B2B SaaS SEO Campaign Strategy

SEO Campaign Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to boosting organic traffic to a website. The right keyword research and content creation are the way businesses can rank higher in search engine results. For B2B SaaS companies, however, this may not be enough. While producing content with keywords may cause your company website to rank slightly higher, it may not put it on the first page. To get to the first page and grow your organic traffic, you need an organized, specific strategy for each piece of content you publish. 

In traditional SEO examples, marketers and content creators are directed to utilize high-ranking keywords and publish relevant content to boost traffic and conversions. Their keyword research will produce a list of keywords the business can use to create content. This SEO strategy example may work for certain companies, but many organizations will require more structure in order to see tangible results. 

The current SEO marketing strategy of many companies will include a structured and unified ad campaign, but their content marketing strategy will be completely unstructured. Their ad campaign is not only targeted to a specific audience for a unique purpose, but marketers can easily track the performance of the ads on a unified platform. They can also use these insights to improve the ads. When managing SEO content, on the other hand, the same business will pull from a pool of keywords and create content with no direct purpose other than using generic keywords to grow organic traffic to their site. The performance of the content can be tracked with analytics, but the company would need to use several platforms to be able to produce actionable insights.

Demandwell created SEO Campaigns to solve these problems so that businesses can market content the way they publish ads. Rather than using ads for targeted marketing and SEO content for generic traffic, SEO Campaigns can be used to align ad campaigns with SEO content creation.


SEO Marketing Campaign

What is SEO campaign marketing? Simply put, it is the SEO content version of an ad campaign. An SEO campaign strategy is about publishing content with a specific audience and purpose in mind. Instead of having an open-ended list of SEO keywords to use for content creation, an SEO marketing campaign makes it easier to organize content around a topic so that it is focused rather than generic. The best SEO campaigns are designed to make SEO a structured process that can complement the other targeted marketing strategies used by the company.

An SEO campaign, meaning the complete method from start to finish of choosing a topic and a specific keyword to track the performance of that content, will produce organized SEO content in a way that is as simple as starting an ad campaign. Demandwell’s SEO Campaigns tool was designed for B2B SaaS companies that need to optimize their content marketing methods. 

With Demandwell’s SEO Campaigns tool, companies can develop a structured flow for SEO marketing and gain valuable insights into the best methods to continue using and those that should be changed. SEO Campaigns simplify content creation for companies into four main steps. First, the company chooses a topic and creates a campaign around it. Then, with Demandwell’s Keyword Intelligence and Brief Building tools, the business develops the content. After the content is published, the company can track the rankings for each page and keyword in the campaign. Demandwell’s tool will then provide the business’s marketers with recommendations to improve their content strategy based on current and recent successes.


SEO Campaign Template

It can be beneficial to examine an SEO campaign template to get a better understanding of how an SEO campaign works. A basic template can help businesses know where to start with creating a campaign. Unlike an SEO strategy template, a campaign template will have a narrower focus. In a theoretical SEO campaign example, a company might use a template to choose a topic for the campaign, such as the invoice processing capability they provide. The business would then develop content around that capability, using specific keywords that will get the page to rank higher in search engines. A template or tool such as Demandwell’s SEO Campaigns would help them create the content around that topic.

With a tool like SEO Campaigns, examples of the best keywords to use for the campaign can be automatically generated. This can make it easy to find specific keywords that will cause your content to perform well without requiring marketers to perform keyword research manually. An SEO campaign cost will depend on whether you create a campaign using a template or a full-service tool. Whichever route you choose, SEO campaign marketing will outweigh the cost because it will optimize the time and effort spent on marketing.

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