Finding the Right Keyword Strategy

Keyword Strategy 

Creating a keyword strategy is the first step in locating and incorporating useful keywords into your content. There are various tools and resources that you can use to develop a solid strategy. For instance, you might use a keyword strategy template to help outline the process. Templates can be especially useful for those that are just learning how to create a keyword strategy. Data dump tools are a similarly good option for seeing what keywords are out there and how they are used to drive traffic. Data dump tools, as the term implies, dump out loads of data that businesses can evaluate to obtain useful insights. Such tools can help inform their keyword strategies. 

However, not all of the keywords produced by these tools are equally helpful, and so it’s important to consider a few key criteria to understand which ones are most relevant. First, you should determine the level of intent—the more specific the keyword, the higher the intent. For example, if a search begins with “what is,” that indicates a lower level of intent in which a person is just trying to gain a general understanding of a concept. On the other hand, if they are searching for specific products or brands, it is likely that they are closer to actually making a purchase. 

You should also look at how frequently keywords are being searched for each month and consider your organization’s priorities. While there may be a high-intent keyword within your sphere of influence, you should determine whether or not that keyword is actually relevant to your business goals. It’s important to use keywords that are as closely aligned to your specific company needs as possible. By evaluating these criteria, you can be well on your way to creating an effective keyword strategy, incorporating the most relevant words into your content to increase traffic to your website.


How to Create a Keyword Strategy

Creating a keyword strategy is often easier said than done, but it’s important to do your research to determine the most effective keywords and how to incorporate them into your content. Performing a keyword search can yield many helpful results, especially when using a keyword strategy tool. To find the best keyword research tool for your business, you should consider your unique needs, as well as the kind of content you’re hoping to create. Your SEM keyword strategy should reflect your business goals, as well as the needs and interests of those you are trying to attract. Keeping both of these elements in mind is essential to creating a strong keyword strategy.

When developing a strategy, you should also account for specific types of keywords. For instance, if you are primarily going to be working with short tail keywords, you might look for a tool that specifically produces short tail keywords as opposed to longer keywords. Viewing keyword strategy examples is a great way to learn the difference between keyword types and get a better idea of how to include them in your content. If possible, it can be most helpful to look at a keywords example that was used successfully by competitors or others in your space, as these are typically more relevant to the audience you’re trying to attract. 


Keyword Strategy SEO

Keyword strategy SEO tools can put you on the path to success. By leveraging the appropriate tools and software, you can find the most relevant keywords and work to incorporate them into your content. Still, getting started with a keyword-based SEO plan can be difficult, which is why it’s a good idea to view an SEO strategy example or SEO keyword strategy example before getting started developing your own strategy. Seeing what has worked—and what hasn’t—for other businesses is a great way to better understand SEO and why certain keywords rank higher than others in search engines.

Likewise, viewing an SEO marketing strategy example can help you understand how SEO ties into marketing and how it can be used to boost site visibility. Keywords and related SEO elements can drastically improve your marketing strategy and allow you to expand your reach. Demandwell offers several tools, including Keyword Coach, to aid in your marketing efforts and help you to create more effective content. The platform combines human intelligence with AI to generate personalized SEO recommendations that drive better results. 

Rather than attempting to perform keyword research by hand, users can take advantage of Demandwell’s tools to unify analytics and un-silo SEO performance. By partnering with Demandwell you get access to SaaS expertise that can grow alongside your business so that, no matter what your short-term and long-term goals, you can develop winning SEO strategies.

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