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SEO Keyword Tracking

SEO keyword tracking is an integral part of SEO and something businesses need to prioritize to achieve better search engine rankings. But what is keyword tracking, and how is it done? Keyword tracking is the process by which companies monitor keywords to determine the most relevant words. This is for the ultimate purpose of boosting site visibility and driving web traffic to their content. Many types of SEO rank tracking and keyword tracking tools can be used to simplify this process. For instance, many tools are automated, meaning that they perform keyword research automatically and generate the most useful words for users.


If you intend to track keywords on a daily basis, you can benefit from a daily keyword tracking tool; if you plan on tracking keywords on a less frequent basis, you might look for a tool that generates reports weekly or monthly. With more businesses emphasizing keyword tracking, more and more solutions are popping up, each of which is designed to help different types of businesses with different SEO needs. Finding the right keyword tracking tools for your organization is crucial to achieving SEO success and guaranteeing that your content is seen by your target audience. 


Demandwell’s Need-to-Lead Funnel provides high-level reporting for SEO. It allows users to monitor the overall performance of their SEO programs and makes it easier to track growth over time. This tool can be extremely helpful for tracking keyword performance and identifying the most lucrative SEO pathways. The Need-to-Lead Funnel helps users to better understand organic growth and determine how to improve performance going forward. By accounting for these factors, you can create winning SEO strategies and ensure that your content hits the top of the page every time. This can promote brand awareness and increase business revenue.


SEO Checker

An SEO checker checks for SEO elements, including keywords and website presentability. It can scan for errors and alert you to anything that’s negatively impacting your search engine rankings. For example, a tool like this can check to make sure that all images and text are formatted correctly. Because there’s so much that goes into SEO, it can be difficult to spot issues with the naked eye, but SEO checkers can alert you to errors that you might have otherwise overlooked. Just because you aren’t aware of something doesn’t mean it isn’t hurting your rankings.


A keyword rank checker specifically looks at how your keywords are ranking. It can show you how you compare to your competitors and which keywords are irrelevant and should be removed from your content. Without a keyword checker, it can be difficult, if not impossible to monitor each of your keywords on a long-term basis. Rankings change constantly, so it’s important to continually stay on top of where you stand with your keywords. A rank checker tool can allow you to easily monitor your rankings. Some tools even automate detailed reports that go into greater depth about why certain keywords are ranking well and why others are not.


Demandwell’s Need-to-Lead Funnel is one such tool that provides in-depth reporting, taking things a step beyond traditional SEO checkers. Rather than trying to access siloed data across multiple systems, you can view all of your SEO-related metrics in a single, centralized platform. 


Rank Tracking Tools 

Finding the right rank tracking tools for your business is the first step to improving your SEO performance. You might look for a keyword rank tracker tool if you are specifically focused on keywords. Google’s keyword tracking tools are among the most popular and include keyword search tools and rank tracker tools. Performing your own keyword research is a great way to dive deeper into the process and truly understand how and why certain keywords rank the way they do. Google keyword research tools make it easy for users to research their keywords in the Google search engine and obtain useful insights.


Whether you’re looking for the best keyword research tool or a more advanced solution to analyze SEO across your entire website, it’s important to know what to do with the insights gleaned from those tools. You need to know how to leverage the right keywords and SEO elements to boost your search engine rankings. Tools like Demandwell’s Need-to-Lead Funnel allow users to view various activities within SEO, giving them a big-picture look at how different elements are impacting each other—for better or worse. Users can then take these insights and use them to make meaningful changes to their SEO strategies.

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