Tips On SEO for SaaS Startups

SEO for SaaS Startups

Every marketing strategy is a combination of many different parts that all work together. One piece of the marketing puzzle you’ve probably heard of is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is an important consideration for any business that wants to create a successful digital marketing strategy. Your business’s ability to attract leads through organic search traffic depends heavily on how much time and effort you invest in streamlining SEO. With SEO for SaaS startups, search engine optimization is one of the best ways to grow your customer base. 

Building an effective SEO strategy for a SaaS startup is not easy. While SEO can be challenging in any industry, it’s especially complex in the B2B SaaS industry for a few different reasons.

SaaS customers have very unique demands that require different SEO tactics than other industries do. Many SaaS startups sell highly technical solutions that address very specific problems for their customers. When a customer is looking to buy something simple, like a toaster, it’s easy to anticipate how they might go about searching for that product and draw them toward your content about toasters. 

However, SaaS customers may be looking for solutions they’ve never heard of to problems they’re encountering for the first time. SaaS startups are also known for pioneering new software categories. These factors make it difficult to create effective SEO content because buyers are likely not searching directly for your solution. SaaS keywords usually need to be based on problems you know your customers are looking to solve. If you can capture their attention with content about the problems they’re already having, then you can redirect them toward your solution that they’ve never heard of before.

SEO Audit Template

One of the SEO SaaS tools Demandwell offers that can help SaaS companies achieve more effective SEO is the SEO Health Audit. The Health Audit is kind of like an SEO audit checklist that’s designed to catch any problems with your site’s SEO that you haven’t noticed. The health audit provides a comprehensive analysis of your site and checks a variety of SEO factors. The three primary SEO audit factors that Demandwell’s SEO Health Audit examines are infrastructure, content, and endorsements.


Your site’s infrastructure is one of the most essential components of its SEO health. Infrastructure encompasses the technical aspects of your SaaS startup’s online content. Factors that the Health Audit considers when it’s reviewing your site’s infrastructure include page load times, dead links, bugs in the code, and other similar elements that operate behind the scenes to keep your site running optimally. Even though these elements are invisible, search engines care a lot about them when ranking pages because they dictate how well the page behaves for the user.


The second of Demandwell’s SEO audit steps is to check your site’s content for SEO health. This ensures your content is set up in a way that encourages high rankings in search engine results pages. Factors like headings, meta content, and keywords related to SaaS need to be present for the content to have the best chance of ranking highly.


Endorsements are the third factor in Demandwell’s SEO audit template. Endorsements are the links that direct users back to your site. There are two kinds of links: internal links, which link from one of your web pages to another of your web pages, and external links, which link from an outside page to one of your pages. The endorsements step of the audit process checks to make sure the links that are leading people to your site are from reputable sources and not untrustworthy sites that would damage your site’s ranking.

SEO for B2B SaaS

Content marketing for beginners can be a bit challenging at first, especially in the SaaS industry. B2B SaaS content marketing requires some special considerations that may not be relevant to other industries. B2B SaaS SEO relies on careful research to ensure that your content is positioned to attract customers searching for your unique technical solutions. This may be a relatively small target market, so it’s essential to narrow in on what they’re searching for with effective keyword research.

SaaS keyword research can also be tricky because the SaaS industry typically involves so much technical jargon. Customers may enter very specific technical phrases into search engines that you probably wouldn’t find in any other industry. This requires SaaS SEO marketers to be extra diligent about keyword research using the best SEO tools they have. Some of the best keywords to include in your content may be long-tail keywords unique to the SaaS industry. Keywords like these can help SaaS startups meet customers where they’re searching and introduce them to a new solution. 

Using SEO tools like Demandwell to power your SEO strategy can make the process much smoother and help you achieve better results. Demandwell’s services are tailored to help B2B SaaS companies boost web traffic to their digital content and grow their customer bases organically. The best SaaS tools can make successful SEO for B2B SaaS an achievable goal for any SaaS startup.

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