SEO Keyword Analysis for Search Marketing

SEO Keyword Analysis

An SEO keyword analysis is a process of evaluating words and terms to determine which would produce the desired SEO results. Keywords should align with your SEO goals and are often analyzed based on search volume and search engine rankings. Your choice of keywords will either help or hinder your SEO goals, which is why keyword analysis is so critical. A careful keyword search ensures you meet your goals, such as getting a positive ROI.


While it may seem complex initially, keyword research doesn’t have to be exhausting. In fact, there are several different keyword research tools to simplify the keyword research system. These tools, such as the Google keyword research tool, help save time and brainpower when developing your list of keywords. From there, you can continue using tools that highlight things such as search volume and competitiveness to determine which would be best to use for a given SEO campaign. Once you have narrowed down your SEO keywords list for a campaign, you can plan their use accordingly and use them in copy.


Once you select and implement your keywords, it’s time to track and monitor your content’s SEO performance. Demandwell’s platform allows you to monitor your SEO activity and performance seamlessly with Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Having all of your SEO data in one location makes it easier to generate reports and make informed decisions based on that data. 


Using the data collected in Demandwell’s reporting suite, you can generate customized reports highlighting specific data and insights to share with your team. Whether monitoring high-level data or a particular campaign, Demandwell’s reporting suite gives you complete control over your SEO performance information. The Google integrations provide a complete package of SEO analytics to help better your marketing and SEO strategy. 


Keyword Planner

As previously mentioned, the Google integrations within the Demandwell reporting suite offer critical insights into your SEO performance and strategy. With the Google keyword research tools available in the suite, you can gather a number of different data elements to help plan your keyword use and design. 


Demandwell’s reporting suite depicts your Need-to-Lead funnel, providing a complete consensus of your Google and Demandwell SEO performance data. Syncing your Google Search Console account and Google Analytics account allows you to run queries about keyword rankings using Google analytics. You can also track published content, check keyword rankings, monitor search volume, and other analytics to help drive more effective SEO performance. The best part–it is all on one screen.


The queries and reports you gather in the reporting suite will help you plan and figure out when and how to use your keywords. Examples would be eliminating keywords with a drop in search volume or adding keywords whose ranking increased. Adjusting your keywords according to how they are trending will allow your SEO strategy to be more effective and prosperous. With Demandwell’s reporting suite, you can better use the SEO keywords tools at your disposal to make it happen. Having access to this data on one screen prevents you from needing to constantly switch from screen to screen when you gather said information.


Google Keyword Tool

Before diving into reporting and planning keywords, you must conduct thorough keyword research. The best keyword research tools offer valuable insights into the performance of specific terms to better understand which keywords would be more beneficial for your SEO campaign. With tools from Demandwell and Google, keyword research is simplified into a brainless and less time-consuming task.


Once you generate a list of SEO keywords, tools from Google such as Google Analytics and Console can help you further align your SEO terms with your goals. These Google keyword research tools are a great place to start, especially if you are unsure how to do keyword research.


With the data from Google consolidated within the Demandwell reporting suite, you can dive deeper into levels of insight such as keyword and content performance. You can also analyze the keywords’ lifecycle stage to determine a keyword’s maturity. Additionally, you can switch to the Average Rankings view to explore how your keyword rankings change over time. This information helps you decide where to invest your content next.


Demandwell’s reporting suite provides a comprehensive platform for all of your SEO reporting needs. From the research stage through analysis, you can easily create an effective SEO strategy that crushes goals in the process. Clear and concise data provided in the reporting sweet also allows you to plan ahead and make changes as needed. 

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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