B2B Lead Generation Software for SaaS Marketers

B2B Lead Generation Software

B2B lead generation requires planning and the proper tools for the job. What is lead generation? Simply put, it is the process of collecting the contact information of potential customers who voluntarily give their information to the company so the company can focus on more direct marketing. As an example, a person can become a lead when a website has a form for signing up for a newsletter, and the customer inputs their email address into that form. The difference between leads and anyone else that finds your business’s website is that a lead shows interest in your company and gives their information. At the same time, non-leads may not be interested in your product or service at all.


Generating leads can become a more manageable process with lead generation tools. Different B2B lead generation software can range from comprehensive software solutions to simple automation programs for individual tasks. Lead generation tools in digital marketing can include websites for creating advertisements, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. These types of lead generation are somewhat effective, but B2B organizations should focus on developing SEO content, which will ultimately lead to the most organic traffic and lead generation. Creating this kind of content can take time, but using lead generation software for SEO automation can save marketers time, so they can focus on moving potential buyers through the marketing funnel.


The best form of B2B lead generation software is one that is easy to use and intuitive. Demandwell is an example of a platform that uses automation through machine intelligence to help marketers with SEO tasks such as keyword research, content planning, and SEO analysis. With SEO content as a vital factor in lead generation, B2B companies need to focus on creating content that will rank highly, show up in organic search results, and apply to the product or service they offer. Demandwell’s platform provides several tools to improve the efficiency and efficacy of this process.


Best Lead Generation Software

Finding the best lead generation software starts with understanding which marketing processes generate the most leads. According to Forbes, some of the most effective ways to generate leads are to create a digital footprint through social media and content production and develop specific content that strives to answer a potential customer’s questions. This requires a thorough knowledge of SEO best practices, and without this, the content your company produces will not be seen. Demandwell has found that it is better to create two different types of content rather than try to make one piece fit all of the requirements of both SEO and brand messaging. In a traditional content production plan, marketers would perform keyword research to fulfill SEO goals and try to incorporate those keywords into a high-quality blog post. Demandwell recommends that B2B organizations create separate pieces of content, with some focused on quality and others on SEO performance.


Generating leads by developing both SEO and quality content can be challenging and time-consuming without the proper tool. Among the best lead generation tools for B2B companies is Demandwell’s Outline Generator. This tool is part of the Demadnwell platform and can automatically generate a rough draft of an SEO outline using machine intelligence. After creating an outline with the tool, marketers can review it to ensure that it contains relevant keywords and looks correct. Then, they simply deliver it to a writer to develop the content. This intuitive tool makes creating a content plan for generating leads straightforward. With the Outline Generator, marketers can create SEO content so that the company website ranks highly, which will lead to new customers finding your business through organic searches and then becoming leads.


Lead Generation Online

Lead generation online can be done in several ways. B2B companies could start ad campaigns or purchase contact information and start cold-calling individuals. A lead generation tools list will likely include a few tools to help marketers create these ads or automatically send emails, but these methods are not going to generate leads as well as SEO content can. Out of seven choices, nearly one-third of surveyed marketers said that organic search generated more leads than anything else. 

Appearing in organic search results is not going to be easy without SEO. Additionally, the best lead generation websites will possess SEO content to rank higher in search engines and quality content to drive conversions. With Demandwell’s Outline Generator tool, marketers can create SEO content outlines that are targeted for a specific keyword that relates to a product or service that your business offers. This content can then be written and published, which will cause your business website to rank for that keyword so that when a customer searches for that keyword, your website will appear. Furthermore, Demandwell offers other content production and SEO tools for B2B companies so that they can improve their website’s performance and boost revenue.



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