How to Run an SEO Marketing Campaign

SEO Marketing Campaign

Managing SEO for an organization can be quite a daunting task. There are many different types of SEO campaigns that a business can choose to adopt for its own objectives. Based on what goals an organization is attempting to accomplish, one then must ask the question of “How To Do SEO For Website Step-By-Step.” The Best SEO campaigns are the ones that were structured with a proper SEO campaign template from the very beginning of the development process. SEO Campaigns with Demandwell offers support through every stage of SEO strategy in digital marketing, from conception to performance evaluation. 


Demandwell’s SEO campaigns go well beyond a Google Seo Campaign, especially in how the program analyzes the data that is gained after an SEO Marketing Campaign runs its course. Clients working with Demandwell have the added advantage of tracking the progress of an SEO campaign over time. In a single frame, clients can review SEO performance and visualize the results in real-time, possibly identifying where improvements could be made. 


Another great benefit of Demandwell’s SEO campaigns is its holistic approach to gathering insight on targeted keywords and keyword clusters. A part of Demandwell’s SEO strategy template involves connecting keyword strategy with marketing campaign strategy. From a user-friendly dashboard, clients working with Demandwell on their SEO campaign strategy can at a glance review the rankings of each target keyword and make use of the Lifestage Cycle to consider what next steps there could be to increase that keyword’s ranking to page one on Google. In that way, each campaign receives its very own SEO campaign case study. These case studies are critical for determining markers of success and reflecting on less successful components for improvement. Ultimately, that is the entire point of using targeted keywords to attach critical words and phrases for a subject to the organization’s product, service, or brand at large. 


SEO Campaigns Examples

One of many SEO campaign examples would be for a marketing team to focus not only on short keywords and phrases but also on long tail keywords. These refer to keyword phrases that contain three or more words. Depending on the size and scale of the business in question, it is considered wiser to tackle long tail keywords over short keywords since long tail keywords are less likely to have a great deal of competition attached to them. For example, It would be completely impractical for a small local pizzeria to try and poach short, pizza-related keywords from giants such as Domino’s or Pizza Hut. Their efforts are better served by researching long tail keywords that more specifically encapsulate their unique brand and style of cuisine genre. The less competition there is for a long tail keyword, the more likely it is that it shall possess a higher conversion potential. 


Another example would be the natural relationship between more thorough keyword research with increased daily website traffic. This is connected to what was previously discussed in honing in on long tail keywords. We understand why long tail keywords may be more worthwhile investments, but what are the results that come after? One travel agency, Maldives Traveler, was able to increase its number of website visitors by over 40% because it revamped the way it approached SEO keyword strategy.  


SEO Project Example

One great SEO Marketing Strategy Example is the use of performance reports for an organization’s website. There is a great wealth of data that can be gleaned from a company’s online presence, and that data should not dwell in the ether of the Internet forever. With the proper analytical tools like Demandwell’s performance evaluation, each SEO campaign can have its own “autopsy” where organizations can break down the myriad forms of data to see where did they hit their desired targets and where did they fall short. 


Embedded within the SEO campaign program, Demandwell immediately makes suggestions and recommendations for how a campaign can be the most impactful. In this way, organizations can maximize their return of investment (ROI). These potential recommendations can possibly include, but are not limited to additional target keywords, technical fixes, and to-dos for further content production.  


SEO is a type of marketing strategy that is almost entirely dictated by results. There are no golden participation trophies for simply trying. The Google algorithm is not that forgiving. As such, having a robust platform for the performance analytics of an SEO campaign is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, by investing in a platform that offers this critical data, businesses are placing themselves in the best possible position for success.

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