Google Ranking Software for Keywords

Google Ranking Software

When it comes to getting data on webpage and keyword rankings, business marketers need to use an efficient platform. Google Search Console may look like a great option, but it does not possess the in-depth capabilities that can be found in a platform that was designed with B2B SaaS companies in mind, like Demandwell. Getting information on keyword rankings requires multiple levels of data and reports that would take hours to create from scratch using a Google rank checker like Search Console. With the right platform, marketers can spend their time improving web pages to drive traffic rather than investigating keyword rankings.

Keyword ranking is all about knowing where web pages rank in search engines for a particular word or phrase. A keyword checker tool can inform marketers where their content ranks in search results. The higher a page ranks, the more likely it will be seen and clicked on by users, which will, in turn, drive traffic and sales to your company. In addition to this, a keyword rank checker can be used to help marketers make decisions about which keywords to use in new content and which ones may have low traffic or might be too competitive.

With so much data available on potential traffic, and real impressions, clicks, and conversions, businesses need to be able to easily analyze this data so they can see whether their current content strategy is working and if they need to make any changes. A website ranking checker tool like Google Search Console needs to be used alongside a platform that can provide reports on the data for ease of use. Demandwell created a Reporting Suite that works with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Demandwell data to provide marketers with everything from a high-level overview of the business’s SEO performance to custom reports on specific keywords and URLs.

SEO Analyzer

Marketing is constantly changing and needs to be able to adapt to the preferences and needs of potential buyers. In SEO marketing, businesses must keep track of their SEO score, so they ensure they are adapting and constantly improving. To do this, marketers need an SEO analyzer tool. Different tools will provide unique features, but ones that produce more detailed information will be more valuable to marketers. In other words, a simple SEO rank checker will not be as helpful as a platform that can produce a complete analysis of your webpage’s performance as well as specific reports on keywords. A website analyzer that can be used to quickly understand the status of your website’s SEO performance with complete data is essential to marketers that need to ensure that webpages are producing results.

With Demandwell’s Reporting Suite, businesses can get a comprehensive picture of their SEO performance in one centralized platform. Using Demandwell’s Need-to-Lead Funnel, which is a tool that provides a complete view of the metrics on organic growth for a website, the Reporting Suite can produce a simple report that can give marketers an idea of where their SEO strategy is at in real-time. When marketers need highly focused data on a specific keyword or metric, the Reporting Suite can be used to create customized reports. These reports can be created and used for analyzing keyword performance or for looking at multiple metrics for a URL, and they can be saved to easily share with the marketing team and managers.

Google Ranking Tool

Demandwell’s Reporting Suite uses two important Google tools to create a Demandwell and Google website ranking checker. The Demandwell Reporting Suite harnesses the data from both Google Analytics and Google Seach Console to create reports and provide actionable insights into real-time SEO performance. While a Google SEO checker like Google Search Console can be used for tracking SEO and keyword rankings, the account must be synced with Google Analytics, and the data will need to be manually analyzed and collected for reports because the Google ranking tool does not provide this feature.

There are no easy-to-use Google ranking software solutions, but the Google keyword rank checker tool that can be created when syncing Google Analytics and Search Console accounts can provide helpful data to marketers. The information from the Google SEO ranking checker must be consolidated into a report to get a complete understanding of the data. This is where Demandwell’s Reporting Suite can provide businesses with a faster, more in-depth method for creating these reports. A Google website checker tool is not going to save marketers time, but Demandwell’s Reporting Suite can. With Demandwell’s platform, companies can have full control over their SEO analytics and ensure their SEO content is driving revenue.

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