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SEO is one of the most important aspects of marketing SaaS companies effectively. Organic search is a common source of new leads for SaaS companies because SaaS customers frequently research new software solutions using search engines like Google Search. Optimizing digital content to rank highly in search engine results pages can create a great deal of visibility for SaaS companies and help them achieve scalable growth.

However, SEO in B2B SaaS marketing can be challenging. Creating and executing an SEO strategy can be a complex process and requires an ongoing effort from a team of marketers. SEO is not a “set it and forget it” kind of strategy. An effective SEO strategy is made up of many different tasks, some of which are very repetitive and time-consuming. For example, most SaaS SEO strategies heavily incorporate SEO content which is content that’s built around specific keywords to attract attention from organic searches. Creating this content is a continual process of researching keywords, planning content outlines, writing content, publishing it, and tracking its progress, along with many other small tasks and considerations requiring marketers’ attention. 

Managing an SEO strategy can easily become more than a team of marketers can manage efficiently. A SaaS marketing platform can be an effective solution for marketing teams at SaaS organizations that find themselves unable to keep up with the work involved with running an SEO strategy. Many SEO platforms provide access to SaaS marketing automation tools that marketing teams can use to reduce the amount of repetitive manual work in the SEO process. By automating many of the SEO tasks that take up large amounts of time, marketers can redirect their time and attention to the highest-priority tasks that can’t be automated.

Marketing Automation For Saas Companies

SEO platforms like Demandwell can streamline SEO processes at SaaS companies using marketing automation. SaaS companies may not ordinarily be able to keep up with the pace of content production that’s necessary for effective SEO. By using automated SaaS marketing tools, they can greatly decrease the manual work involved in the process, enabling much faster and more consistent content production.

Many of the top SaaS companies recognize the value of an effective SEO process and use software tools to streamline it. Here are a few examples of the ways B2B SaaS companies can use Demandwell’s SEO platform to automate SEO marketing efforts:

  • Keyword research: Keyword research can be a very time-consuming part of the SEO process. It’s important to carefully determine which keywords have the highest chance of attracting organic search traffic to your website. However, keyword research software often returns a mountain of data that can be tedious to sort out by hand. Demandwell’s keyword research tools can automatically select and group keywords according to relevance.
  • Content outline generation: Another step in the process of creating SEO content is creating outlines for content. Without SEO automation, and tools, marketers at SaaS companies spend a great deal of time planning content and drafting outlines. However, by using Demandwell’s outline generator tools, they can produce outlines that are finished and ready to use with just a few clicks.
  • Data analysis: It’s also difficult for SEO marketers to assess the effects of their SEO content without the proper software tools. Gathering and interpreting the data can be an overwhelming task when there are many different SEO factors all working alongside one another. Using automated SEO software, you can easily analyze the performance of a single piece of content, find out how well your content is ranking for a particular keyword, gain insight into your site’s overall SEO health, and more.

Workflow Automation

Demandwell’s SEO platform includes built-in workflow automation that can make it much easier to manage the content production process. The production workflow covers the entire process, from planning to execution to tracking results. Here are a few of the SaaS automation tools that SEO marketers can use to streamline their content production workflows:

At the beginning of the process, SaaS marketers can use keyword research automation to generate lists of relevant keywords and group them with other relevant keywords to form outline sections. They can also use Demandwell’s content outline generator to quickly create outlines and get started writing content.

After content has been published, some of the top marketing SaaS companies use SEO software tools to track how their content ranks for different keywords and analyze the impact the content has on growth. Marketing automation for SaaS companies is one of the most efficient ways to streamline SEO and boost organic growth.

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