SEO Campaign Management Strategy

SEO Campaign Strategy

In an ad campaign, marketers can develop ads around a purpose and track the performance of the ads in real-time. Yet, when managing SEO content, it can be difficult to get instant information on how well your content strategy is working. Many SEO examples may reference the use of analytics to track the effectiveness of the content in growing organic traffic, but this data is not always immediately available. Google Analytics, for example, only updates the information once per day, which means there may be up to a 24-hour delay. To track the performance of website content live, companies may need to utilize several different tools and platforms.

In addition, the traditional SEO strategy in digital marketing has no direction when it comes to keywords. Generally, a marketer would develop a list of keywords to use in content, then write and publish the content, and track the analytics of each page. The issue with this is that the analytics will reveal data for all of your pages without a target. Demandwell’s SEO Campaigns can solve this problem by providing companies with live insights on how targeted clusters of keywords are performing. For instance, if you publish content with a keyword such as “best b2b company” and that content ranks highly, you will be able to see similar keywords that will rank highly so that you can develop more content that will boost your organic traffic. 

SEO content creation is essential to getting organic traffic to a company website, but for it to be effective, it needs to be targeted and organized. Demandwell created SEO Campaigns to help B2B SaaS marketers create specialized content that can be analyzed in real-time. When it is used with Demandwell’s Keyword Intelligence tool, companies can build an SEO strategy with the keywords that they need to compete in their industry.


Best SEO Campaigns

The question of what is SEO campaign marketing can best be answered by looking at an SEO campaign example. The best SEO campaigns will follow an SEO campaign template that walks the marketer through the process of creating a campaign and using it effectively. Demandwell’s SEO Campaigns is a tool that can help companies build the right SEO campaign strategy for their business. By following the same rules as an ad campaign, an SEO Campaign, meaning the structured method of targeting content to a specific audience, will make it easy to produce content with tangible results.

The types of SEO campaigns that a business can create will depend on the goals and topic of the campaign. For instance, Demandwell’s SEO Campaigns tool can be used to create a campaign around a specific topic, such as a tool that the company offers, and then will generate keywords that fit with that chosen topic. The keywords that are generated will look different for each topic, but the general process of creating a campaign will look the same.

For companies that are trying to find SEO campaigns examples, these can be easily found if you google “SEO campaign.” While many campaign tools will help businesses create an SEO campaign, Demandwell’s tool automatically generates keywords and provides live data on how those keywords perform for your site. With SEO Campaigns, B2B SaaS companies can get in-depth information on keywords so they can see which ones are ranking highly, and which ones are driving impressions, clicks, and conversions.


Managing SEO

Companies that want to drive organic traffic to their site will need to manage SEO content with the proper methods. The first step is to create an SEO strategy to meet your business’s goals. While you could create a strategy from scratch, an SEO strategy template would be a helpful document to reference. Traditional SEO strategies are primarily based on keyword research but not on current trends or specific goals. Combining the idea that ad campaigns are run on a targeted basis with the concept of SEO strategies, Demandwell created the SEO Campaigns tool to help companies manage SEO.

Instead of using unstructured methods to create keyword-rich content, B2B SaaS companies should run their SEO marketing the way they initiate an ad campaign. Our tool can help companies make the most of their SEO content creation and focus on the keywords that will produce results. Regardless of the SEO campaign cost, Demandwell’s tools are designed to optimize the SEO workflow and ensure that a business’s marketing strategy is as efficient and strategic as possible. With SEO Campaigns, companies can use the granular data from current keywords to build new keyword strategies into their marketing programs that will drive sales.


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