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The business of marketing today always involves some aspect of digital marketing. Does this mean all marketing is the same? Does all marketing today fall under the digital marketing umbrella, meaning that hiring a digital marketing agency will meet the needs of every business in every industry? In short, no. Even the top digital marketing agency must have a narrowed focus based on their client’s needs to maximize effectiveness as quickly as possible. A narrowed focus is particularly needed for SaaS companies. The best SaaS companies hire a specialized SaaS marketing agency to help ensure sustainability and growth in a highly competitive, challenging market. 

Software as a service is a specialized niche in the B2B sector. A B2B SaaS marketing agency understands the specialized needs of SaaS companies. B2B SaaS marketing is more complex than a traditional marketing approach. SaaS marketing examples are most often subscription-based. Therefore, as opposed to single-purchase products, SaaS customers require continual nurturing, starting with the marketing process. Businesses that purchase SaaS products understand they are entering into a relationship with the company, not merely using their product. SaaS marketing firms understand this and can help B2B SaaS companies think long-term and make every effort to see results quickly regarding product marketing, leads and sales. 

SaaS marketing firms understand that their clients must focus on initial sales growth and recurring revenue. A B2B SaaS agency will help SaaS companies develop a data-driven SaaS marketing plan designed to help increase organic search traffic and drive sales. Sustainability is crucial in today’s competitive SaaS market. Increasing visibility in organic search results and continuing to create valuable content quickly and consistently are essential elements for SaaS digital marketing. Targeted marketing strategies with a narrowed focus help B2B SaaS companies reach the highest value customers in their target markets. Top marketing SaaS companies, like Demandwell, understand this and provide the right SaaS marketing tools to get the job done.

What Is B2B SaaS Marketing

B2B SaaS marketing and traditional product or service marketing differ, so what is B2B SaaS marketing? It is one of the most challenging marketing techniques requiring analysis of large amounts of data to target a niche market successfully. In addition to data analysis, B2B SaaS marketing companies must understand and use this data to help their clients create valuable content. Well-written, valuable content is necessary to keep customers engaged, stay in a high position in SERPs to increase new leads, and promote recurring revenue from existing customers. 

SEO plays a significant role in B2B SaaS marketing strategies. SaaS marketing consultants understand SEO is a highly effective, long-term marketing strategy. SaaS marketing often introduces a new product or service into an existing industry. Software marketing companies develop a new product or service to answer a current problem or pain point. The B2B SaaS company often does not know how to present its new product to the market to maximize visibility. SaaS marketing professionals are experts in using longtail keywords related to solving complex problems to help their SaaS client increase their visibility in organic search results.

Another unique aspect of B2B SaaS marketing involves the need to provide educational content as a way to market to potential customers. SaaS customers often begin their search for new products and services by educating themselves about their challenges and looking for solutions. For example, seeking out information about innovative products and services to meet their needs starts online, making SEO a vital part of B2B SaaS marketing. SEO is essential for all companies and products. The differences for B2B SaaS companies are due to the complexity of the industry and the sales process. A critical aspect of B2B SEO involves the need for quality content to reach a company’s decision-makers in a way that provides value and establishes trust and authority in the industry. 

SaaS Marketing Consultant

There is a notable increase in how many SaaS businesses realize the importance of hiring a SaaS marketing consultant to succeed in their marketing efforts. Hiring a consultant increases longevity and also adds to potential results over a shorter period. Some approaches to SEO may quickly improve ranking in search engine results pages; however, quick-fix processes often result in poor quality results that do not last. SaaS companies market a product that is not tangible. Instead, they sell a service a company must sign up for, often through a subscription model. For SaaS businesses to survive, they must continually bring on new clients and have robust recurring revenue in the form of continuous subscriptions. SaaS marketing consultants understand that B2B SaaS companies must focus on acquisition, monetization, and retention from start to, hopefully, never finish. A never-ending customer journey is a goal for B2B SaaS Marketing.

Demandwell is blazing a trail in the B2B SEO world, helping B2B SaaS companies reach their goals through effective SEO tools and a team of expert consultants to guide them through the process. SEO coaching with Demandwell goes a step beyond a to-do list. SEO coaches companies to prioritize the never-ending tasks associated with SEO and content creation. Prioritization is critical to see the best results in the shortest time. B2B SEO involves many tasks that can be challenging to keep track of, including technical aspects, content to tweak and create, new pages to build, and more. Demandwell SEO consultants help B2B SaaS companies understand the most critical tasks to reach their goals. Access to the right tools is a great place to start but not enough to make a noticeable difference fast. Demandwell professional SEO consultants specialize in B2B SaaS marketing and can offer crucial coaching advice.

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