variety.

School Marketing

If your products or services speak to a younger audience then schools can be a good place to advertise. If you are marketing to students, be sure to consider their budgets. Students will usually have a limited budget. Visit classes and reach some students. Word of mouth is big on campuses. You can also hire student ambassadors to hand out samples at events or local hangouts. There is also advertising in school newspapers. Both high schools and universities have student papers that welcome advertising. While social media is still the preferred way to reach consumers, many will still read the campus or school newspaper.

The city of Southport has plenty of universities in nearby Indianapolis. Southport is serviced by the Perry Township Schools and there are two high schools, including Southport High School, two middle schools, and a handful of elementary schools.

Business Hubs

Business owners in Southport should always be plugged into the local Chamber of Commerce. It helps with connections and networking and allows your business to be more credible. There are plenty of training opportunities for businesses that are involved in the Chamber of Commerce. It can help be a way to give back to the community and allows the community to be stronger. There isn’t an easier way to introduce your business to potential clients than through chamber-sponsored events that attract other businesses and the public. If your business is focused on services for other businesses, this can be a very useful way to market.

Businesses in Southport have the unique opportunity of belonging to a different chamber of commerce in the greater Indianapolis area. While there isn’t a Chamber of Commerce in Southport, local businesses owners can still take advantage of the benefits.


Networking has always been important for business marketing and now it’s even more important. Networking can be a mutually beneficial process. You never know when your skills can be utilized. By networking with different businesses, you can come across new opportunities. Opportunities can mean a business sale, speaking or writing opportunities, partnerships, joint ventures, and more. Opportunities you take advantage of should be able to strengthen your business goals. Networking allows you and your business to get noticed and become more visible. Southport can be considered a small town but you are likely going to market to residents of Indianapolis and the larger surrounding areas so you will need to have visibility.

Residents of Southport have plenty of marketing opportunities in the bigger city of Indianapolis. The Mocha Nut House Coffee Shop and Coffee Junkiez are two locally-owned coffee shops where business owners can meet up for networking.

What Is Southport SEO?

Most of the marketing channels already discussed are about offline marketing channels. However, in today’s world, it’s more important than ever to consider SEO services in Southport. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

One of the main advantages of digital marketing Southport is that a targeted audience can be reached in a measurable and cost-effective way. Other advantages include increased online sales and brand loyalty.

Global Reach: With Southport SEO services and a website, you will have the tools needed to find new markets, even globally, for only a small investment.

Lower Cost: A properly planned and targeted digital marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a significantly lower cost than other traditional marketing methods that have been used in the past. Unlike paid channels, where you have to pay for clicks, with proper SEO services you can retain your top positions to save money.

Personalization: Link your customer database to your website so you can greet them with targeted offers. The more a customer buys from you, the more you can refine the customer profile and market effectively to them.

Measurable and Trackable Results: It’s easy to measure your digital marketing results with web analytics and other online metric tools. This allows you to establish how effective the campaign as been. You can also get detailed information about how customers are using your website or responding to your advertising. It can be difficult to track what customers do after hearing an ad on the television or the radio. With the right analytics, you can see where a customer is coming from and what they do when they get on your website.

Openness: Including social media in your digital marketing Southport strategy will allow you to be more open with your customers. As long as you carefully manage social media, you can build customer loyalty and have a reputation that you are easy to work with and approach. Social media can also be part of an interactive marketing strategy, where customers can engage with your content and share feedback with you.

Social Currency: With digital marketing, you can create an engaging campaign that uses content marketing. The content, including articles, videos, and images, can be used as social currency and be shared from user to user and go viral.

Better Conversion Rates: With a user-friendly website, customers are only a few clicks away from making a purchase. Unlike other media advertising, people may have to get up, make a phone call, or head to a store. Digital marketing can be immediate and a seamless experience.

When you combine all these benefits SEO marketing in Southport Naptown can be a great strategy for your business.

Working with a Southport SEO Company

A Southport SEO company is here to help you with your online marketing needs. If you are hoping for your business to gain global recognition then you may not be able to do it all on your own. Working with a Southport SEO expert can make the process much easier, especially if you aren’t sure about all the ins and outs of dealing with search engine algorithms.

An SEO company in Southport actually will do a lot. There are more than 200 factors that go into what makes a page rank high on a search engine results page. Some of the ones that matter the most include whether or not the website is secure, if it’s mobile-friendly, and the quality of the web page’s contents. This can be a lot to think about, which is why you want to have a Southport SEO firm you trust working on your website. Certain creative companies Southport that have employees with experience in SEO may be able to get away with not hiring an SEO company but this won’t suit every business. Keep in mind that if your employees are working on SEO then their time isn’t focused on working the job for which you initially hired them.

Some of the items that should be included in a contract with an SEO company is a website structure analysis, website content analysis, off-page online analysis, optimization of website structure and code, optimization of onsite content, and optimization of off-page factors. This is a lot that usually can’t be done with just one person in-house and it helps to have a whole team behind you. Working with an SEO company isn’t just about getting more traffic. It’s also about getting that traffic to convert on your website and make a purchase or get a sale.

You should consider checking out different marketing companies in Southport if you want to grow your business, don’t know how your website is helping your bottom line, if you want more leads or sales, and want to outrank competitors in search results. SEO will be a long-term relationship so you need to make sure you are picking the right fit for your company. Learn about what is in your current contract and make sure it includes the items discussed above that will benefit your website.

If you are looking for a reliable Southport SEO firm then consider DemandWell. Get in touch today.

Why Hire a Southport SEO Agency?

SEO on your own is complex so it can help to work with a Southport SEO agency. There are plenty of benefits of working with a team for digital marketing in Southport.

SEO companies have the right experience. You may know the basics of SEO but you may not have as much experience in what you need to do to truly optimize your website. The success of your business shouldn’t just be based on guesswork and you need to know what you are doing when it comes to SEO. Marketing agencies in Southport have the experience to handle any unexpected changes, such as search engine algorithm updates.

SEO will also improve your website. Without SEO, your website may never gain the exposure needed to rank highly. Your website will need to be properly optimized to load fast and target relevant keywords You also need your website to be user-friendly and marketing agencies in Southport can help with everything related to your website.

An SEO company can get you better results. You don’t want to potentially damage your website or leave the success up to chance. Even if you mean well, it’s still possible that you won’t achieve the same level of success as a professional. A company with years of experience can help you evaluate your website and come up with a comprehensive plan to increase your visibility. They will be able to track progress so plans can be adjusted and you can be on the right path to achieving success.

When you outsource your SEO with a Southport digital marketing agency, you can focus on what you do best. You may be wondering when you will have the time to write content, build links, and optimize your website. If you work with a professional, you can focus on running your business and they can take care of the rest. This way you can be less stressed about your website since you know there are professionals that are working on it for you.

Choosing a full-service digital marketing company can guide you through all your lead generation and online marketing needs. If you need web design, website content, inbound marketing, or something else, you will know where to turn. As you grow your business, you can grow your relationship with your SEO company. You may even be able to get discounted pricing for signing up for more services.

Find the Best SEO Agency

If you want to work with the best SEO agency then you need to do some research.

Be sure to clearly define the SEO goals you want in order to figure out which areas of the online strategy you want to work on. You may find you need a whole new website or you may just need some conversion rate optimization.

You want to work with an SEO company that will track your data so you can measure progress. This includes phone calls, contact forms, click-through rate, site fits, and more. It’s important to make decisions related to your online marketing based on results and not just gut instincts.

One of the best ways to find the top SEO companies is by looking at case studies, reviews, and testimonials. This is the best way to get unbiased opinions about any company. Read through online reviews and testimonials that you can find on Google, Yelp, and Glassdoor. You can request case studies from an SEO agency by calling them up or submitting a form online. This will be a great way to see what the agency is cable of. You can also ask for a reference. A reputable company should be able to put you in contact with a current client so you can speak to them about their level of satisfaction.

Get some additional information, such as how long they have been doing SEO. When you are communicating with them, are they professional? Do they respond quickly? If you want to have the best SEO, you will want to develop a long-term relationship with the company you are going to work with. While the company may have other clients, choosing a company where you feel the focus is on you can be helpful. You will want a company that can give you the time your business deserves.

A common mistake when seeking a public relations firm Southport and an SEO company is to choose a cheap one. You do get what you pay for so doing your research is going to be the most important part. Be careful to avoid falling for a shiny sales presentation without looking at all the options. Don’t fall for a company that is going to promise overnight rankings, doubled traffic, or instant leads. Professional SEO companies will not promise you anything and instead will show you real results. It’s these promises that lead to questionable SEO tactics that can get your website and business in trouble with a search engine.

Why You Need Southport Web Design

A good Internet marketing strategy is to invest in website design. Web design and digital marketing go hand in hand and there are a number of reasons why web design should be important. Partnering with a Southport web design company can make the whole process a lot easier.

Your website sets the first impression for your marketing. These first few seconds are important and you want to make a positive impact on your audience. Website marketing plays into how a customer perceives your brand.

Not only does a website help with your brand but it also helps with your SEO strategy. Many practices and web design elements influence how content is published on the site and how your site is indexed. This is something you can’t afford to mess up.

A website can help you create consistency. You want an audience to be familiar with your brand so they choose you when they are ready for your services or ready to make a purchase. You need to have the same style and layout across all pages. If your website isn’t consistent then people will bounce to a site that looks more professional.

Working with the right Southport web design marketing company can help you build trust with your customers. People don’t trust a website that looks outdated or has a poor design. You want to build trust with your customers so they stay on your site. When a visitor remains on your website for longer, you have more opportunities to capture the leads and convert them.

One big reason to focus on website design is that your competitors are doing it. If you want to remain in the competition, you have to work on your website. You need a website that stands out from the competition. If your website is outdated and old then your competitors will start to outrank you.

Media Companies Southport

SEO is not just the only online marketing strategy you should focus on. There are plenty of other digital channels that can help your product and services. Social media, video marketing, and online media can all be beneficial to you.

Working with a social media marketing agency in Southport can benefit you with improved brand awareness and improved brand loyalty. It can help you create marketplace awareness and learn about the wants and needs of our customers. It can help you get a better understanding of your industry. Social media marketing Southport can also be a cost-effective way to get your brand and products out there.

Video marketing Southport can allow you to increase conversions on your web page. In today’s busy world, people don’t want to read a lot of content but they do want to watch video content. You can get your point across much better in a video then you can do in blocks of content. Videos give you a great return on your investment. It may not be the easiest or cheapest task but it works. Videos can help build trust and trust is the foundation of sales and conversions. It’s not just videos that build trust but really the whole concept of content marketing. Not only do customers love video and other online content but also so do the search engines. Videos can allow you to increase the time spent on the site, which helps with an online marketing campaign.

It can be hard to work on every aspect of your online marketing campaign on your own so working with different media companies Southport can allow you to focus on your business and leave the marketing to the professionals.

Working with media production companies Southport can allow you to get your content out to a larger audience. You don’t want to go through all the trouble to create a video or the perfect graphic only to have no one see it.

History of Southport

Southport, Indiana, was established in 1832. The legend is that the city got its name by a seaman riding in an overland schooner. The schooner stopped to take on corn in the early 1800s. The city is in fact on the south side of Indianapolis and it did originate as a port, even if it is landlocked.

It serves as a mini city within the bigger city of Indianapolis. It covers just about 0.6 square miles of real estate and is home to about 1,850 people. It can look more like a typical Indianapolis suburban neighborhood instead of a city itself but its residents maintain the pride of the city and have an interest in the future. The main interaction is at Southport Road and South Madison Avenue and the small, quaint downtown area that reminds people of rural Indiana towns is located just to the east on Southport Road.

In 1853, the city was one of the first cities to be incorporated in Marion County. Southport officially became a city in 1969 and is one of the excluded cities within the Unigov system. The Unigov project consolidated Marion County and Indianapolis governments into one. This means it retains its own major police department and city council. The city is located within the Township of Perry. One of the first settlers in the area was Jacob Smock and he started a farm. Smock also built an early gristmill in Perry Township. Between the late 1800s and 1900s, Buck Creek was the area to be on a Sunday afternoon. The society of that era would come to Buck Creek by horse to picnic along the banks. Today Southport Park alongside Buck Creek is still a gathering place for many families and picnics.

During the 19th century, the town grew slowly. In 1880, the population was 388. The railroad crossings on the southern edge of Indianapolis made travel to the south side harder until the tracks were elevated in the 1960s. With this change and the introduction of the Interurban, residents in the city could begin to commute to jobs in larger Indianapolis and the town grew in population. The enlargement of Madison Avenue also further increased accessibly to this area. In 1960, the population grew to 1,892.

The city of Southport is full of single-family dwellings, although there are some historic homes that remain. There are some businesses within city limits but many residents work outside of the limits.

Since it is a cross-area, the city has always been changing and has an interesting history. Mary Bryan was the first woman to cross over the Cumberland Gap and the family started the Presbyterian Church. She is buried in the Old Southport Cemetery.

The Southport Library opened in November 1967. Within three months of opening, it ranked fifth among all the branch libraries. A new facility was opened in April 1974. Currently, the Southport Branch houses over 100,000 items, including newspapers, books, audiocassettes, CDs, periodicals, and videocassettes. There are a wide variety of programs for adults, families, and children.

Perry Township schools represent the public schools in the area. There are 11 elementary schools, two 6th grade academies, two middle schools, and two high schools. There are also a number of private schools, including four Catholic schools.

While the city doesn’t have much of its own, it is served by Indianapolis newspapers, radio, and television stations. The recreational and cultural facilities, including the NFL team, NBA team, AAA baseball team, IHL ice hockey team, and the Indianapolis Symphony are also close by. Higher education includes Butler University, Indiana University, Christian Theological Seminary, Purdue University of Indianapolis, and the University of Indianapolis.

Nearly every type of retailer is an easy drive away for residents of Southport in the neighboring city of Greenwood. The Greenwood Park Mall is only a seven-minute drive from the main intersection and has over 120 specialty retailers. In addition to the main mall, there are plenty of other strip malls surrounding the area and retailers that are located at the junction of Southport Road and I-65. There are also plenty of dining options that surround Greenwood Park Mall and there are several fast food chains near the Southport Road Junction. Locals recommend Jack’s Pizza on Madison Avenue, which has some of the tastiest pizza, and the donuts at Long’s Bakery on East Southport Road. The bakery consistently gets good reviews throughout the city of Indianapolis.

The average value of a condo or home in Southport is $135,000. The average rental costs about $1,050. Many Southport residents are employed in the greater Indianapolis area in a variety of different occupations. About 75% of the residents work in white-collar jobs while others are employed in blue-collar positions. The estimated median household income in 2007 was $63,244.

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