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SaaS Marketing Agency

Software as a service is a specialized niche where companies sell software services instead of tangible products. A SaaS marketing agency focuses on promoting and selling SaaS products, typically in the form of subscription-based services. A digital marketing agency focuses on marketing products and services online to increase sales and revenue for the companies they represent. Top digital marketing agencies may have specialized departments to handle B2B SaaS companies because SaaS digital marketing differs from traditional digital marketing. Traditional digital marketing involves many aspects of a website and managing social media to attract customers through search engine results leading to purchases. SaaS marketing examples include a more long-term approach to SEO and marketing. Even though SEO and ranking high in SERPs is a common thread across different types of digital marketing, B2B SaaS marketing firms rely heavily on a more long-term approach to establishing credibility, leadership, and ongoing relationships within a niche industry. 

The use of a SaaS marketing agency is becoming more common in the highly competitive market of B2B SaaS businesses. A B2B SaaS marketing agency helps companies build awareness to sell their services to have competitors choose their client’s SaaS product over the many others available in the market. One of the significant differences facing a SaaS digital marketing agency vs. a traditional marketing agency is that, typically, a marketing company is marketing directly to a customer using a business-to-customer B2C model. With SaaS companies, marketing agencies must focus on different strategies because the product is marketed to businesses in a business-to-business (B2B) model. As a result, customers in a B2B model often do extensive research, and purchasing decisions are typically made by a group rather than one person. Purchasing decisions made by a collective group adds to the complexity of marketing for B2B SaaS products and services. 

Demandwell tools and services differ from traditional B2B SaaS marketing agencies. For example, a B2B SaaS agency often takes over company marketing efforts from SEO to content marketing. Handing over all SEO efforts may seem appealing at first; however, due to the rapid changes that can take place in the B2B world, it can make it difficult to adapt when needed. In contrast, Demandwell offers a top-rated suite of SEO tools in addition to SEO consulting services that keep you, the customer, in control. Through expert consulting and guidance to develop an SEO strategy and utilizing the Demandwell SEO platform, companies see undeniable results in organic search, lead generation, and many other areas leading to potential revenue growth and sustainability. 

SaaS SEO Agency

The best SaaS companies can hire the top digital marketing agency and lose control over their SEO strategy. While handing over the reins to an expert agency may seem to make sense, software marketing companies can quickly realize a lack of cohesiveness in content and other SEO aspects when digital marketing efforts are spread out in different places. Another option, like Demandwell, offers the best of both worlds. Demandwell is not a SaaS SEO agency but a software platform that empowers companies to take charge of their SEO through top-rated SEO tools and expert consulting services. Demandwell is an SEO growth platform that people often lump into the SaaS SEO agency category. 

Any answer to the question, “what is B2B SaaS marketing?” must include significant efforts in search engine optimization. SEO is crucial for almost every business today. However, SEO is at the top of the marketing priority list for SaaS companies. If a SaaS SEO agency cannot help its clients be easily found on search engines, it is detrimental to the sustainability of their business. The B2B SaaS business model relies on a sustainable high position in SERPs for new and recurring businesses. A SaaS SEO agency must first and foremost have expertise in all areas of SEO and how this relates specifically to B2B SaaS companies. It is more than rapidly appearing at the top of SERPs. It is a targeted, narrow focus in a niche market that requires mastering the analysis of large amounts of data and then translating it into a prioritized plan across all areas of SEO. Demandwell empowers B2B SaaS companies as an SEO software platform by helping them look at the data, understand it, and prioritize where to apply the individualized suggestions developed through their effective SEO tools and consulting services.

Why Is SaaS Marketing Different

When digital marketing across industries involves SEO, why is SaaS Marketing different? SEO is different for SaaS companies because SaaS companies are marketing a new product that solves problems for businesses, and those businesses have high expectations. Customers in the B2B sector want advanced solutions to old and new issues they are facing. These complex solutions often involve time to correct. In addition, presenting solutions requires technical verbiage and industry knowledge. SEO for B2B businesses involves a unique SEO keyword strategy using technical language in a conversational tone. Search engines are fickle and constantly changing. One of the recent changes demands well-written quality content free from any keyword stuffing presented in everyday language. This change was brought about by newly developed sensitive AI processes, placing a new difficulty level in the SEO content creation for B2B SEO businesses. 

SaaS marketing consultants with Demandwell understand these changes and have advanced content creation knowledge and tools specifically designed to help B2B SaaS companies succeed with SEO content creation. SEO content is critical for B2B companies due to the high expectations of their customers. B2B buyers have experience and advanced knowledge in their niche industries. As a result, they extensively research any product they consider purchasing. Buyers in the B2B sector often avoid sales pitches and focus on learning and results. Therefore, it is imperative for B2B SaaS companies to continually provide valuable content in addition to ranking high and maintaining a high position in SERPs.

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