How to Use an SEO Management Tool

SEO Management Tool

It’s undeniably challenging to get an SEO strategy just right. Almost any marketer who’s spent time cultivating an organic marketing funnel can tell you it’s not as simple as building content around a target keyword and waiting for the site traffic to roll in. Sure, you can generate a list of relevant keywords with any number of basic SEO tools, or you can even get a hand-curated list from an SEO agency — but checking keywords off of a list isn’t going to transform your organic funnel. Instead, you’ll probably be left with a trail of content that’s been indexed by Google but never managed to reach the first page (or second, or third…). 


It’s frustrating to see your hard work have so little impact. But, the problem is not necessarily you — in fact, it most likely isn’t. It’s not that you’re producing poor content or even focusing on the wrong keywords, but rather that your SEO efforts are not functioning as a coordinated part of your marketing program. Instead of chipping away at an isolated list of keywords, SEO marketers should approach SEO marketing with the same degree of structure as they would any other kind of marketing campaign. We spend a lot of time discussing the question “what is SEO?”, but it’s just as important to understand how to integrate an SEO strategy with an SEO management tool.


One of the best ways to create a cohesive SEO campaign that gets tangible results is with an SEO management tool. Demandwell combines some of the best SEO tools with guidance from human experts to help you manage your SEO campaign effectively. By identifying the most important keywords and breaking your strategy down into manageable chunks, you can begin to turn your organic marketing funnel into a successful source of revenue.


Best SEO Tools

The kinds of SEO tools you use have a major impact on the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. We’re not just talking about keyword research tools — while SEO tools for keyword research are important to have, you need a whole toolset to give your SEO campaign structure. The best SEO tools give you the same level of insight into your organic marketing outcomes that you could get from paid ad analytics.


Traditionally, SEO marketing has been difficult to track in a concrete way. To gather insights, SEO marketers have had to juggle various tools and pull data from disparate sources. A platform like Demandwell combines all these insights into one view so you can track your SEO campaign’s impact in real-time. Essential metrics like target keywords, page rank, number of clicks, number of impressions, conversions over time, and more can be easily monitored with the right SEO tools. 


Online platforms are some of the best tools for gathering vital SEO KPIs like these in one place. SEO marketers need a single, unobstructed view of the way the content they publish is impacting the organization. Implementing a robust SEO toolset like Demandwell can enable marketers to start tracking SEO progress almost immediately after publishing a new piece of content.


SEO Tools For Digital Marketing

Demandwell’s SEO Campaigns can help your organization achieve better SEO for digital marketing through simplification, better reporting, and strategic focus. Campaigns also make it much easier to align SEO efforts with broader company goals, enabling an SEO strategy that syncs up with multi-channel marketing initiatives. Here’s how Demandwell’s SEO Campaigns work in a few simple steps:

Create the Campaign

The first step is to choose a topic around which to plan your SEO campaign. The topic could take many different shapes, like a particular market segment, a new product feature, or a common customer pain point. Your topic will determine what kind of content you create in the next step.

Build the Content

After you’ve settled on a topic for your campaign, you need content to drive it. Demandwell’s Keyword Intelligence technology can help you develop a list of keywords to target that are relevant to your chosen topic. The automated Brief Builder tool can also help by quickly generating content outlines based on each topic that include the most appropriate keywords.

Track, Optimize, and Iterate

Next, you need a way to track the effects of your SEO content. Demandwell’s software makes it easy to see valuable performance insights that tell you how your content is doing. You can then take these insights and use them to make improvements. Finally, you can reiterate the process as many times as you need to perfect your SEO strategy. 

Get Recommendations

Perhaps best of all, Deamdnwell’s SEO tools for digital marketing provide customized recommendations for your SEO strategy based on the current state of your SEO campaign and your recent SEO activities. This ensures you always know what you need to do next to make progress.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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