Share of Search and Competitor Analysis Report

Competitor Analysis Report

Preparation is one of the most vital building blocks of any business function. Examining, researching, and outlining are fundamental tactics needed when strategizing and planning for the future, no matter the department. Just as you would not build a home without a blueprint, you wouldn’t go in blindly conducting any business operation. As the saying goes, “poor preparation equals poor performance.” This is especially true for marketing.


Marketing is the heart and soul of business. You can have a stellar product or service, but without marketing, you cannot guarantee your target audience will view your promotional efforts, giving competitors the opportunity to swoop in and snag potential sales. Conducting extensive competitive analysis provides in-depth information about the market share and marketing strategies of competing businesses. This information can give marketers an edge with their marketing plans. 


Competitive analysis is not a new concept in marketing. However, as the digital landscape evolves, so do the competitor analysis framework and metrics. Some of the marketing components that had very little influence on goals twenty years ago are now some of the significant factors that affect a marketing strategy’s effectiveness. SEO, for example, is one of these key elements that are now at the forefront of a marketing strategy.


With Demandwell’s competitive analysis reports, marketers gain insight into how competitors’ SEO strategies perform. This insight allows marketers to adjust their own SEO strategies accordingly and help improve their SERPs.


One of the ultimate goals of SEO is for a company’s website, landing page, or content to place within the top three results for a given search term. Most people do not look beyond the top three results, meaning any results ranking below the third option are seeing significantly less traffic. It’s hard for marketers to beat competitors in the rankings without knowing what exactly competing companies are doing. Demandwell helps fulfill this void with Share of Search audits. 


SEO Competitors

Companies need competitive insights to gauge how to reach customers effectively with organic content. That’s why it is critical for marketers to know what their SEO competitors are doing. Demandwell uses a number of competitor analysis methods to ensure marketers get the essential information. 


With their Share of Search audits, Demandwell provides marketing professionals can access important information about competitor SEO strategies to determine their next steps for their own SEO strategy. It provides them with the opportunity to adjust accordingly to generate leads and increase traffic to accelerate growth.


More importantly, the Share of Search audit highlights keywords and terms that are an opportunity for marketers to gain more traction. It will help distinguish the type of content to use to help generate more traffic, specifically using methods already in use by competitors, helping companies remain a force for the prime real estate in the top three SEO rankings. 


The Share of Search audit provides various data points to help paint a bigger picture for competitor analysis. Examples of the data provided would be competitor rankings for similar keywords used. Marketers can see common keywords both parties use and how each is ranked. This is vital information to include in an SEO competitor analysis report. Pdf samples and competitor analysis templates are helpful tools to help guide you as you research your competitors’ SEO activities. It helps to find an example of competitive analysis in marketing plans as a reference.


SEO Competitor Analysis Report PDF

Referencing competitor analysis report PDFs can help illuminate the key data of competitive analysis. Charts and other visuals are also great to include in a competitor analysis template, so you know the exact information you need to collect. You can also refer to the SEO competitor analysis checklist to determine vital information to gather. 


The great thing about Demandwell’s Share of Search audit and SEO competitor analysis templates are that all the work is done for you. With its competitor analysis framework, marketing professionals receive all the information they need to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding their SEO strategy. Marketers can use the competitive insights to mold an effective SEO strategy that generates growth in more ways than one. 


With SEO, it is all about staying ahead of the pack. Having the means and resources to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy is one thing, but competitive intelligence can take an SEO strategy to soaring new heights. Knowing when and how to leverage content will equate to better SEO results, and Demandwell is proud to provide you with the necessary tools to get there.

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