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Measure Content Marketing

Digital content — such as blog posts, marketing campaigns, and search engine optimized content — is crucial for any business wanting to stay relevant in today’s world. While many businesses have concrete and developed ways for measuring the more active forms of digital content, such as blog posts and marketing campaigns, many still struggle with measuring the less-interesting forms of digital content, such as SEO or performance content. However, in today’s continually changing and crowding the online market, SEO content is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes and industries.


So, how can you best approach performance content measurement? You may already know how to measure content marketing content that is more active, but have you figured out how to effectively measure your performance content? When it comes to best measuring your SEO content’s performance, you need to come up with the right metrics to look for. Many people will look for website traffic and search engine rankings as the only metrics for measuring the success or failure of their SEO content. While these two metrics are incredibly valuable for this type of content, they are not the only things you should consider. You must also include revenue in your ROI measurement for performance content.


When you treat your organic search funnel (which you improve by creating SEO content) just like any other type of marketing funnel, you are able to more effectively measure the success of your content marketing efforts. With many marketing framework examples, you will measure how much traffic is coming in and how much revenue is generated by whatever marketing campaign you are running. Do the same with your SEO content marketing analytics. This will help you see how your content is performing and what you can do to improve that performance.


Content Marketing Analytics

Maintaining an effective and inclusive SEO dashboard to house all your content marketing analytics and measurements can seem daunting, especially if you are currently using multiple websites to measure different aspects of your SEO performance. Luckily, there is a more efficient way to do your content performance measurement. Use a platform like Demandwell that includes all of your necessary analytics in one single dashboard. By combining measurements from Demandwell’s platform with analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, Demandwell’s SEO dashboard shows you everything you need to know about your content performance in a single pane of glass.


Demandwell’s platform helps you to create an effective content marketing framework that emphasizes the role of your organic search funnel. This is incredibly important because when you are measuring the performance of your SEO content, you should be focusing not only on increased website traffic but also on revenue increases. A simple and streamlined content framework in conjunction with a complete performance analytics dashboard can help you see how your content is performing.


When you are measuring your SEO content’s effect on incoming revenue, it is important to keep in mind that a sales cycle is 3-6 months. This means you are unlikely to see that much return on investment until after a sales cycle has finished. To really see what SEO content does for your business, it can be best to wait to take measurements until after a sales cycle has finished. This will give you the most accurate results and analytics.


Content Performance Report

In order to get a good content performance report, you need to use the right tools and look for the right metrics. When it comes to SEO content, there are a number of metrics that you can use to measure success. You can look at leads, demo requests, website traffic, content downloads, revenue increases, and more. Tracking all of these metrics can be incredibly challenging, especially if you are tracking them over several platforms or websites. This is why it can be helpful to implement a single and complete content measurement framework like the one offered in Demandwell’s platform. 


Demandwell gives you all the content measurement tools you need to easily and effectively measure your SEO content performance. Demandwell can also help you create a working content plan and framework to simplify and improve your SEO strategy. Without the right content marketing plan, you may fall behind on posting SEO content or not post the most relevant content for your business. 


With a comprehensive SEO platform like Demandwell, you can be sure that you are not only producing the content you need to improve your online presence and discoverability but also that you are able to easily and effectively track the performance of that content in a single dashboard.


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