How To Make An SEO Keyword Strategy

SEO Keyword Strategy

Think about the last thing you searched using Google. What search terms did you use? Which results did you further explore? What were some of the top results?


While searching on Google can generate thousands of results, individuals typically only view the top few on the first page of results, making those positions highly sought after. The reason why some results show up higher than others is because of search engine optimization. 


Search engine optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO, is when entities use specific keywords in order for their websites and landing pages to perform higher in search results. Results that place higher also have better visualization that helps increase traffic to said websites. It is an essential tool in the marketing tool belt and should be one of the many parts of an overall marketing strategy. 


Getting started with an SEO strategy may seem like a daunting task, but when done effectively, the results will speak for themselves. The key to an effective SEO strategy is getting in the mind of the audience you are trying to attract. Your keywords should be important to your audience and relevant to your business, services, or organization.


For example, if you want to know how to make an apple pie, you may search terms like “how to make an apple pie” or “apple pie recipe.” Either of these search terms will generate results that can ultimately help solve your issue of wanting to bake an apple pie. Understanding what’s important to your audience, what problem they are trying to solve, and how you can help resolve their problem is a gateway to understanding how to make keywords work for you. 


While you can come up with keywords yourself, there are a number of tools at your disposal you can utilize to create your list of keywords. Once you compile this list, you can use these keywords in your SEO keyword strategy


What is a Keyword Strategy?

Once you have compiled your list of relevant keywords, it’s time to execute. You might be compelled to start writing content using every single generated keyword, but it’s important to take a step back and dive into the audience’s mind. After all, keywords are based on actual terms they are most likely to search on Google or other search engines.


Here is a keyword strategy example to help demonstrate how to create a keyword strategy. Let’s say you are a baker who owns a bakery and wants to promote your pie-making class. You build a landing page about your class with a registration link so people can sign up. In this particular class, you will demonstrate how to make an apple pie. You refer to your SEO keywords list, which includes things like “apple pie recipe,” “how to make a cherry pie,” “blueberry pie ingredients,” and “how to make an apple pie” when writing content for your landing page. Considering you only want to promote the landing page about your apple pie class, you can eliminate keywords that are not relevant to apple pie and only use the ones that are when writing your content. 


Knowing what keywords to use and when and where to use them is crucial to building a keyword strategy. While it may seem simple to compile that list of keywords on your own, utilizing a keyword finder such as the Google keyword tool can significantly reduce the burden of deciding which keywords are high-performing and ultimately better to use. You can find SEO keyword strategy templates on our site to assist you.


Best Keyword Research Tool

As previously mentioned, there are a number of SEO keywords tools at your disposal to ease the load of finding keywords. These tools have the ability to generate a large number of relevant keywords, but it is up to you to filter through and decide which ones are best. Varying keywords are used for different keyword strategy examples depending on the keyword strategy tool used. 


The driving force behind an effective SEO keyword strategy is a keen knowledge of your business and the audience you desire to reach. When you understand how your business can solve problems for those you want to attract, you can better use effective keyword research to implement a stellar SEO strategy. Better SEO will drive more traffic to your website and landing pages, causing your page to place higher in search results. If you feel stuck on your keyword research and strategy, Demandwell has keyword strategy templates and SEO marketing strategy examples to help you along the way.

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