SaaS SEO Platform For Sustainable Marketing

SaaS SEO Platform

B2B SaaS companies find themselves in a unique position – especially the marketing team, which must assume the role of making the world aware of your organization and its solutions. Developing a sound SaaS SEO platform takes time, dedication, and a skilled marketing team to help oversee the SEO process. While even the best marketing team may not be able to move mountains overnight, there are numerous resources that can help B2B SaaS marketers develop content more quickly, improve SEO campaigns, and determine more effective strategies for future campaigns. 


SEO software can help your company by automating routine work and freeing up your marketing team to do what they do best. Additionally, SEO software can help your marketing team by informing various strategic decisions at every step of the content creation process. Instead of wasting countless hours of manpower reviewing and analyzing troves of data, SEO software is capable of managing tasks better suited for artificial intelligence so the wealth of human intelligence in your company’s marketing team can be utilized more effectively. 


Increasingly, more companies are developing their online presence as consumers are spending more time online and spending more money on eCommerce applications. Digitization trends of the information era are a potential boon for well-prepared SaaS companies and B2B SaaS organizations. But how can your company determine the best path forward? 


For companies hoping to develop a solid SaaS SEO platform or improve upon existing platforms, it’s important to assess baseline operations to develop achievable goals and accurately measure progress. Demandwell offers a comprehensive SEO Health Audit to assess existing critical issues and provide analysis and pathways toward remediation. By taking an in-depth look at your company’s website (in terms of content, endorsements, and overall infrastructure), you can ensure a more robust technical optimization.

Best SEO Tools

Practically every marketing team wants to know, “what are the best SEO tools available?” or “what’s the best SaaS platform out there?” Any SaaS company worth its weight in salt – and especially the top SaaS companies – understands that there’s no silver bullet when it comes to SaaS SEO. Different companies can utilize the top SEO tools in a variety of different ways depending upon their industry and specific goals. 


One highly important aspect that can sometimes get overlooked amid the myriad other initiatives involved in SEO operations is the need to understand your target audience. The same could be said, potentially, for every enterprise, no matter the industry – a company must understand its customers and the audience to which it presents itself. Otherwise, you might be able to produce the best products, software, or solutions available on the market, and no one would be the wiser. It’s important to write content specifically for the people who need what you offer. Otherwise, you may get more traffic, but it will be the wrong audience and thus not result in more leads or other positive business outcomes.


Once your marketing team has successfully identified your ideal target audience – whether that’s through customer profile mockups, consumer analysis, or a combination of the two – your marketers can develop SEO strategies and content plans to help drive traffic and increase the quality of leads that arrive on your company’s website. Inundating your business’s website with well-researched keyword-based content is one of the most effective methods for generating greater volumes of traffic and potentially ensuring that more of that traffic can turn into sales to boost your company’s revenue. 

SaaS Keyword Research

When it comes to SaaS keyword research, it can be tempting to dive in head-first and try to seize the highest-value keywords within your specific industry. Coming up with SaaS keywords that work for your organization can be a lengthy process, but there are a handful of SaaS SEO tools to help make the process less difficult and more efficient. Ultimately, that’s the goal when it comes to utilizing SEO software – you want your marketing team to have more time to focus on more important tasks while allowing the software to monitor and manage the hundreds or thousands of variables affecting your organization’s SEO initiatives across your entire website.


One of the best SaaS tools presently available is Demandwell’s Keyword Coach. The Keyword Coach is an effective tool that automatically prioritizes the keywords which have the greatest potential of increasing demand and website traffic. While targeting high-traffic keywords can be alluring, they are often too competitive for relatively new enterprises to make any headway. Instead, targeting keywords with moderate traffic figures can help your company’s website rank more easily and therefore win greater volumes of traffic more quickly. More traffic means improved brand awareness and a greater potential to attract higher-quality leads.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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