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SEO Case Study

Terminus is an account-based marketing ABM SaaS company. They came to Demandwell with a goal to rank in the top three in search results for ABM companies. As an SEO case study, Demandwell’s work with Terminus is one of many SEO success stories showing the power of SEO and what can happen when you work with experts like Demandwell. In addition to visibility, this SaaS SEO case study shows a measurable return on investment ROI when making a focused effort and investment in an effective SEO strategy.

When Terminus set its results-driven goal to rank on page one of Google with companies like Hubspot, it was with the understanding that ranking high for ABM was a significant challenge. When developing an SEO strategy, we completed SEO studies for comparable ABM companies and researched multiple Google Case Studies. Many SEO case study examples confirmed the Demandwell approach to publishing SEO performance content.

For their strategic approach, Terminus chose to operate an organic strategy with Demandwell and to use these organic efforts to supplement their marketing campaigns. In other words, their organic performance content strategy is woven into their marketing efforts and is working well. To gain a complete understanding of this SEO success story, it is essential to know that Terminus took its efforts to a new level with specific marketing efforts for every new product launch. Every ebook, whitepaper, or report is accompanied by a targeted content creation effort increasing and strengthening their already impressive search rankings.

Terminus’ content marketing director chose to work with Demandwell as he set out to meet the challenge of taking Terminus to first-page search results. For Demandwell, working with Terminus has proved to be one of the best SEO case studies that can now be used to help even more B2B SaaS companies meet their SEO goals.

SEO Success Stories

Terminus is one of the best SEO case study examples, not because they made quick, easy fixes to rank high in search engine results pages but because they made a concerted, targeted effort to strengthen their presence online in order to sustain a high ranking for relevant searches. First, account-based marketing is a highly competitive category. Second, Terminus ranked in second-page results when they established the challenge to rank in first-page results. Also, they were facing giants such as Wikipedia, Gartner, Hubspot, Seismic, and Salesforce, attempting to outrank them to show up at the top of SERPs.

How did they do this? Working with Demandwell, the Terminus content marketing director, Brad Beutler, strategically focused on performance content, starting with re-optimizing an existing page for on-page SEO. Focusing on a particular page became a vital component of the performance content strategy. For example, one page, such as account-based marketing ABM, required a focused effort on many details such as length of content, co-occurring keyword terms, and site infrastructure.

Brad chose to work with Demandwell because of tools such as Demandwell SEO coach and many other SEO tools that drive results. An effective software solution with a team of experts to help develop a successful SEO strategy is critical with the problematic goal of outranking well-established enterprise companies in SERPs. Brad credits working with Demandwell as a significant part of the success Terminus has seen with its SEO strategy.

SEO Case Study PDF

The best SEO case studies show that SEO is a top marketing priority. Many SEO case study examples can be found in SaaS case study pdf form. Finding SEO case study pdf examples is useful when searching for models replicating specific industry results you want to emulate. In addition, SEO is critical because businesses today must have a presence on Google search engine results pages in order to maintain sustainability and potential growth. These objectives are met using SEO.

When working on an SEO strategy, there are several case study SEO best practices, such as page rankings and visibility. The benefits of a successful SEO effort include brand positioning, organic traffic, establishing industry authority, attracting potential clients, and the potential for increased revenue.

In the SaaS SEO case study example between Demandwell and Terminus, the results overwhelmingly support the success of an SEO strategy that includes a focus on performance content. Keyword-focused quality content combined with an intentional marketing strategy resulted in first-page rankings for ABM keyword searches, a boost in organic traffic, and success in several other target metrics.

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