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Google Ranking Software

In the complex realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), businesses need to use the most up-to-date and efficient methods to improve their SEO content. Among the most crucial tasks of SEO is keyword research. Keywords are what search engines like Google use to rank pages. It is essential to use the right keywords for your business and content, rather than only picking the ones that rank the highest. Using specific keywords that have mid-level rankings will make it easier to reach the first page in search results because the content is not competing with hundreds of other pages that use the same generic keywords. 

Whether a marketer is performing keyword research to collect the best keywords for new content or they need to track the performance of current keywords, they will need a website analyzer. A website SEO analyzer is a tool that can provide marketers with data on how well keywords are performing, such as how high they rank and the number of clicks the page gets. With this information, it will be easy to see if the business’s web pages get a solid SEO score or if they need to use different keywords to improve that score. To find a website analyzer, Google has a few tools that can help, but businesses often require more comprehensive data that can only be found manually or with an SEO platform. 

Demandwell is an SEO platform for B2B SaaS companies that want to boost their keyword and webpage rankings. While Google’s SEO tools could be used as a website ranking checker, Demandwell’s seamless integration with these tools enables marketers to use Google Ranking Software in far more advanced ways. Demandwell’s keyword rank checker tools can provide marketers with valuable, granular insights into their current keyword rankings and provide recommendations for future keyword-rich content based on past successes.


Google SEO Checker

A basic website SEO checker can provide businesses with data on how well their website ranks in search engine results. The Google SEO checker from Google Search Console is a helpful tool to see the general information on your current website ranking. For example, a marketer could use Google Search Console to ensure their website’s technical information is correct and optimized for Google’s search results. On the other hand, for companies that need a simple Google website checker for tracking the performance of specific pages, the Google Analytics platform can be useful. This tool makes it easy to see exactly how users interact with pages on your site, such as what they click on and how long they stay on each page.

For companies that want to use Google’s tools for keyword research, there is no single rank checker website tool available. Instead of a single tool, businesses have to use both Google Analytics and Google Search Console to get the data on specific keyword rankings. While a Google rank checker like Search Console provides basic data, it may not be thorough enough for analysis. Demandwell’s platform works with both of these Google tools to provide marketers with useful information that they can use to improve their website’s SEO keyword rankings. Rather than only using Google Analytics to collect data on user webpage interactions or using Google Search Console to understand if you need to fix technical issues, Demandwell works in conjunction with these tools to simplify and organize all of this data so that marketers can focus on boosting organic traffic using only the best keywords.


Keywords in Analytics

To perform keyword ranking research with Google’s tools, marketers need to create a Google keyword rank checker by combining both Google Search Console and Google Analytics. This is one of the only ways to use Google ranking software tools to get data on keyword rankings. You may be wondering how to check keyword ranking in Google Analytics. The process requires you to have both a Google Analytics account as an Editor and a Google Search Console account as an Owner for the website you need to analyze. Once you have an account on both platforms, you will need to sync them to create a Google ranking tool.

To sync a Google Search Console account with a Google Analytics account, the account owner must edit the Property Settings in the Analytics account. Under the Search Console Settings tab, verify that the URL of your website is there and add it if it is not. In the Search Console tab, choose the reporting view that you need for the data, then click Save. With these accounts synced, you can run queries about keywords in Analytics and produce a Google Analytics keywords report. While this method can work as a Google SEO ranking checker, B2B SaaS companies should consider a more thorough platform that can provide detailed insights into keyword rankings, such as Demandwell’s SEO platform.


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