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SEO (search engine optimization) is an integral part of most SaaS marketing strategies. However, SEO marketing is getting harder and harder. The more your company grows, the more content you need and the easier it becomes for SEO mistakes to slip through the cracks. That’s why many companies rely on SEO automation software to help them maintain effective SEO content strategies. 

There are various kinds of SEO tools you can use to simplify your content workflow. The best SEO tools use automation to streamline your content workflow as much as possible. Some SEO companies (like Demandwell) combine automated tools with consulting services to provide clients with a truly comprehensive SEO framework.

There are numerous SEO factors to consider when you’re producing SEO content. You have to spend time researching the best keywords to use, determining the best length, identifying the most important links to include — and this is just the beginning. It’s easy to see how a fully manual SEO content creation process can eat up a lot of time. Not to mention, it’s difficult to keep a manual process organized. Maybe it can be done at a small company, but when your company grows larger it will probably become very difficult to scale your content production without the help of an SEO automation tool.

These common SEO roadblocks are what lead many marketing leaders to ask themselves: “can SEO be automated?” Fortunately, there are many tools that can be used to automate parts of the SEO content process. Notably, Demandwell’s automated SEO content outline generator can greatly reduce the amount of time your team spends building content briefs and make the process much more efficient.


SEO Automated Content Generation

Some of the best SEO tools for digital marketing include automated features to aid efficiency. One example of these automated tools is Demandwell’s tool for content outline generation. The outline generator combines artificial intelligence and human intelligence to create the most effective outlines in the most efficient manner possible. Here’s how it works:

First, you select a target keyword from your Demandwell keyword plan around which the content will be based. Then, the outline generator will automatically find all the best keywords to include in that piece and place them in multiple groups. Each of these groups is created according to the way Google views the keywords in relation to one another to maximize SEO impact. These groups also each serve as the basis for one section of the outline. Selecting each keyword and researching the best way to group them without the help of automation can be a tedious, time-consuming task. 

Of course, after the automation has generated the outline, you’re free to adjust the groupings and add or remove keywords however you see fit. You know the nuances of your marketing strategy better than any software, and sometimes a human touch is necessary to get the outline just right.

Demandwell’s automated content generation tool can also insert instructions for writers based on pre-written templates. The outline generator will automatically populate the “instructions” section of the outline with the appropriate template and you can adjust it if you need to. This can speed up outline creation if you often include the same or similar sets of core instructions that only need to be modified slightly to suit each individual outline.


Best Seo Automation Tools

An SEO automation tool like Demandwell’s automatic content outline generator can give your SEO content production a significant boost. The best SEO automation tools can take a sluggish, ineffective SEO content strategy and turn it into a well-oiled machine that gets results.

If you’ve decided to make the switch to a software solution with automation features to power your content creation, you have a big decision to make. There are a lot of choices when it comes to SEO software, and you need the one that’s capable of furthering your company’s specific goals for SEO. Automated content generation is one feature that can help in many cases, but it’s important to evaluate your content strategy’s specific needs and factor those into your decision about which software to use.

Whether you choose to take advantage of Demandwell’s tools for easy SEO content outline generation or go with another option, you’ll likely see a noticeable improvement in the impact of your SEO content. When you eliminate inefficiencies in your process by using AI to complete tasks like generating SEO topics or keyword lists, you can unlock a new level of productivity in your content creation workflow.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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